Divorce is a difficult process, but money should never stop you from getting what you deserve. There’s an inherent imbalance in cases where one spouse has more financial resources than the other one.  This is typical among situations where one was the main breadwinner, or when there was a huge income difference between the spouses. The more financially secure partner can drag out the divorce, drive up costs, and worse – hide assets. Eventually, the less financially stable spouse concedes. The resulting community property is smaller than expected as a result.

Delancey Street creates opportunities where none exist. We level the playing field for spouses who have millions in combined assets. We provide direct divorce case funding for things like: attorneys fees, forensic accountants, asset investigators, fraud investigators, and reasonable living allowances.

We are not a broker. We have a team of experts who understand asset investigation and collections. We work with you and your divorce attorney to provide comprehensive services and funding. We can supplement your existing divorce legal team, and pay your divorce team directly – reducing any issues for you. The funds we invest into your divorce case are based on our assessment on what we think is needed to win your claim. As your divorce lawsuit funding partner, we are 100% invested in your claim and resolution. We analyze each and every case, and offer funding when we believe we can help. We fund all the fees related to your case. In return for this, we receive a % of your final divorce claim resolution.

We give you the funding you need to get a fair distribution

We have the expertise, and funding, needed to get you the final resolution you need and deserve. We will help you get the funding you need. We are your partner. When we invest in your case, we are investing in you – and your financial well being. When we speak to you, we’ll discuss your case and how we can help. Next, our investigations will conduct an interview to uncover your assets and their location.

By giving you funding, we are leveling the playing field. Our experience has shown us that when both parties have resources to fight their divorce claim – it’s a major incentive to settle the divorce amicably. We believe in our approach of leveling the playing field.