Downey hard money lenders

Have you been struggling to find a bank or a credit union that will approve your loan request? The unfortunate reality is that banks, credit unions and other financial institutions typically have strict requirements that must be met fully for loan approval. You may think that banks would be willing to make an exception for something minor. For example, if the bank’s minimum credit score is 680 and your score dropped right before closing to 670, the loan may be declined. This seems like a minor issue that may be easy for a bank to overlook. However, banks and credit unions generally have little or no wiggle room to make even a seemingly minor exception to their requirements.

Using Hard Money as an Alternative
Banks and credit unions are not the only financial resources available to you when you need to fund a real estate project. Hard money lenders are a financing resource that many people overlook or do not seriously consider, but they are commonly used by financially savvy individuals to fund projects that banks pass on. Hard money is not a term that describes what your loan experience will be like. In fact, hard money loans are usually easier to qualify for than a bank loan, and they can usually close in a fraction of the time. Hard money may describe the fact that that these loans are used to fund projects that banks find too difficult to approve and fund. Private lenders and investors make hard money loans using their private funds. They do not have a list of set underwriting requirements that your scenario must comply with, and this means that hard money loans are typically more flexible in many ways.

Understanding Hard Money Loan Terms
If you have a loan scenario that may require a more creative approach than what a bank will take, hard money may be a great option to consider. However, understand that the unique nature of hard money results in very different loan terms than what a bank may offer you. Before spending time and energy contacting multiple hard money lenders to request a quote, a great idea is to analyze potential hard money loan terms that you can reasonably expect. These loans are priced individually based on the merits of the scenario, but they follow a similar trend. For example, you can expect a lower LTV and a higher interest rate than what you may be accustomed to through your experience with bank loans. You can also expect to have a short term that may be less than one to two years, and a balloon payment is common with hard money loans.

Making Your Final Decision
It is not possible to accurately determine if a hard money loan is a suitable financing option for your specific needs until you contact several lenders to request a quote. The quotes that you receive may vary dramatically, so you will need to compare the options to find excellent hard money loan terms that work best for your needs. The financing that you select will play a major role on the overall profitability of your real estate project, so you should not rush through the process of finding the right lender to apply with. Remember that a hard money loan may close within a couple of weeks or less, so it is reasonable to spend at least a few days reviewing the options so that you make a wise and ultimately profitable decision.

Hard money may be a new concept to you, but private investors and private lending companies have been making loans to individuals like you for decades. Now that you know more about what these loans are, you may see the benefit of establishing a wonderful working relationship with one or several hard money lenders. By doing so, you can more easily obtain hard money financing when a great opportunity arises.