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Yasmin Lawsuit 

Many women have fallen victim of the dire consequences of taking the birth control pill, Yasmin. This pill has been known to cause several issues that have either seriously impaired users or even caused fatalities. Due to the negligence of the pharmaceutical company which produces Yasmin, women were not warned of the extreme side effects and negative consequences of taking the birth control medication.

Side Effects

The side effects that occur from taking Yasmin include heart attack, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), pulmonary embolism (PE), stroke and blood clots. While the manufacturers were more than aware of the side effects, they still failed to properly label the medication, and they continued to positively promote the pill as if the side effects did not exist. Even after being told to reiterate to the public the negative effects that the pills would have, they remained negligent in their communication with the public. That alone would not have been an issue, but the company continued their negligence when the pill was further investigated by multiple committees.

The company has not only failed to notify recipients of the side effects and continued to positively promote the product, but they also failed to issue the new and updated side effects list that the FDA, the Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee and the Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee required the company to issue. The labels were not reprinted to fulfill the obligation to the public, and the company continued to promote the product after the findings of the three committees were voted on. In fact, the vote was a landslide, 21-5, for the labels to be updated and include all of the potential side effects that have previously cause severe medical issues and death.

Dangers of Side Effects

In 2001, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Yasmin as an approved oral contraceptive for women who chose to take oral medication above other forms of birth control. The drug has also been approved to treat premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) and acne. Unfortunately, the drug contains drospirenone, a progestin that has been proven to cause complications including heart issues.

Drospirenone causes the potassium levels in users to rise. The above normal potassium levels can cause issues like hyperkalemia, cardiac arrest and heart arrhythmias. All of these ailments can be fatal if not treated immediately. Another issue with drospirenone is that the progestin causes blood clots in women, and the chances are higher in women who smoke. The chances of clots forming in women who took Yasmin are two and three times greater than that of women who did not take the oral contraceptive.

Aside from the side effects of drospireone, Yasmin should also be avoided by women with liver problems, adrenal disease and even kidney issues. Due to the high potassium levels, patients who take Yasmin should have their potassium levels check in regular intervals every few months. While checking potassium levels cannot solve the problem, the tests can save the patient’s life if is serious ailment occurs.

The Public Deception

Unfortunately, there have been two specific occasions that Yasmin manufacturers have been in trouble with the FDA. The reason that they have been in trouble is because they continued to use misleading information to promote and sell the birth control pill. The misleading information included information that made the public believe that the pill was safer than it actually was. According to the FDA, the manufacturers should have stated all of the worst side effects during the promotional viewings, but instead they continued to promote the pill as if there were little to no issues involved when taking the medication.

After being reprimanded and fined for the continued negligence, the company continued to promote the medication in the same way. The fines were nothing compared to the amount of revenue that the company was making from women who were taking the medication and oblivious to the ill effects that it was having on their bodies.

Due to the overwhelming negligence of the company, attorneys general in 27 different states eventually filed law suits against Bayer. The lawsuits forced Bayer to remove the Yasmin ads and campaigns and reiterate them with the correct side effects and information. After all of this coercion, the company finally began following the rules and giving out the information that should have been given upon learning of the side effects.

Why Filing Suit is Important

Due to the overwhelming negligence of the company, many women have suffered severe side effects and fatalities have even occurred. In order to prevent companies from doing the same thing in the future, it is important for those affected to stand up for themselves and fight for what is right.

Aside from the repercussions of the public not standing up, the women who fell victim and died need to have their voices hear as well. Those women were unaware of the extreme risks and dangers of taking the oral contraceptive, so they unknowingly became victims because of the company’s utter negligence of the situation.

Yasmin is a birth control pill that was improperly labeled almost from the time that it was marketed and put on the shelves. Filing suit against the company is the only way to hold the company accountable for its actions.

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