Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit loans are a great way to take care of medical costs and other basic expenses while you wait for your case to reach a conclusion. Often, plaintiffs have to settle quickly and for much less than they deserve because they need the funds fast. Pre-settlement funding gives you immediate cash, so you can wait for your case to settle. Many attorneys recommend lawsuit funding because if you lose the case – you don’t have to repay the loan. You only repay the money if you win the case.

Insurance companies don’t want you to know

Insurance companies know a lawsuit isn’t cheap. They also know that while you’re FIGHTING it, you’re not working, and able to make money. They know your expenses are piling up. Insurance companies use this fact as a WEAPON. They drag out the litigation process for as long as possible, so you automatically accept whatever they are offering. Don’t accept small amounts of money just because you’re having financial difficulties. Let Delancey Street help you with your bills. The longer you fight, the higher the potential of you getting more money.

Lawsuit Funding vs Normal Loans

If you’re running out of money, and unable to pay your bills – then a lawsuit loan might be right for you. Running out of money isn’t a good feeling. People turn to different things when they run out of money. It’s always best to exhaust all other sources of money, such as your 401K, and other savings you may have. It might even be a good idea to speak to family members – before you consider a lawsuit loan. These loans aren’t cheap. They are “risk-free,” because if you lose your case – you don’t have to pay a penny back. Below are some comparisons of lawsuit funding versus traditional loans.


“Lawsuit loans,” aren’t really loans. The correct term is they are cash advances. Lenders, offer a cash advance against the future value of your claim. Regardless of whether it’s a business dispute, or a personal injury claim, at the end of the day you’re a plaintiff in a claim – and that claim has value.  The lawsuit funding company is speculating that the money you make in your claim will be enough to cover the amount loaned out plus interest. There’s an enormous amount of risk attributed to lawsuit loans, and that’s why lenders charge higher than average interest.  Because they are cash advances, pre-settlement funding cash advances don’t require repayment in the event you lose the personal injury claim. If you lose, you are not obligated to repay the loan. In contrast, with a traditional loan, you will probably have a lower interest rate. Here’s the tradeoff though. Traditional loans, from a bank, for example, must be repaid. Traditional loans are based on your credit, and are extended based on the fact you are a credible borrower. Having said that, they are not being advanced against the future value of a claim. They are a traditional loan, and thus must be repaid like a traditional loan is. If you don’t repay it, then you can be sued – and you could find your credit score destroyed because of this.


There’s no getting around it – lawsuit loans are very expensive. When you pay a lawsuit funding lender, you pay the principal you borrowed, plus a funding fee/interest payment. This fee could end up being double or triple what you borrowed. The cost of the lawsuit loan depends on how long your case lasts. It’s not unusual for personal injury cases to take months/years to settle. The rates can run between 15-60% a year. On a $25,000 loan, it’s possible the interest could run $10-$13k the first year. The interest is usually compounded monthly, which means if you borrow $25k, and it takes 2 years to settle – then you’d have to pay $32k plus the $25k borrowed.


Types of Cases 

What might you owe on a lawsuit loan?

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is what happens if you win the case, and what happens if you lose the case. At the end of the day, winning the case is a great thing! Here’s the good news: you are only required to pay back if you win your case. If you lose your case, you don’t owe a single penny. If you win your case your attorney will repay the lawsuit funding company out of the proceeds of your award. The amount that your attorney is required to pay us is calculated based on a formula. You will probably owe less money if your case settles sooner rather than later. The amount you owe depends a lot on the type of case you have, and what state you’re in.

While your case is pending, you don’t have to make any payments – and there’s no risk to you. Moreover, you can use the money for anything: house payments, car payments, rent, tuition, pretty much anything. More importantly, if you lose the case – you owe nothing.

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