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Delancey Street provides hard money loans nationwide to investors who have a verifiable track record. We fund up to 70-80% LTV, and focus on residential projects such as: buy and hold, fix and flips, and commercial real estate acquisitions. The biggest factor we look at is the experience of the investor and the LTV of the project they're requesting assistance with.

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We fund projects nationwide, ranging from fix and flips, to commercial acquisitions. Bottom line, we can help - regardless of the size, or difficulty of the project. We do not do 100% financing - and prefer working with experienced real estate investors.

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Fresno Private Money Lenders


Are you looking to make a real estate transaction? Perhaps you’ve found a good investment opportunity, but you’re having trouble securing a conventional bank loan because of a previous short sale of foreclosure or other credit issue. Perhaps you want to flip a house and need a quick loan that won’t take months to close. In any of these circumstance, you might find yourself in search of Fresno private money lenders. No doubt you have a few questions about the process. This article will help you to answer them.

What is a private money loan?
Private money loans, also known as hard money loans, involve borrowing from a private lender or group of private lenders, as opposed to a financial institution such as a bank. These loans are secured by real property, which the borrower puts up as collateral for the loan.

What are the differences between a private money loan and a conventional bank loan?
There are two primary ways a private money loan differs from a conventional bank loan:
1. Compared to a conventional bank loan, a private money loan will have higher interest rates and closing costs (points). This is because such loans are risky for lenders.
2. Private money loans, unlike conventional bank loans, are short-term. A mortgage, for instance, is typically paid back over a 15- or 30-year period, but you’ll typically pay back your private money loan in one to three years. Some Fresno private money loans may even have terms as short as six months.

What are the advantages of a private money loan?
Despite the higher interest and closing costs associated with hard money loans, there are three ways a private money loan is more advantageous than a conventional loan:
1. You can obtain your funds more quickly. While a conventional loan often requires two months to complete the approval and funding process, the funds from a hard money loan can potentially be available in less than fifteen days. If you’re an investor who needs to move quickly to close a deal, time is of the utmost importance.
2. Private money loans don’t rely on your credit history. Because you will be securing your loan with real property, your credit rating is not nearly as important as the value of your property. Therefore, even if you have marks against your credit, you can still secure a hard money loan.
3. While a conventional mortgage lender requires that a house be in good shape before issuing a loan, private money lenders will extend rehab financing. This means you can get a loan to use to both purchase a property and renovate it.
Investors who wish to buy a property that requires numerous repairs are most poised to benefit from a Fresno private money loan, as are those borrowers who may have insufficient credit to obtain a conventional mortgage.

What do I need to get a private money loan?
While there are few specific requirements governing private money loans in Fresno, you will need the following to obtain a hard money loan:
1. A property of sufficient value to secure the loan. This can be land, a single-family unit, a multi-family unit, a commercial property, or an industrial property.
2. A deed of trust
3. Proof of identity
4. A plan detailing how the private funds will be spent and what sort of return you expect
Once you decided a private money loan is the best option in your circumstances, you’ll want to estimate how much money you can potentially borrow. The amount of a hard money loan is calculated using a loan to value (LTV) ratio. This ratio typically ranges between 50% to 70% of the value of the real estate used to secure the loan. Your lender will use the lesser of the purchase price or the appraised value to calculate the amount of your loan.

The reality of mortgage lending is that some people do not qualify for conventional loans. Quite frankly, there are often stringent requirements that do not accommodate everyone’s needs. Fortunately, hard money loans can serve as a solution if you need a loan for the purchase of real estate.

When the topic of hard money loans arises, there are often questions about whether it’s a good option. The information below sheds light on hard money loans in order to help you make an informed decision about this mortgage loan product.

About Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are for the purpose of purchasing real estate. An interesting aspect of these loans is that they are made based on the value of your collateral. This is different than conventional loans that focus more on your ability to repay. Hard money lenders are private firms and individuals who look at each application on its own merit as opposed to using a standard checklist of requirements. The fix-and-flip loan, bridge loan, owner-occupied loan and construction loan are all examples of hard money loan products.

A bridge loan is a good option if you plan to buy a property, then resell or refinance it. This type of loan is also an option if you want to buy a new property, prior to getting cash for a down payment from selling a property that you currently own. As the name implies, a fix-and-flip loan is for buying a fixer-upper that you can sell, and then pay the loan off. The owner-occupied loan is simply for consumers who can’t qualify for other financing options. A construction loan enables a real estate developer to start a new construction project, then refinance or sell it quickly.

Although there is a small percentage of hard money lenders that offer owner-occupied loans, the majority do not because they require adherence to far more regulations, such as the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, as well as licensing requirements with the National Multistate Licensing System & Registry.

How Hard Money Loans Work

Part of the appeal of hard money loans is the fact that the application process is fast, sometimes less than a week, and it isn’t complicated like that of other loan types. This is a benefit that real estate investors appreciate, for obvious reasons. Generally speaking, you will need cash for hard money loans. The amount required will be a function of the Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratio or After-Repair-Value (ARV) ratio.

One of the most distinct features of a hard money loan is the term, which is usually 12 months, but sometimes a couple of years. Instead of making monthly principal and interest loan payments, borrowers make interest only payments. There’s even a possibility that you won’t have to make any payments until you pay the loan in full. Hard money loans are paid off at the end of the term in a balloon payment that includes the principal, the remaining interest and all of the fees.

How Hard Money Loans Are Unique

When you look at hard money loans and compare them with traditional bank loans, you’ll find many differences. While they both offer loans for real estate and may have similar underwriting practices, there aren’t many other commonalities. The repayment period for hard money loans are very short, interest rates are high, there are often a lot of fees and there’s a lack of governmental oversight. There might also be issues with refinancing down the road as a result of traditional mortgage loan requirement.

While some aspects of hard money loans can seem undesirable, there are a good number of benefits to consider. Namely, you can receive the money that you need quickly, the terms are flexible and the requirements are lenient. These benefits often make hard money loans worthy of consideration.


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