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Improving Your Employees with Flexibility
When we are asked what the most important part of being a boss is, flexibility often isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. One might consider being a good decision maker or a strong leader. While strength does play into how effective a leader you are, you do not have to do it all on your own. Your employees are there for a reason. They are not just commodities of the company; rather, they are individual minds that all pour everything they can into their job.
It is necessary to acknowledge this fact before managing employees. If the employment process is in order, every employee should have a drive of their own. As their boss, your job is to channel their motivation into the team, allowing them and their business to soar. But how is this done?
Self-driven motivation will forever be more effective than following rules or regimentation. If you can picture your goals and push yourself to find the most opportune methods of accessing them, you are guaranteed to be a successful worker. If you are following orders, they are perceived no longer as goals but as burdens. Tasks to be completed throughout the day. This is not what how you want your employees to view their own work. Giving them flexibility to do their job as they see fit is the only way to ensure they will work their hardest, because then they are allowed to utilize their own creative freedom to hurdle over whatever tasks come their way.
It is easier said than done. Making an employee feel compelled to do work using their own self-discipline is no simple feat. It requires you to have a close connection with your employees and a genuine understanding of their character. Determining what an employee needs in order to succeed will allow you to discover what needs to be done to actualize it. In this way, every employee has different needs.
Similarly, you should not neglect the fact that your employees have lives outside of work, and they are sometimes put in situations where work is not possible. One example of this, common among many who work office jobs, would be sheer distance from your employees’ homes to their work space. Oftentimes, businesses fail to allow their workers to work at a location that is convenient to them, perhaps because the cost would be too high. If opening multiple locations is not financially viable, your best course of action as a boss is to choose your singular location to be within a small distance from everyone’s house.
Once your office location is decided upon, you should think about how you can make the office interior comfortable for all of your employees. Giving them nice chairs, providing a T.V. by the water, filling the office with homely decorations; these small changes, altogether, make a great difference in your employees’ comfort and social wellbeing.
It isn’t just these small visual accessories that make up the atmosphere of your office. This is decided, ultimately, on your ability to make your employees feel at ease. In a way, this often goes hand-in-hand with flexibility. Following a strict regimen may make someone uncomfortable to work, but allowing for employee flexibility will let them settle in and feel safe in their work.
Safety should be the number one priority for employers. Ideally, a perfect office would have no harassment between employees, no ill feelings towards the boss, and no slacking off. However, this is not usually how it all turns up. As a boss, you must understand that there is no way to make your employees do their job perfectly, just the same as it is not possible to do your own job perfectly. Mistakes will be made, and lessons will need to be learned. But as long as you can keep a consistent team of employees that you trust and would like to be a part of your company’s journey, you can learn from these mistakes, which in turn will allow you to learn more about your employees. The more you understand about a person, the more likely you are to bring the best out of them.

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