When you’re trying to secure a mortgage for your home, you might wonder why the process is so difficult and why every loan company isn’t the same. You could be someone who needs a loan as soon as possible so that you can get the home that you’ve dreamed of that might not be there next week. If you don’t qualify for a traditional mortgage like others who apply, don’t lose hope because there are options available. You can apply for a hard money loan and usually be approved in a short time. Before you apply for this kind of mortgage loan, there are a few things that you should understand.

What Is It?
While most loans are based on your credit or the ability that you have to pay back the loan, a hard money loan looks at your collateral. This is how it’s often easier to be approved for the hard money loan when you’re not eligible for other types. Keep in mind that there are a few different types of hard money loans that you can apply for instead of only one, which means that you could be approved for one type and not the other while using the same information.

This is a loan that you should look into if you plan on refinancing your home in the future or you know that you’re going to sell it in the future. It’s usually easy to get approved for and often a good solution if you need a loan right away. The loan is beneficial because you can often get approved for the home based on its value instead of the down payment that you have for the home.

Fix And Flip
If you’re buying properties to fix them up and sell them for a profit, then this would be the loan to consider. You will pay back the loan after the property is renovated and sold to someone else. Keep in mind that this is an option that is usually better if you don’t plan on keeping the property.

Owning a home can sometimes mean that you need funds for repairs or to finish paying for the property so that it’s yours. An owner-occupied loan is one that allows you to secure the money needed to buy your home while you’re already in it instead of waiting to get the money before buying a property.

When you have a piece of property and are looking to build a home on it, then this would be the type of hard money loan that you should try to get. They are sometimes better for a real estate developer who plans to build multiple homes in one area, but individuals can apply for them as well for properties where only one home will be built.

Each hard money loan is looked at by the lender to determine if you have the collateral to pay back the loan instead of the money that you need up front. You’ll find that these loans are usually available for purposes other than buying a home, such as renovating or building a property from the ground.

These are loans that you should consider if you’re planning on selling the property, not if you already own your home and just need to make a few repairs. They usually have shorter terms on them because the lender is often under the impression that you’re going to sell the property or pay off the loan in a short time. Most hard money loans are paid off within 12 months. A balloon payment is typically attached at the end of the loan to cover interest fees, the principal, and any other fees that might be in place.