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Most lawyers reading this, have worked with a number of lawyer SEO companies. That means that when reading this you’re already filled with apprehension about what we’re trying to sell you. We’re not offended by the sentiment and we’d feel the same if we were in your shoes. Here’s some information about our legal SEO company, and why you may be a good fit for us. Would you ever want to be 1 of 300 clients, a company services? We certainly wouldn’t, and that’s why we limit the number of law firm’s we’re servicing at any given time. By taking on fewer clients, we focus on the one thing that matters: keeping our clients by providing the best results possible. We have helped clients all over the country, in a wide array of legal practice areas.

We formed Delancey Street because we recognized a void in the industry. Most were “mills,” and did virtually nothing, and charged huge fees. Some of our earliest clients asked me questions which we felt were almost juvenile – yet were revealing of their past experiences with lawyer marketing vendors. We realized that the way we did business — treating each client as a partner — was refreshing, and unheard of. Our first 5 clients, came from word of mouth referrals because of our philosophy partners, not vendors. We never looked back, and continued doing the same high quality level of service, for each and every client.

If you work with us, you’ll work with only senior level executives – the type you deserve to work with. We don’t hire juvenile sales reps. There are no quotas. Our only metric of success – is client ROI and profitability. Everything we do, will be tied back into number of new inquiries, and new cases we’re able to generate.


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