If you’re looking to purchase an investment property in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a hard money loan might be a great match for you. Our loans are a great alternative to traditional financing for those who rehabilitate properties. You’ll be able to purchase the property quickly without the hassles and long waiting period you’d experience with a bank or private lenders. This article will explain the process of obtaining a hard money loan and the benefits they provide.

What is a Hard Money Loan?

A hard money loan is a temporary loan with a short term. It’s designed specifically for those looking to purchase a property quickly and with a minimum down payment. Reselling the property is almost always necessary with these loans. The loan focuses on the appraised value of the property and how much it’ll be worth after the project is completed. This is advantageous for borrowers that do not intend on retaining the property or those who need to purchase a property with very little or no down payment. Borrowers do not need to worry about meeting stringent credit requirements or have a significant amount of liquid assets.

Other Benefits of Hard Money Loans in Fort Lauderdale:

Time is of the essence in real estate transactions. Our company makes it easy to get approved within a few days. This means you’ll be able to confidently make offers on more properties.

What’s Required to Apply for a Hard Money Loan in Fort Lauderdale?

All you need for a pre-approval is a property that you’d like to purchase. It’s helpful to have as much information as possible upfront. This can include a recent appraisal and home inspection. The appraisal should be completed by an independent third-party. Comparable sales are also helpful to determine the after-resale value of the property. A home inspection helps to determine what type of work needs to be completed to get the home in salable condition. It also helps to avoid unpleasant and costly surprises that could put your project to a halt. While credit isn’t the only consideration, it’ll most likely be reviewed. It’s also smart to have your financial and legal documents in order in case these items are requested. Once you have this information ready, you’ll be able to apply with one of our loan professionals.

How Do Hard Money Loans Differ from Traditional Real Estate Loans?

Hard money loans focus on the potential of the project to be successful. Since these loans are typically very short in length, they’re a form of temporary financing. Traditional loans focus more on the borrower. This is because the loan is typically 15 to 30 years in length, so it’s important to make sure the homeowner will be able to meet such a lengthy obligation. Since hard money loans are a form of non-traditional financing, the interest rates are typically higher than a traditional loan. While lenders can be flexible, hard money loans often are based on interest only repayment or balloon repayment schedules. Hard money loans are typically not recommended as a form of permanent financing. Bridge loans are a form of hard money loans that may be suitable in some instances where the borrower needs to secure financing with little or no money down.

How Do I Get Started?

Hard money loans in Fort Lauderdale are easy to apply for with our simple application process. Simply complete an online form and you’ll be contacted by one of our loan representatives. They’ll go over the entire process with you to secure the financing you need. We have many options available and will work hard to find the best loan for your project. We’re also available by phone. See why so many investors in Fort Lauderdale trust us as their lender of choice. Get in touch with us and we’ll get started on your loan request, today!