A hard money loan will provide you with fast funds to purchase an investment property. This is an attractive option for those who wish to not apply for conventional mortgage financing or would have difficulty qualifying. These loans come in a variety of different types. This article will address the types of hard money loans we make available to our real estate investors in College Station, Texas.

Common Hard Money Loans:


Bridge Loans:

A common type of hard money loan is a bridge loan. This loan acts as a type of intermediate loan for those who wish to purchase a property immediately but may not have enough funds for a down payment. The property should be resold or refinanced in order to convert the loan.

Rehabilitation Loans:

Another type of hard money loan is to purchase a residence for the sake of fixing it up and reselling it. This loan provides the buyer with fast funding in order to take advantage of the investment opportunity. The loan is repaid once the house is sold.

Other Hard Money Loans:

Since hard money loans are nontraditional financing, lenders can review requests and decide based on the scenario. This flexibility is appreciated by investors who may not fix the standard financing criteria.

Benefits of Hard Money Loans:

One of the biggest benefits of hard money loans is that they’re able to provide financing for borrowers who don’t meet the standard guidelines. A hard money loan lender is primarily concerned with the value of the home and what the after-repair value will be. This means that borrowers who have poor credit or limited assets may be able to purchase a property quickly. Borrowers don’t have to worry about missing out on opportunities that could lead to high profits.

Requirements for a Hard Money Loan in College Station, Texas:

The minimum qualification to be approved for a hard money loan is to have a winning property selected. Since the lender will base their decision primarily on the potential of the project to be successful, property selection is a key factor. As with any loan, credit is checked; however, it’s not a major factor when deciding for approval. Income and assets are also reviewed; however, the primary focus remains on the property and its potential.

The borrower should be able to provide a recent appraisal or comparable sales in the area of the home. This allows the lender to determine a realistic resale value. A home inspection done by a professional inspector is also helpful. Home inspections take a closer look at the property to determine the actual condition of the property. This is a prudent measure that can save investors a great deal of money by avoiding pitfalls such as structural damage.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Investor Lending:

While a hard money loan is a great solution for real estate investors, it may not work in some scenarios. For example, a property that will be occupied by the investor as their primary residence wouldn’t be a good candidate for a hard money loan. These loans are designed as a stepping stone to fix and resell a property. It may be difficult to meet lender requirements if the borrower doesn’t meet the criteria for conventional financing. Projects that last for an extended amount of time may also not be the best candidates for a hard money loan. The interest rates on these loans are higher due to their non-conventional nature.

How to Apply for a Hard Money Loan in College Station, Texas:

If a hard money loan is suitable for your next project, our loan professionals will be happy to help. We provide fast funding times and courteous service. Our online application process will get you started or you’re welcome to give us a call to apply. Get in touch with us to discuss all your real estate financing options, today!