If you’re a real estate investor looking to increase your profits, we have great news for you. Our company specializes in providing fast financing solutions to investors. You’ll be able qualify much faster and easier than with traditional bank financing. All you need is a property and basic information about the area. You’ll be able to bid on more properties and complete more projects while we take care of the rest. This article will explain the basics of hard money loans and how you’ll be able to take advantage of this special investment opportunity!

What is a Hard Money Loan?

A hard money loan is a form of temporary real estate financing. The most common types of hard money loans in North Charleston, South Carolina are rehab loans and bridge loans. A rehab loan is used to purchase a property, fix it up, and then sell it for a profit. A bridge loan provides a temporary loan to purchase a property with very little or no out of pocket expense. After the project is completed, the loan is repaid in full. Hard money loans focus on the quality of the property and the potential of the project. Less emphasis is placed on the borrower.

What is the Criteria to be Approved for a Hard Money Loan?

A hard money loan is much easier to qualify for than traditional mortgage financing. While the borrower is still subjected to review, more emphasis and weight are given to the project’s success. This means that the borrower should select a solid property that would be a good candidate for rehabilitation. Credit, income, and assets are reviewed; however, aren’t the main determining factor. This is because the term of the loan is typically only between one and five years.

Upon selecting the perfect property, you’ll want to ensure that a recent appraisal has been conducted. If a home inspection hasn’t been completed, it’s a great idea to have one done. The appraisal should include comparable home sales in the area within recent history. A home inspection provides the borrower and lender with a better idea of the true condition of the property. While this may be an out of pocket expense, it’s a worthwhile investment to avoid potential problems down the road.

How Does a Hard Money Loan Differ from a Bank Loan?

Bank loans are typically designed for homeowners that intend to occupy the dwelling or use it as a vacation home. Hard money loans are strictly for those seeking to make income from the property through resale. Since the loan terms are much shorter, hard money loans also come with a higher cost. Interest payments and balloon payments are common with hard money loans. Overall, a traditional real estate loan takes the borrowers history into consideration; whereas, a hard money loan is more concerned with the collateral.

Although credit, income, and assets aren’t major considerations with a hard money loan, they may still be reviewed to get an overall picture of your financial situation. It’s always a good idea to have your financial information in order and ready for review.

How Do I Apply for a Hard Money Loan in North Charleston, South Carolina?

Once you have your property selected and the related information, you’ll be able to apply. We offer a convenient online application, or you can reach out by phone. Our loan representatives will review your request and issue you a pre-approval when possible. You’ll then supply any necessary documents and prepare for funding. The process moves quickly, so it’s important that you’re in contact with us and provide any additional information that’s requested. At settlement, you’ll sign the documents and be able to ask any questions. You’ll then receive the funds for your property. For fast approvals and funding within days rather than weeks, get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to get you on the way to your next big project, today!