Stavzor, whose generic name is valproic acid, is an anticonvulsant drug used to treat a variety of symptoms ranging from manic-depressive disorders and seizures to chronic migraine headaches. However, recent studies have shown that the drug also causes severe, life-threatening side effects, especially when taken by pregnant women.

Studies on the drug and its derivatives show that children born to mothers who take the drug during the first semester of their pregnancy are more likely to be born with birth defects and are also likely to suffer from poor cognitive development.

What is Stavzor and what are its Uses?

Stavzor belongs to a class of drugs known as fatty acid derivative anticonvulsants. The drug was first introduced to the market by Noven Pharmaceuticals and approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as Depakene in 1978.

The latest formulation is what you know as stavzor, which the FDA approved in 2008. This comes in form of extended release oral capsules whose preparation ranges from 125mg – 500mg valproic acid.

The FDA approved stavzor as a prescription drug for treatment of manic episodes that are associated with bipolar disorder and epileptic seizures in adults and children aged 10 years or older.

The main component of stavzor is valproic acid. This ingredient comes in a number of derivatives that include:
• Valproate sodium (depacon).
• Divalproate sodium (depacote).
• Valproic acid (Depakene and stavzor).

What are the Birth Defects and Congenital Side Effects Associated with Stavzor?

The use of stavzor during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy exposes your baby to various defects and congenital malformations that include:
• Neural tube defects. These involve the spinal cord and the nervous system. The common defect is spina bifida.
• Craniofacial defects.
• Cardiovascular malformations such as the atrial septal defect.
• Cleft palate.
• Craniosynostosis, which is the premature closure of sutures in the baby’s skull.
• Hypospadias, which refers to the abnormal location of the urethra in male babies.
• Polydactyl, the development of multiple fingers or toes.
• Fetal death.
• Growth retardation.
• Undescended testes.
Research has also shown that such children also are born with poor cognitive skills. For instance, your child will grow up with a low IQ.

What has the FDA said about Stavzor?

The role of the FDA is to identify safe drugs for treatment of various conditions for American citizens. Here is what the FDA has discovered so far regarding Stavzor.

The FDA has warned health practitioners about the side effects of the drug and its derivatives. It requires that the practitioner speak to female patients of childbearing age about the risks of birth defects and congenital malformations linked to the drug. These patients are supposed to understand alternative medications that are safer, especially if Stavzor is required for the treatment of migraine or another condition that isn’t considered life-threatening.

According to studies conducted by the FDA, one in 1500 children are born each year with a neural tube defect. However, with the use of valproic acid and its derivatives, the risk has increased to 1 in 20 children being born with the defect each year.

In 2011, the FDA advised the public that the risk of a child being born with a low IQ is higher if the mother used stavzor during pregnancy as compared to a child born to a mother who used alternative drugs during the pregnancy.

Why should you File for a Stavzor Lawsuit?

Giving birth to a baby with birth defects affects you and your child in a negative way. For one, you will have to spend more to take care of the medical bills for the baby and special needs. Additionally, such a defect changes the course of your child’s life. Without the effects caused by Stavzor, your child would have led a comfortable, normal life.

Giving birth to a child with congenital defects won’t be easy on you either. You will have to persevere mental anguish. Filing for a lawsuit makes sure you are compensated for the medical and upkeep for the child, as well as the mental anguish.

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