Hard Money Loans in Clearwater, Florida
There are times when investors need immediate funds for a real estate purchase but are not able to qualify for a traditional mortgage. One solution to this problem is a hard money loan. Hard money loans are used by many individuals to solve mortgage problems.

What is a Hard Money Loan?
A hard money loan is a real estate loan. Eligibility requirements are not based off of your ability to repay the loan. They are based on the value that the borrower offers as collateral. When applying for a hard money loan, individuals have many options that include:

Fix-and-flip loan: This type of loan enables a borrower to purchase a property quickly to make property improvements and then sell it to pay off the loan.

Bridge loan: These loans give a borrower the opportunity to purchase a property quickly and then refinance or resell the property.

Construction loan: This type of loan is for real estate developers. These loans are for developers who want to start a construction project and then sell it or refinance it quickly.

Owner-occupied loan: This type of loan is for individuals who do not meet the eligibility requirements of other finance options. When consumers do not qualify for traditional loans, they may be able to purchase a property for themselves through a owner-occupied loan.

How Does a Hard Money Loan Work?
Those who want a hard money loan for a private residence may need to look at other options. Most lenders only offer hard money loans to borrowers who will use the funds for investment purposes.

Hard money loans are typically issued for a short, set period of time, which is usually less than two years. With most hard money loans, borrowers won’t make equal payments for the interest and principle. Typically, hard money loans require that borrowers make payments toward interest or no payment at all (in some situations).

What are the Benefits of Hard Money Loans?
Hard money loans in Clearwater, Florida, offer a number of advantages to real estate investors. With a hard money loan, real estate investors may be able to finance in a week or less, and the short length of the loan terms usually result in fast turnaround times. Many investors also choose hard money loans because the application process is easy.

Investors often go with hard money loans because they offer flexible terms. Hard money loans are offered through small firms that have the ability to customize loan terms based on a borrower’s needs.

Hard money loans also offer lenient requirements. With traditional mortgages for investors, income and credit will determine if an individual qualifies for a loan. Hard money lenders are usually more interested in the collateral that the borrower has of offer.

Should You Apply for a Hard Money Loan in Clearwater, Florida?
In most cases, hard money loans are given to real estate investors who use them as an investment tool. Many investors who need money fast apply for hard money loans. This is helpful for real estate investors because traditional loans can take weeks to months to finalize.

Eligibility Requirements for Borrowers
If you are not able to get a traditional loan in Clearwater, Florida, you may be able to get a hard money loan because these loans are issued through private lenders. These lenders offer less regulations than traditional mortgages.

The biggest factor of a hard money loan is the collateral that is offered, but lenders also look at the potential borrower’s financial situation during a hard money loan application. In addition, most lenders will want a down payment. Potential borrowers with poor credit scores may be asked for a larger down payment than borrowers with good credit scores.