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Hunter CarolineBusiness Loans and Merchant Cash Advance

If you’re looking for a way to finance your business but don’t feel you’re ready for a bank loan, there’s many other options out there including a merchant cash advance option. This is also sometimes referred to as a merchant capital advance, and it can come in quite handy when you need some extra capital to buy new equipment or even hire new or temporary staff. Who uses a merchant cash advance? Business owners from all kinds of industries whether they’re retail or sales based, manufacturing, mechanical work, IT or just about any other industry can use MCAs. But why choose this financing option over others?

Qualification Is Much Easier Than Bank Business Loans

Getting a business loan from your bank can be one of the biggest and most time-consuming tasks business owners ever have to take. Many of these loans need extensive documents detailing all the business earnings, taxes, structure, profits and losses, registration, real estate documents, and most loan officers need to see years worth of these depending on the loan you go with. Not only is it difficult to gather up all those documents, you also usually have to have a very high business or personal credit score, and you have to wait a while before you can get approved. This is because usually bank loans require business and sometimes personal assets to be used as collateral, even if you apply for an unsecured loan. The good news is merchant cash advances don’t come with nearly as many of these roadblocks.

MCA providers will need to see some financial documents, but not usually going back years and not usually in as many intricate details as bank loan officers do. That’s because MCA providers aren’t subject to the same kinds of regulations that can make getting a bank loan difficult, and their personal and business credit score requirements aren’t usually too high. Plus a merchant cash advance is actually not a loan even though there are a few similarities. But what it actually is is an advanced lump sum payment made to you for future credit card sales, and each credit card sale you make will have have a deduction that’s also known as a holdback percentage that will be applied to repaying the advance until it’s completely paid off. Generally speaking most MCAs are meant for short-term uses, but sometimes they can be structured for longer terms.

Things You’ll Need To Qualify For A Merchant Cash Advance

Every MCA provider will have their own qualifications for applicants, but as previously mentioned you don’t usually need financial documents going back years like bank loans require. But usually you do want to have been in business long enough to point to a good monthly credit card sales record and show that you’re doing well enough to be able to pay off the MCA in fairly reliable timing. There may be a few other documents an MCA provider will want to see, but usually you can expect the review and approval time to be very quick with some providers being able to issue you your funds the same day.

Repaying The Merchant Cash Advance

Paying off a merchant cash advance fluctuates with daily sales volumes with larger sales meaning a higher repayment on that day, and slower periods meaning lower deductions. This can be a benefit for business owners who may go through periods of slower sales and would struggle to make an installment payment on a loan during those times. Be aware though that most MCA providers want to know that you’re encouraging credit card purchases and not cash or checks since doing so could trigger a default.

Other Things To Consider

Before you apply for a merchant cash advance, you still should consider a few things that may or may not make it the best option for you. While most MCAs can have a wide range of financing amounts, some may require a minimum of at least $10,000 and may have a maximum of a little over $100,000. Also, while they don’t technically have interest rates, their factor rates which do have fees calculated into the final payment amount are included. But if you’re a new growing business and you’ve done your homework on MCAs, you can apply for one today if it’s right for you.

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