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Residential Refinance
Residential Refinance

Residential refinance in Los Angeles, with a loan amount of $830k, at 75% LTV. We were able to help the investor get a loan at 8.99% with a balloon payment after 18 months.

8.99 %
100% Funded!
Residential Investment
Residential Investment

Delancey Street funded a new residential purchase in California, for $1.2 million with 82% LTV. We helped the developer with a loan at 11% with a balloon payment in 9 months.

11 %
100% Funded!
Residential Investment
Residential Investment

Property in New York was torn down, and redeveloped. We provided a 60% LTV loan for $700k. We charged no upfront fees, and had a balloon payment after 10 months.

9.0 %
100% Funded!

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What distinguishes Secaucus hard money lenders from normal lenders?

The critical difference between traditional lenders and  hard money lenders is the fact hard money lenders are asset based lenders. They entirely revolve their decision based on on the collateral associated with the funding request. In contrast, traditional banks are fixated on the borrowers credit and liquidity. It is very important to remember hard money loans aren’t great for the long run. The purpose of a hard money loan is to be a short term loan that gets you the investment property you’re trying to purchase. Hard money lenders focus on short term loans that reap greater ROI than leaving the money in the bank. If you fail to repay the loan you took, then the company you borrowed from can take over your property to be able to settle his/her loan.

When’s a good time to consider getting a hard money loan

Hard money loans serve as investment tools by investors. Here are some examples where hard money is good, such as:

Not able to find financing elsewhere. Funding real estate investments is complicated. Traditional mortgages are tough to acquire under normal situations. Banks are very careful of extending a loan for real estate investments, instead of loans for primary residences. Because of this, if you’re looking for investment capital – then get a hard money loan.

You’ve got a poor credit. Hard money loans are based off the collateral of their investment, not your ability to repay. Loans made to consumers – as opposed to hard money lenders – revolve around how likely it is you will repay the loan. This means in case you’ve got a poor credit history or no steady income – then you might not get approved for a loan. You need funding. Private money loans are great so you can get money ASAP. Conventional loans take time. Hard money is extremely fast. If you will need to capitalize on an opportunity immediately, then you can get a hard money loan. If you can wait a few weeks, then it’s better to find a hard money loan.

Hard money lenders can help finance your next loan

Hard money lenders serve a very specific group of people, i.e. property investors. Hard money lending is a type of short term lending, which is secured by real estate. Specifically, the people who use hard money loans are typically real estate investors – typically, people who are being denied a traditional loan due to stringent guidelines.

Hard money lenders exist because they are fast, and offer loans with little to no headaches. Hard money lenders have a fast application system. They expect collateral and do not look at your credit score. They focus on your expertise, as opposed to your credit worthiness. In case you have a bad financial past, it will be easier to obtain financing with a hard money loan rather than a conventional loan that’s granted based on your credit report. Below are scenarios where hard money lenders fill a void that conventional lenders don’t touch:

Secaucus Hard money loans can be used for fix and flip real estate investors

Most traditional lenders will not offer you a loan to get a fix and flip project. If the home is in poor condition, or there is some other abnormality with the home, then a traditional lender will not give you funding. In addition, most reverse and fix prospective deals”go quickly.” The seller is very motivated to sell the property, and will accept the first offer. Conventional lenders take forever, so by the time the loan is approved – you have already lost the property because someone paid cash for it. If you have a hard money lender on your side who will close a loan in 5-10 days, you can find the fix and flip property.

Hard money loans are good for people who don’t have great credit

Most run of the mill lenders look at a borrower’s credit report. They verify your income and explore past activities. This implies that someone with a credit score will have a challenging time, and in some cases never get approved. If this occurs, your only option is to work with a private lender. While the rates of interest for a private loan are higher than traditional loans – if the deal is still profitable, it may make sense to take the money.

Hard money gives you leverage

If you are a real estate agent, more funds means more deals. By using outside hard money, you can get involved in more simultaneous deals that would otherwise be impossible. Traditional lenders look at your overall debt to income ratio, and won’t give you a loan if they believe you owe too much money. In contrast, a hard money lender doesn’t care about your income, nor do they care about your existing debt. The one thing a hard money lender will care about is the value of your property. Hard money loans are great for developers who need funds to get their project started but aren’t a fantastic fit for conventional lenders. Remember, traditional lenders aren’t interested in taking on extra risks – they legally aren’t allowed to after the 2008 crash. Hard money loans can close faster than conventional loans from a bank, which allows you to move faster. Many sellers will be flexible on their cost and ready to cut you some slack – if you can show you have funding approved. Many real estate investors that rely on traditional lenders cannot move fast due to delays because of the cumbersome guidelines traditional lenders have. Speed and unlimited money, is why hard money is great.

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