Our hard money loans offer real estate investors in Tucson a new opportunity to increase their portfolio and profits. Hard money loans are much more flexible than a traditional bank loan and other types of financing. For example, a hard money loan allows you to apply with just a property selected. This results in faster closing times. For new and even the most seasoned investors, timing is everything. This article will highlight some additional benefits of hard money loans. Tucson investors will be able to determine if a hard money loan is right for them.

What is a hard money loan, exactly?

A hard money loan is financing that places a strong emphasis on the collateral rather than other factors. While criteria such as credit, income, and assets may come into play, they’re far less significant than with traditional financing. Acceptable collateral types include any non-owner-occupied dwelling, land, multi-unit and other property types. The property must not have significant issues that could delay or be potentially problematic during the loan. Credit is typically heavily weighted by traditional lenders. Tucson investors often run into difficulty with less than perfect credit. Loan processing times are also a deterrent for many investors. With a hard money loan, you’ll be looking at days, not months to get the funding you need to start on your next project. Hard money loans are also much more flexible in their terms. The emphasis is placed on the needs of the investor and property. Reaching the desired outcome is the primary purpose of these short-term loans. Being able to provide this type of financing is more beneficial to both the lender and the investor. The investor can complete more projects in a much shorter time frame, thus increasing profits. Our company benefits from being able to help investors in a pinch and creating repeat and loyal business.

Are hard money loans competitively priced and what are the terms?

We’re happy to be able to provide highly customized loans to real estate investors. This means that the overall picture is considered rather than a “cookie cutter” approach. Traditional financing requires that stringent criteria be met for underwriting and terms are based on governmental and lender based acceptable terms. Since hard money loans are “non-conforming,” this eases the burden in many respects. A hard money loan can be competitively priced and is typically a shorter-term loan. A good rule of thumb is that the loan is typically less than two years in length. Prior to the payoff, the loan can often be converted or refinanced to suit the unique needs of the investor.

What information is needed to apply for a hard money loan?

As with any loan, the more information you have upfront, the better. At minimum, you’ll need to have a property selected and have a game plan in mind. Our company will look at the whole picture and research the property. As previously stated, the collateral and plans for the property must be reasonable and meet any criteria deemed appropriate by the company. Investment information, business financial statements, credit explanations, and personal financial information are some examples of helpful information. Our company will review the request and advise you of any additional documentation that’s required. It’s imperative that you provide this information as quickly as possible to avoid delaying the process. After you’ve submitted the requested information, final approval will be reached, and you’ll go to closing.

Where can I find additional information about hard money loans?

Since a loan is a significant investment, it’s important to weigh your options to see if it’s a suitable match. The Balance offers a good “pros and cons” article regarding hard money loans. The article can be accessed by visiting https://www.thebalance.com/hard-money-basics-315413. Wikipedia also offers a great overview of what a hard money loan is and how they work. This information can be accessed by visiting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_money_loan. Please keep in mind that this is general information. The best way to find out the exact terms and ask any questions you may have is by reaching out to us. We’ll be happy to review all of your options and determine which type of loan would work best for your unique scenario. We’ll be happy to provide you with any preliminary information that may be needed to begin processing. Getting started is fast and easy. Reach out to us and get the perfect loan for your new project, today!