What is a hard money loan?

If you’ve just started out in real estate development or have been using another source of funding, this may be a foreign term. Simply put, a hard money loan is financing for a real estate project that’s just getting off the ground. It focuses more on the collateral more than the income, assets, and credit of the borrower. This makes hard money loans attractive to a variety of borrowers. This article will go into greater detail of the workings and benefits of a hard money loan and those who could potentially benefit from this source of financing.

What are the advantages of a hard money loan over traditional bank financing?

Banks offer a variety of loans; however, they’re typically interested in the overall picture during underwriting. Banks also tend to be inflexible in many scenarios. This means that one little snag could put your new investment opportunity to a grinding halt. A strong emphasis is also placed on credit with banks. Many have a minimum FICO score requirement of 700 to be considered for real estate financing of any type. In the real estate investing world, this can be a significant challenge for many borrowers. Although a hard money loan typically looks at the entire picture as well, it recognizes the investment potential as the overarching basis for approval. This is attractive for borrowers who tend to have a great track record but experience the minor setbacks that are common to the industry.

How fast can a hard money loan be approved?

Hard money loans tend to have a much faster approval time than most other forms of financing. With a solid property selected and a 20 percent down payment, you’re able to close within days. Banks and other financing loans can take anywhere from one to two months to close providing there aren’t any snags along the way. This is impractical for many real estate investors who need to move quickly to win bids and get their projects off the ground quickly. Speed may be the top benefit to choosing a hard money loan over traditional financing methods.

What are the acceptable property types for a hard money loan?

A hard money loan must be a property that isn’t owner occupied. The need to fix, flip, or hold the property is a basic requirement. However, many property types are acceptable. This includes land, multi-unit, single family homes, and more. The property must be in reasonable condition and free of any issues that could be deemed as “red flags.” A hard money loan offers much more flexibility and the ability to take on projects that might otherwise be impossible with traditional financing.

What is needed to apply for a hard money loan?

You must have a specific property selected to apply since collateral is the strongest consideration for approval. Other items that are helpful include bank statements, credit explanations, and asset information. Business financial statements should also be readily available for review. The simplified underwriting process reduces the amount of legwork and extensive documentation that’s required by banks and other lenders. Submitting as much information as possible upfront also significantly reduces the amount of loan processing time.

What are the rates and terms of a hard money loan?

Unlike traditional methods of financing, the terms and cost of financing vary considerably. Weight is given to the type of project, the amount of time needed to complete it, and the unique needs of the borrower. This allows for customization of the loan. A traditional lender is unable to make such loans as they’re typically lending based on government funding. This also means the chances of approval are much higher than with traditional funding methods.

Where can I find more information on hard money loans?

Giving our company a call about our hard money loan programs is a great place to start. Our dedicated team of professionals can answer any questions you may have. When you’re ready to apply, we’ll guide you through the process to make it as fast and pleasant as possible. Wikipedia also offers great information regarding hard money loans. This information can be found by visiting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_money_loan. Getting your project off the ground could happen right away. Call us now and get the ball rolling, today!