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Cosmetic Laser Treatment Injury Lawsuits


Cosmetic laser treatments are very popular today. They are used for things like hair removal, skin tightening and reducing subcutaneous fat. Most people are unaware that cosmetic laser treatments can cause significant injuries to patients. This has resulted in many personal injury lawsuits involving the laser treatments. If you or someone you know has been injured by a cosmetic laser treatment, then you should understand several important things.
The Growing Use of Cosmetic Lasers
Something that is driving the increase in personal injury lawsuits is the high demand for procedures that use cosmetic lasers. Cosmetic lasers treatments are now being advertised in many different markets. They are advertised as miracle treatments that can permanently remove hair or liquefy the fat underneath of the skin. The demand is causing more practices to start to cut corners when it comes to safety. Many cosmetic laser procedures are being performed by assistants or people with no formal medical training. This trend is likely to continue into the future since there is little uniform regulation of cosmetic laser treatments at this time. Cosmetic lasers are also becoming more powerful as the demand for faster results increases.
Things That Can Go Wrong During a Procedure
Although cosmetic lasers are advertised as being very safe, they actually pose a real risk to patients when they are not used correctly. Improper use of a cosmetic laser of nearly any type can result in severe burning. This is because the laser is using a focused beam of energy to create heat. This heat is supposed to be attenuated to affect only hair follicles or fat. The reality is that this does not matter when the laser is misused. The laser can actually burn the skin. It can permanently damage skin cells. The laser could malfunction while being used. The laser light could get into the eyes of the patient and cause blindness or retinal damage. The things that can go wrong often occur quickly and without any warning.
Potential Injuries from Cosmetic Lasers
The main type of potential injury from cosmetic lasers is burning. The burning can actually result in the need for serious treatment and skin grafts. Cosmetic lasers can also lead to permanent scarring. This scarring could be in a very visible place like the face, legs or arms. The scars will never go away. Lasers can cause blindness or changes in vision if they are used wrong or if the patient was not prepared for the treatment properly. Some people who undergo a botched cosmetic laser treatment experience hypopigmentation. This means the skin is so damaged that patches will permanently be a much lighter color than the surrounding areas. Some laser mishaps actually result in permanent disfigurement of the face or body because of damages cells or scars beneath the surface of the skin. All of these injuries can occur during a cosmetic treatment regardless of the type of laser being used.
What to Do If You Have Been Injured
Although injuries caused by a cosmetic laser treatment can be painful and damaging, there are actions that you can take to hold the responsible parties accountable. If you have been burned, scarred or injured by a cosmetic laser treatment, then you need to talk to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. The personal injury lawyers at our firm can provide you with representation when a doctor, technician or assistant has harmed you. You should talk to a lawyer before speaking to opposing attorneys, insurance companies or the people who were responsible for the injury. We can help you to file a claim and win fair compensation.
Pursue the People Responsible
We will help you to pursue all of the people and companies that were responsible for your burns or injuries. We will work hard to establish that the person performing the procedure was liable for your injury. Our lawyers can do this by potentially proving things like insufficient training, lack of supervision or incorrect settings on the laser equipment. We will explore whether the cosmetic laser itself played some role. We can help you to pursue a personal injury claim against the manufacturer if we find that the laser equipment was defective, improperly constructed or not fit for use in some way.
Establish What You Need As Fair Compensation
We will do everything possible to make sure that you get full and fair compensation for all the damages that you have incurred because of the failed cosmetic laser treatment. You might not be aware of everything that can be included in your damages. We have the experience necessary to know what qualifies as damage under the law. We can potentially include things like future medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering. We will help you to establish exactly what you deserve as fair compensation for your injuries under the rules of the law. We will pursue everyone responsible in an attempt to win you full compensation.
Find Evidence of Liability
Proving that you were injured during a cosmetic laser treatment is not easy. You will need to collect evidence that meets certain criteria under the law. Our lawyers have the expertise to do this. We will review everything that happened on the day of the treatment. We will investigate the location where the treatment was given, the staff and sometimes other patients. We will go through records and request any other relevant evidence. We will look for things like substance abuse that could have contributed to the incident. The lawyers at our firm will work hard to find all the evidence necessary to prove liability.
Negotiate With Those Responsible
We are a personal injury firm with decades of experience handling all types of cases. Our lawyers know exactly how to negotiate with the responsible parties. This is important since all but a small percentage of cases are actually settled before a trial starts. We can present evidence in a way that will make it clear that a settlement is the best option. We will negotiate in an attempt to get the amount of compensation that you deserve for the injuries caused by the cosmetic laser treatment. You will want our lawyers on your side when trying to negotiate a personal injury settlement.
Take the Case to Court
The personal injury lawyers at our firm are litigators. They are not afraid to take your case to court if a settlement cannot be reached. We will represent you aggressively to make certain that your case is fully heard. Our firm will use all the resources available to us to prove your case. This can include bringing in experts to show that your injuries were caused by the cosmetic laser treatment. Your best chance of winning this type of personal injury lawsuit is to contact our firm for representation.

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