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Victoza Lawsuit


Victoza is a medication that addresses type-2 diabetes that patients inject in order to help control blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, negative reports and clinical studies are now illustrating that patients using Victoza are three times more likely than people who take other medications for diabetes of developing pancreatitis. Victoza has been linked to kidney problems, serious allergic reactions, and even thyroid cancer as well.
The pharmaceutical liability attorneys at our law firm are presently exploring Victoza lawsuits for people who endured harm to their own personal health or experienced the loss of a dear loved one as a result of using this particular medication for diabetes control. If you are someone who is suffering with pancreatitis or another adverse Victoza side effect, the chances are in your favor of acquiring substantial compensation for your suffering and damages. Call our law firm today and let us help you manage and settle your Victoza case.

About Victoza
Victoza, or liraglutide, is a non-insulin prescription for patients dealing with type-2 diabetes to help them effectively manage their blood sugar (glucose) levels in addition to a nutritious diet and moderate exercise. When someone has type-2 diabetes, they must deal with ongoing cellular insulin resistance, which makes it very hard to keep their blood sugar levels under adequate control. However, once a patient injects the drug Victoza, it acts very similar to a hormone known as GLP-1, which prompts the pancreas to produce more insulin into the bloodstream.
In 2010, the FDA approved Victoza, which is manufactured by the global health care company known as Novo Nordisk. When Victoza was finally approved, three separate FDA experts on drug safety strongly opposed Victoza’s approval since they felt it needed more evaluation to guarantee the safety of consumers due to the drug’s link to kidney failure, severe allergic reactions, thyroid cancer, and acute pancreatitis.

Clinical Studies
Over the course of a 52-week clinical study, nearly 7,000 patients receiving Victoza as a stand-alone treatment once a day experienced a 1.1 percent reduction in A1C that measures the average amount of concentrated glucose over a 3-month period when taking a dose of 1.8 mg of the prescription drug. Patients who took 1.2 mg saw an average reduction of 0.8 percent. Patients taking a 1.8 mg dose lost an average of 5.5 lbs, while patients who took a dosage of 1.2 mg lost an average of 4.6 lbs. Another 52-week study concluded that patients saw nearly a 20 percent decrease in FPG, which is a fasting glucose level, while taking a daily dose of 1.8 mg of the drug, while the blood glucose levels in other patients who took 1.2 mg fell nearly 16 percent. Within just two weeks, the FPG levels started to drop.

The Dangerous Side Effects of Victoza
In addition to severe pancreatitis, Victoza has been clinically linked to other life-threatening negative side effects. Here are the most damaging health risks to date that Victoza has caused.
• Pancreatitis

The FDA authorized Novo Nordisk to send out an official letter to all healthcare providers after documented studies revealed that many doctors were completely unaware of the strong link between pancreatitis and Victoza in June 2011. Since then, there were more than 200 acknowledged cases of severe pancreatitis and 28 more cases of pancreatic cancer linked to Victoza as reported in the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System. According to the FDA, anyone just starting Victoza along with any current patients prescribed a higher dose of Victoza should ideally be carefully monitored for any noticeable signs of acute pancreatitis.

Some signs of pancreatitis may include any of the following:
1. Tenderness or pain in the abdominal area
2. Feelings of overall sickness including fever, nausea, vomiting, and sweating
3. Indigestion
4. Yellowing of the eyes or skin, otherwise known as jaundice
5. Clay-colored stools
6. Abdominal swelling
7. Bloating
8. Rapid breathing
9. Rapid heartbeat
If pancreatitis is severe enough, the pancreas itself can lose its vital blood supply, which could literally make it stop functioning and die. Inflammation of the pancreas can additionally result in multiple organ failure and even death. Once the pancreas starts to die, or becomes necrotic, subsequent surgery is necessary in order to remove all the dying or dead tissue. The risk of the person dying then increases from 10 percent to over 40 percent.

• Thyroid Cancer
In the FDA’s June 2011 letter, doctors were warned that Victoza has been proven to produce thyroid cancer in clinically-tested rats that were given certain doses of Victoza similar to the amount a human would normally take. In the subsequent release of the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System, from February 2010 through September 2011, the organization received 25 official reports of Victoza thyroid cancer cases.
The function of the thyroid gland is to produce key hormones that work to regulate body weight, metabolism, heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature.

Potential Victoza thyroid cancer signs include the following:
1. Lumps in the neck area
2. Respiratory issues
3. Hoarseness
4. Difficulty swallowing

• Kidney Impairment
In May 2011, a new warning label was added to the packaging of Victoza, cautioning patients about the strong link between kidney (renal) impairment and the drug Victoza. In the new warning, patients were cautioned that kidney impairment was reported postmarketing, generally linked to diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, or perhaps dehydration that could possible necessitate hemodialysis. Doctors are strongly advised to use extreme caution when increasing the doses of Victoza in patients suffering from kidney impairment.

Victoza Recall
In April 2012, the advocacy organization Public Citizen formally requested that the FDA recall Victoza due to numerous claims that the underlying health risks of the drug far outweigh any real medical benefits the drug can offer since it increases the risk for kidney impairment, severe allergic reactions, acute pancreatitis, and thyroid cancer. In fact, as more and more people continue to take Victoza they are also experiencing dire health issues as a result. Obviously, the warning system of the FDA is inadequate and ineffective. The drug should literally be taken off the market immediately.

Victoza and the Law
Based on the number of Victoza attorneys alone, Novo Nordisk risked the safety of consumers in order to capitalize on Victoza without disclosing the proper warnings and knowing about the serious ramifications of the drug that should have resulted in a full recall. Due to their greed, over 150,000 Victoza prescriptions are filled each month in the U.S., literally putting thousands of people in grave danger and jeopardizing their health. Our lawyers are proficient and knowledgeable in pharmaceutical liability litigation and we can help you with your Victoza lawsuit.
If you or a loved one is suffering with certain health issues as a result of taking the prescription drug Victoza, chances are you are entitled to substantial compensation. To learn more about your legal rights and to discuss your case, contact our law firm for legal consultation in order to get what you rightly deserve

We’re currently reviewing all potential cases for men who’ve developed skin cancer after using Viagra. The cases that we’re investigating involve a skin cancer called melanoma, but it’s important that this cancer has been caused by using Viagra.
Over time, Viagra has become a household name, and it’s a medication that men use for erectile dysfunction. A wealth of research shows that Viagra has been linked to melanoma. Put simply, one of the Viagra’s side effects should be labeled as melanoma.
Studies show that men are 84 percent more likely to develop this deadly skin cancer if using Viagra. It’s important to understand seriousness of this disease. Melanoma is a very serious disease, and it has the potential to cause death. It’s actually the most dangerous type of skin cancer.
Research shows that Pfizer has known about this potentially deadly side effect, and the company didn’t warn consumers of this serious risk.
Pfizer didn’t even bother to warn the medical community of such risks. Now, many lawsuits are being filed against the company, with melanoma as the primary complaint.

How a Lawsuit Can Help
Unfortunately, many individuals have developed melanoma because they used Viagra. As one would imagine, the medical costs of fighting a deadly skin cancer can quickly grow into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are also many other associated costs.
For example, it’s very unlikely that a person fighting melanoma is going to be able to work. He or she will have to take time off of work, which can create a long list of problems. Individuals can file a lawsuit, so they have the ability to seek financial compensation.
The lawsuit could result in compensation for lost wages, pain, suffering and a variety of other losses. It’s even possible for former users of Viagra to file a lawsuit. We will review all potential cases and determine if they’re worthy of pursuing.
Our potential clients have nothing to lose because we work on a contingency fee basis, which means clients only pay if we win compensation for them. To see if your case qualifies, you can schedule a free consultation.

The Melanoma Cancer Risks Associated With Viagra
Also known as sildenafil citrate, Viagra is a brand-name medication. Although it’s extremely popular in the United States, it’s well-known around most of the world. The drug was first introduced in 1998, and it was marketed to men as a way to temporarily cure erectile dysfunction.
Pfizer, the company that makes Viagra, paid for very aggressive marketing that promoted Viagra as the little blue pill. Over time, Pfizer was able to grow the Viagra’s brand, and before long, the drug was pulling in over two billion dollars in annual sales.
The problem is that it’s alleged that Pfizer withheld some crucial information. It’s alleged that Pfizer didn’t disclose information about the link between Viagra and melanoma. The company should’ve provided the medical community and consumers with this critical information. Pfizer never told consumers that their drug could cause skin cancer.

If men would’ve known that Viagra can cause melanoma, it’s very unlikely that they would’ve bought the drug. Put simply, it’s likely that this information would’ve dealt a fatal blow to the sales of the drug.

Pfizer is a company that has an obligation to study the drugs they produce, and they need to deliver reliable information concerning the side effects of the drug. Nearly 15 years later, the independent medical community discovered the glaring link between the use of Viagra and melanoma.
In 2014, JAMA Internal Medicine published a very important study, which reported a link between Viagra and melanoma. The study shows that men who use Viagra are 84 percent more likely to develop this deadly form of skin cancer than men who don’t use the drug.
The data from the study is based on 25,000 men. Data was gathered for these men over the span of 10 years. A total of 142 of these males developed melanoma. All of these men were using Viagra. The data shows that these men developed melanoma because of their use of Viagra.
The researchers also excluded ED as a potential risk factor for developing melanoma. It’s true that this study could’ve been a lot bigger, but there is enough data to draw a strong conclusion.

The Duty of Pfizer
As a company, Pfizer has an obligation to make sure their medication is sufficiently researched and studied. Pfizer also should’ve provided the critical warning, which shows that using Viagra is linked to an elevated risk of melanoma.
Men should’ve been given all of the appropriate information, so they could’ve made an informed decision as to whether or not they wanted to use Viagra. There is a wealth of data that points to Pfizer knowing about the melanoma risk.
There is data that involves millions of men who’ve been using Viagra, and there are also many clinical trials that have been conducted by the company that makes the drug.

All of the evidence points to Pfizer knowing about the risk of melanoma, and the company chose to ignore the risk and never told consumers. Put simply, the company chose increased profits over consumer safety, and this is something that the company needs to pay for.

How to Get Help
Our law firm is looking into cases involving men who developed melanoma from taking Viagra. Through litigation with Pfizer, men who developed this skin cancer could receive compensation for their injuries.

There are a lot of men out there who’re entitled to a financial settlement because of this issue, but they’ll never get the compensation they’re entitled to if they don’t seek help from personal injury lawyers.

If the company that makes the drug would’ve provided the proper warnings, these issues could’ve been avoided. At the very least, men could’ve still use Viagra but watched for the common symptoms and signs of melanoma.

A number of class action lawsuits have been filed, and there are also many individual lawsuits being filed. If you or a family member has developed melanoma from using Viagra, our personal injury lawyers can help you. We can consult with you and see if your case is worth pursuing.
It’s true that not all cases are worth pursuing, but if you’ve been affected by Viagra, then you have the right to seek legal advice. You can consult with us and see if you might be able to get compensation for pain, suffering, lost wages and more.

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