Lawsuit Funding

Delancey Street is a direct lender to plaintiffs, and offers pre-settlement funding solutions. We provide case funding to a wide array of cases where our client is the plaintiff, and is in need of funds. As a direct lender, we can provide fast response times, lower rates, and no junk fees. We take the time to answer your questions, and address your questions. You are free to use the funds we give you as you wish.

Divorce Cases

Divorce cases can be very one sided if one party controls all the finances. Spouses are forced to settle early, and get less than what they deserve due to not having enough money. We help balance the scales. In exchange for providing lawsuit funding, we either take a % of your final settlement, or will offer a loan on interest. We customize a financial plan just for you – based on whichever situation makes sense at the time.

Criminal Defense Cases

If you’re the defendant in a criminal defense case and need a loan, we can help you. Often, we see defendants run out of money and requiring immediate funds. While this is a very unconventional loan – we are happy to help. We provide loans for criminal defense cases where the defendant provides real estate as collateral for the loan. By securing the loan with tangible real estate the defendant owns, we can provide loans up to $5,000,000. This is ideal for borrowers who fit the criteria of:

  • Poor credit history
  • No existing source of income
  • Need funding fast
  • Have real estate which is used as collateral

In situations like this – when your future is at risk, we understand the pressure you are under. We move fast when it comes to funding. In most cases, we can offer lawsuit loans in 24 hours after you fill out our application, and conduct all the necessary steps.

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