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Delancey Street provides hard money loans nationwide to investors who have a verifiable track record. We fund up to 70-80% LTV, and focus on residential projects such as: buy and hold, fix and flips, and commercial real estate acquisitions. The biggest factor we look at is the experience of the investor and the LTV of the project they're requesting assistance with.

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70-80% LTV For Seasoned Developers Nationwide

Fix and Flip, Cash-out Refinance, and Acquisition Loans
For Experienced Real Estate Developers.

We Fund Real Estate Projects Nationwide

We fund projects nationwide, ranging from fix and flips, to commercial acquisitions. Bottom line, we can help - regardless of the size, or difficulty of the project. We do not do 100% financing - and prefer working with experienced real estate investors.

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Hard Money

Financing for fix and flips, commercial estate, and acquisitions / refinancing
Financing up to 70% of the After Repair Value
We charge 9-10% on average, with no junk fees

Brooklyn Hard Money Loans


Private money lending is a resource that’s available to you if you’re looking for financing for a business venture and have struggled to get a commercial loan in the past. Private money lending is especially ideal for those hoping to make a real estate investment. There’s a lot of money in Brooklyn area. However, because values are already high, it takes a lot of capital to get into the business.

What is a hard money loan in Brooklyn and how does it work?

A private money loan is a loan given by an individual lender rather than a large financial institution like a bank. Because these loans are given by small lenders rather than large companies, they are less regulated and both the lender and the borrower have more freedom to decide upon the terms that are right for them.

A borrower interested in a private money loan or a hard money loan needs to find an individual with the financial means to provide financing who is interested in the borrower’s project. The borrower will need to convince the lender that the real estate project has the potential to be profitable. Those who borrow in this way benefit from the fact that many of the challenges of the regulations in place on traditional loans no longer come into play.

How can I qualify for a hard money loan in the Brooklyn area?

Qualifying for a hard money loan is always about finding individual lenders with capital and showing them that you’ll be able to make them money on the deal. A lot of time private lenders will require that you submit or show them certain documents in order to convince them of the profitability of your Brooklyn real estate venture. The lender might want to see a business plan, proof of identity, profit projection, and a deed of trust for you to land the deal.

Just about anyone with the money can be a hard money lender. Those looking for a hard money loan might want to consider acquaintances and even family members who they know are looking for profitable investments. This can help them find the people who are able and eager to finance their real estate project.

What are some of the general advantages of this type of financing for a real estate project?

Before you know for sure that a loan from a private money lender is right for you, you need to familiarize yourself with what the specific advantages are of these loans. Again, these loans tend to be flexible because they are not so highly regulated. However, this is not really the only advantage there is when it comes to Brooklyn private money lenders.

Private money loans don’t have the strict requirements that go along with traditional loans. These loans don’t require that the applicant has a certain credit score or employment history. Another thing to keep in mind is that these loans don’t tend to be so long term as traditional loans are. For a traditional loan, it might be necessary for the borrower to pay the loan back very gradually over the course of 20 or 30 years or more. On the other hand, a hard money loan is usually a more short term venture and in some cases will be paid back entirely within only six months.

If you want to fund a real estate venture and you expect a quick return on your investment, hard money loans might be the best choice for you. Explore this option before committing to a traditional loan or assuming that you cannot be approved for financing because traditional business lenders have turned you down.

Understanding hard money loans

Life would be much easier if all people are equal in terms of financial abilities. However, this is usually not the case. Sometimes people need to acquire real estate properties with little or no cash. Worst case scenario, you might not qualify for conventional mortgages. Such situations call for hard money loans. However, it is crucial to understand if this is the right option for you or there are better options available in the financial lending sector. This article will let you understand hard money loans into details and help you make an informed decision.

Hard money loans- everything you need to know

A hard money loan is a type of a real estate loan that is purely based on the value of the collateral you are offering rather than your ability to repay the loan. This means that your qualification for the loan is not based on financial metrics such as credit scores. This is typically a loan for the entrepreneurs and the go-getters in the real estate industry who take substantial risks in real estate investments. There are several types of hard loans such as bridge loans, owner-occupied loan, construction loan, fix-and-flip loan, and plenty more. This different types of hard loans serve different types of real estate development investments. The bridge loan is intended for investors with a goal of buying a property and resell it later at a profit. The fix-and-flip loan is usually meant for home staging to increase the selling price of a property. The owner-occupied loan is a hard money loan offered to entrepreneurs who do not qualify for other loans or financing to purchase real estate properties. The construction loan is provided to allow investors to start a real estate project and resell it quickly.
Hard money loans are, however, not lend to anyone. They are primarily offered for investment purpose. Thus, it is hard to get such a credit to fund a private home.

Benefits of Hard money loans

The term “hard” in hard money loan in a way not suitable. Obtaining this loan is simple, and it has numerous straightforward benefits to investors in real estate development. Some of these benefits include;

  • The process of acquiring the loan is simplified and a lot easier as compared to many weeks spent filling out forms for mortgage loans and other kinds of financing.
  • The loan is offered in flexible terms and conditions.
  • Lenient requirements for getting the loan.
  • Increased investment opportunities due to easy access to large sums of cash. Real estate investors can make a vast fortune of hard money loans against competitors.

Shortcomings of hard money loans

Although hard money loans come with a myriad of benefits, the loans are tied to some distinct pitfalls as well. Some of which include the following.

  • A short repayment time frame.
  • High-interest rates.
  • High fees for obtaining the loan.
  • Lack of supervision and regulation by the government.

Situations that call for hard money loans

Basing on the downsides and the benefits you can get from the hard money loans, it crucial to know when it is the right time to go for the loan. The following are the situations when you should consider taking a hard money loan.

  • When you need fast money.
  • When you have a poor credit score.
  • When you can’t get funding elsewhere.

Getting hard money Loans

Private institutions and individuals generally offer hard money loans. Thus, the process involves less paperwork and procedures. The most significant determinant factor is the collateral you are proposing to obtain the loan. There are numerous lenders in Visalia, California. The best way to find a reliable lender is through doing thorough due diligence. The local real estate investors in your area may be a good source of relevant information alongside internet research. When time is of critical essence to your investment, hard money loan could be a way out to groundbreaking real estate investments.

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