Anywhere you look, there’s marketing agencies. Today, the SEO industry is valued in the billions. It means there’s countless marketing agencies, and specifically – lawyer marketing agencies, scrambling to get a piece of this pie.

If you’re an attorney – where does that leave you?

Every single attorney is trying his level best to reach the top of Google’s search results. You want qualified traffic, and legitimate leads. If you’re on this landing page, it’s because you want a lawyer marketing agency. Delancey Street is here to help you understand who are the top lawyer marketing agencies.

Top Lawyer Marketing Agencies in USA

  1. Delancey Street [best for SEO optimization]
  2. Postali [best for direct marketing]
  3. Scorpion [best for PPC marketing]
  4. iLawyerMarketing [best for website design]

In the past, you could hire virtually anyone to do garbage automated backlinks, add nonsense content, and automatically rank on page 1 of google.

It’s not so easy anymore.

In short, SEO, and marketing, has reached a point where subpar performance isn’t enough to guarantee top rankings, and cases.

To get the most out of any SEO work done, you need a holistic lawyer marketing strategy. In order to get a holistic SEO strategy, you have to have great website design, great content, and content marketing with your content in order to make your business more discoverable online.

This guide is a great example of content marketing. If it wasn’t valuable, would you read it? Not really.

If you do SEO and marketing right, it drives tremendous value and results. We’re confident that the lawyer marketing agencies below will do no different. Hire any of them for the purpose we mentioned, and we’re sure you’ll get great results, leads, and cases.

lawyer marketing agency

#1 Delancey Street – Best for SEO optimization

It’s a little self-serving to toot our own horn, but we feel we’ve earned our place.

Delancey Street was founded by top tier marketers who are excellent at what they do. If you google major competitive keywords, like:

  • Chicago criminal lawyers
  • NYC divorce lawyers
  • NYC criminal lawyers
  • Houston criminal lawyers
  • Philadelphia criminal lawyers

…you know…

The big markets…

You’ll see Delancey Street clients on page 1, with amazing websites.

If you google our founding partner, Maxinder Soni, you’ll see him being quoted by major websites, like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and the like.

Our clients generate millions of views every month through SEO optimized content marketing.

If you’re just starting with search engine optimization for your law firm, or want an excellent lawyer marketing agency to help you jumpstart your SEO – Delancey Street is a great choice. We believe that content is the bedrock that drives all other online marketing campaigns. It’s how your customers will find you. Delancey Street focuses on creating SEO optimized content and marketing it. 

#2 Postali – Best for direct marketing

We actually learned about Postali when we were looking at other top ranking websites. They are a full service marketing agency. They have some amazing design capabilities, especially if you look at some of their clients all across the country.

Based on our findings, Postali customizes its pricing for the client its speaking to which is great! The price will depend on your goals and the needs of the project. They have a WIDE range of services, so i’m sure it’s hard to give an estimate of the costs.

The one service that sets them apart is direct mail campaign. So far, they are the only direct mail marketing firm we’ve encountered that focuses on attorneys. Postali can send snail-mail letters to potential clients to encourage them to hire you.

  • This is unique
  • Many attorneys don’t do this / don’t know how to do it

Based on their website it seems like they handle all aspects of the direct mail campaign, such as: selecting target cities and the type of cases, creating the template letter which will be sent, and in addition doing an ethical review of the template so it complies with ABA rules.

That’s a tremendous amount of value! especially when you consider all of their other marketing services.

Lawyer marketing can be difficult due to the ethical issues from the ABA

The legal industry is one of the few industries out there that have TIGHT regulations when it comes to how they market themselves. There’s an ethical standard which has to be adhered by all lawyers. While every lawyer wants to generate as many cases as possible – they must be done in a manner that is adherent to rules and regulations. Without adhering to these rules, you may find yourself in front of the Bar, answering questions about how/why you broke certain rules.

This is one of the main reasons lawyers choose to work with a lawyer marketing agency, like ourselves. When you work with a specialized company like DotComLegalMarketing, you’re working with experts who understand these rules/regulations, and get the importance of adhering to them.

Self advertising is one of those things that, in the eyes of old school lawyers, is deemed “cheap” and “unprofessional.” Old school lawyers created these set of rules to restrict what lawyers can do, in order to generate new business. The 1908 Canons of Professional set these rules.  These old rules are the ones responsible for the disdain some lawyers have for advertising and marketing themselves.

In 1978, in the US Supreme Court, Bates v. State Bar of Arizona, the ruling was made that that the First Amendment extends to lawyer advertising for fees. It allowed for lawyers to advertise, as long as they do not do it in a manner which is false, or deceptive. Unfortunately, this language is vague, and hence where the confusion can sometimes arise from.

When considering marketing or advertising yourself, we generally suggest you stick to verifiable facts based on hard facts. You should not market facts that lean more heavily towards being perceived as an opinion.

Examples of verifiable facts include:

  • Settlements won
  • Total amount of dollars recovered
  • Physical location where you meet clients (this is a problem with lawyers who claim, for advertising reasons, to have more offices than they actually do)

Examples of misleading facts:

  • Calling yourself the “best” law firm – this is purely speculative
  • Spreading incorrect facts (claiming you’ve recovered more money than you truly have)

Irrespective of what you do, it’s smart to stay within the confines of what’s ethically acceptable. If you have any questions about whether or not you’re marketing in an ethical manner, we encourage you to contact us. We can help audit your existing marketing efforts.

Ranking can feel close to impossible

One of the toughest industries, when it comes to doing SEO, is the legal industry. Want an impossible task? Try to rank for tough keywords, like Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers. The legal industry is one of the toughest because it’s a highly profitable industry, and due to the high saturation of lawyers. An average case for a personal injury attorney, can settle in the 10’s of thousands of dollars. That means an attorney can hypothetically spend in one month, the equivalent budget that an ordinary small business owner would spend in a year! The spread is enormous – which means that the gloves are metaphorically, off – when it comes to budget, amount of work that can be done, and the level of competition.

Many attorneys have resorted to some pretty insane tactics, such as creating numerous google places accounts, with “alleged,” fake office spaces, in order to game the system. Without linking or calling any particular attorney out, in 2012/2011, a noteworthy personal injury attorney was banned from being listed at all on Google places. This become a noteworthy case – because the attorney accused his SEO company for being responsible for creating the various google place listings.

The danger of DIY SEO as a lawyer, is the fact that Google is changing it’s rules and regulations surrounding SEO on an annual, if not monthly basis, when it comes to what’s acceptable and not acceptable. Most recently, Google quietly updated it’s guidelines saying that businesses should no longer use virtual office space in order to artificially increase their overall local presence by trying to rank in Google places. This effectively lead to many Google place listings getting closed, because they lead back to a Regus virtual office space. Many attorneys found themselves firing their existing SEO vendor, and in addition changing their office space due to the drop in visibility. This has only become more pronounced, as Google eliminated the “7 pack,” and adopted the “3 pack,” in terms of the amount of listings that now appear in Google places. Needless to say, SEO for lawyers has only gotten harder!

So with all this said, what can you – as an attorney do to help yourself, and should you hire a legal SEO company?

Let’s discuss first the things you can do for yourself. It makes no sense to pay an SEO vendor to do things you could do yourself, relatively easily.

Content Creation

Many lawyers often have little to no content. In an article posted by one of our partner agencies, Zogby, they discussed the amount of content lawyers on page 1 of Google for Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer have. It was noted that most attorneys have hundred’s of pages of content. If you’re a startup attorney, or if you’re looking to cut costs – it makes no sense to pawn off this job to an SEO company. You can write content on yourself, and save.

Start Outreach and Link Building

It’s common for attorneys in a local city to network with each other. Often, many lawyers note that referrals are their #1 source of business. With that being said, it’s common for members of a local bar association to link to each other, in order to help generate referral traffic to lawyers who practice other legal areas. Many attorneys do this as a way of providing resources to clients and in addition helping their fellow attorneys rank well in search engines. This is something that could be perceived as a grey area, so it should be done in an honest and earnest manner. Don’t engage in utter and blatant blackhat link farms, but when you feel the addition of your link could be valuable to a prospective reader on another attorneys website – request the link, and reciprocate as well if you feel they would be valuable ot your readers.

Leverage the press

One of the best ways for an attorney to start getting visibility and backlinks is by leveraging the press. Services like HARO(Help a reporter out), connect reporters with professionals. Essentially, a reporter will mention that he/she needs a credible source, and in exchange give you instant press/media coverage if you can help him/her. The benefit to you? You get credibility, visibility, and hopefully some backlinks out of it! Many lawyers are even more aggressive. In addition to participating in services like HARO, they will do a press release every time they win a case, or achieve something noteworthy. By doing this, they create backlinks via the syndication that press releases get. In addition, because these press releases rank in search engines – they create a “breadcrumb,” trail of residual traffic that future searchers might run into – when looking for a local attorney. It’s definitely part of a long term strategy, and with services like PRWeb, it’s something which can be done by an attorney on his/her time, without hiring a lawyer SEO company.

There’s an age old question, and it comes up every now and then, “should I work with a lawyer seo company, or is a normal seo company ok?”

It’s a crazy question, because there’s an obvious answer: if you’re a lawyer, you should work with a legal seo company. Unfortunately, that’s not the correct option, necessarily speaking. SEO is a concept that is governed by Google’s rules. That means SEO is frankly the same, when it comes to variables and rules, regardless of whether you’re a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer – or you’re KIA and VW. It truly is the same. That means that all things being equal, there should be no difference between the legal SEO company and the “normal” SEO company. They should both be able to get you to page 1.

So, to return to the original question: should you work with a legal SEO company versus a normal one? Absolutely not. Normal SEO companies can help you, and provide the same results as a legal SEO company without any disclaimers or excuses.

In my opinion, when a professional works with a company who specializes in their field – they are getting an additional “piece of mind,” that makes them feel comfortable spending the money. In some cases, there are many law firms who work with a lawyer specifically because he, or she, specializes in their industry.

What should lawyers look for when hiring an SEO company?

If you’re deciding between a legal SEO company or a normal SEO company, the one, and only thing, you should focus on is their results.

Results matter, and getting amazing results is hard – regardless of whether you’re a lawyer or KIA. Obviously if you can see a case study of a law firm with amazing results, you’ll feel more comfortable hiring the firm; but if an SEO company shows you a consistent track record of successful SEO campaigns – there’s no reason NOT to hire them.

When looking for an SEO company, don’t limit yourself to working with simply an SEO company that specializes in the legal industry. Look for the best SEO company period. Many lawyers who work with us, hired us not just because we have a roster of lawyers – they hired us because we had an overwhelming amount of successful clients.

Links matter – look at links

Typically, when trying to show a lawyer why they should hire us over other lawyer SEO companies, or normal SEO companies, we educate lawyers on what factors matter. After educating them, we’ll show them EXAMPLES of competitors who exhibit the very factors we are discussing. For example, in our opinion having large websites are important (lots of original quality content). When explaining this to lawyers, we’ll cite examples of competitors on page 1 of the same keyword they want to be on — and tell them, “JOSEPH has a website with 300 pages, that’s proof we’re right.” There’s nothing like a naked truth to help prove your point. Facts matter, and if an SEO company, legal, or not, cannot show you facts – move on.

In our opinion, one of the most important elements in any lawyer’s SEO strategy nowadays is backlinks and their respective quality. High quality backlinks are what separate low ranking websites from high ranking websites.

Insist that the legal seo company, or normal seo company, show you examples of backlinks they’ve created. Don’t ask for just 1, or 2, or 5, ask for 20,30,40. Why a large amount? It’s easy to make 1, 2, or even 3, backlinks for “showing and telling,” purposes – but only a company who does what it claims to do, will be able to show you 30, 40, or even 50, backlinks that are ALL high quality. This is one of the best indicators of quality, and something you should insist on.

Ask to speak to past clients

It doesn’t matter if you’re working with a normal SEO company or a legal SEO company, any competent SEO provider will have satisfied clients who are willing to speak to you on the phone. If they do not have any clients you can speak to, then why are you even considering working with them? In many cases, we’ve heard prospective clients sign up with us simply because of the conviction they heard in the voice of our existing clients, who agreed to speak to them.

Deciphering Lawyer SEO Prices

Deciphering SEO pricing is one of the craziest things possible. If you’re a lawyer, or frankly any other business, figuring out whether the cost of SEO services you’re getting are realistic, or not – is difficult.

When you buy a piece of furniture, you see it – you know it’s there, and you know you’re getting it, if you pay for it. That’s not the case though, with SEO. Search engine optimization is an abstract service. It’s not something as simple as doing a press release. You can’t just buy, “good rankings,” in search engines. SEO consist of a number of “sub-services,” such as creating local listings, creating content, creating high quality backlinks via: press releases, manual out-reach to other websites. SEO, and consequently, high rankings, is the result of doing numerous services.

So invariably, because of how generic that sounded – the question becomes: how do I know what to pay for SEO?

In our experience, most legal seo vendors price based on two things

  • Results based pricing – this is the vendor, knowing the competition, and trying to equate the “amount,” of work needed into tangible dollar spend which will generate the results desired in a likely and reasonable period of time. Vendors who price based on realistic estimates of quantity of work needed – will always throw a higher dollar amount at you. Assuming they do whatever they claim they will – you’ll get the results you desire.
  • Let’s see what we can get – This is the type of pricing most legal SEO companies charge. They are only focused on closing the deal, and will try to get whatever they can out of you. While they will take into account the competition, they’ll realize that the budget the client can afford versus what they need to spend are very different. If the difference is too big – the SEO company will try to get the most possible + pray for the best. This is the class of SEO vendors that give the industry a bad name, to be frank.


If you’re in a competitive sphere, such as Los Angeles, NYC, it doesn’t matter what type of law you practice – it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. Simply put, these markets are over-saturated, with there being hundreds of thousands of lawyers in bigger cities. With cities like Los Angeles have a population of 4-5 million, it’s not unreasonable to assume there will be increased competition. In order to be king of the hill, your budget will need to match the scale and ferociousness of other competitors. That means, if an SEO vendor says, “For $500 i’ll get you to page 1 of Google for Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer,” – run immediately.

tip: if your competition has been spending $4000 per month, for 24 months, he/she has spent an aggregate amount of $96,000 on SEO services. Regardless of how long you spend $500 per month, there’s no chance you’ll ever be able to come to the amount of spend(which is correlated to amount of work) the other law firm has performed.

Typically, law firms in competitive cities like NYC, Los Angeles, and Chicago, pay anywhere from $2500 – $5000 per month on SEO services. Why the big range? Well, personal injury – for example, is easier than bankruptcy. In many cases, if you work with a bigger firm like Lexus Nexus, Justia, or FindLaw, your monthly bill will be higher than $5000

Why? – Well that brings me to my next point

The Firm You Hire

The firm you hire will greatly influence the amount of money you spend every month on SEO efforts. Bigger firms, like FindLaw – have more salaries, and more expenses to pay. That directly translates into bigger monthly retainers they HAVE to charge clients in order to not only cover expenses, but also be profitable. Bigger firms, servicing lawyers in bigger cities, often charge an additional 25-40% on top of the $2500-$5000 estimate we gave above. It’s typical for lawyers to have hefty bills, especially in a city like NYC.

The Caliber of Work Being Done

Not all firms can deliver the same quality of work. For example, writing an article and submitting it to Ezinearticles.com, versus cultivating a relationship and getting a backlink from Forbes.com – are two very different tasks. The difference in quality of work, not only translates into higher search engine rankings – but translates into higher, or lower spend. If the legal SEO vendor you’re looking to hire sends you examples of work that have low quality links, then you should expect a lower retainer. But, if a firm says they can help you get featured in places like Forbes, or quoted in Entrepreneur – now you’re in a totally different ballpark.


Struggling to make your brand awesome? Here are some amazing law firm marketing tactics

Below we’ll show you the top law firm marketing techniques. If you’ve made it this far, you know you need a law firm marketing agency. But hopefully, after reading the rest of this article you’ll know what to ask the marketing agency. Some of the tactics below you can implement on your own.

Let’s begin.

Are you building a brand?

Branding is more than custom pens, or letterheads and business cards. It means having the right message, which is memorable, and makes people WANT to work with you.

Easier said than done!

It’s based on who you are. What makes your law firm unique?

For example, let’s look at the law firm below. Can you see what makes them unique?

It’s easy to see what’s unique about this website.

  • The firm was founded by former prosecutors, who are now defending you.
  • In order to prove that the firm is capable of defending you, there’s a nice video of the partners on television in order to prove substantiation that they are capable of defending you.

For someone who is accused of committing a crime, this is a great message because former prosecutors – who have been interviewed by major television channels – is here to defend you. This is a powerful message that resonates with customers. This leads us to the next point…

Make it super easy for clients to answer the question: WHY YOU?

Everyone claims they are the best lawyer. But why should they listen to you, what proves you’re the best. Substantiation is critical. You have to be clear about your target audience, and why they should hire you.

It’s super important for you to do better than your competition, and how you differentiate yourself from the many different law firms. Branding doesn’t have to be complicated, or super deep. You just have to focus on your clients —- their needs, and why you are the best to address those UNIQUE needs.

Once you’ve established your message, work into all of your marketing channels, like social media, website design, pamphlets, brochure, everything you possibly can – to prove your point.

What are you doing to demonstrate your credibility and trustworthiness?

There’s no right way to do this, but it’s important you showcase achievements and accolades. You need good website copy, and visual demonstrations that showcase why you should be trusted.

Here are a few good examples of what you should include in your online marketing collateral.

Awards you’ve received is a great example

In the example below, Raiser & Kenniff establishes credibility by featuring the following items:

  • Years of experience
  • Avvo logo and awards
  • Martindale Hubbell logo
  • Google 5 star badge
  • Super Lawyers badge

Including text is great, but images are very good and visually effective.

Can clients see your reviews?

Instant credibility can also be established by showing reviews in text format, and having video testimonials from past clients. Here’s a very clean, and professional, way Farar & Lewis LLP shows their reviews.

You should assume there are two classes of individuals, people who like watching videos, and people who don’t have the time for your video and would rather read a testimonial. Bottom line, having testimonials is critical. Video testimonials are the best, assuming they aren’t paid actors, because it means a client TOOK OUT THE TIME to record a testimonial for you! That’s pretty awesome.

How lawyers can improve contact form abandonment

Contact form abandonment happens when a potential client starts filling out the form, or was about to fill out a firm – by chooses not to. As a result, the customer leaves before fully filling out the form, or filling out the form at all. The rate at which visitors abandon a contact form is a very important statistic to track for lawyers.

If you’re spending advertisement dollars on numerous sources – then tracking your contact form abandonment rate is a very important statistic. The rate at which visitors abandon, or ignore, your contact form, is a very important statistic for lawyers. It can mean the difference between being profitable, or going broke – yet spending ten’s of thousands of advertising campaigns.  Any changes in the abandonment rate of your contact form as a lawyer, will have a direct impact on your bottom line.

In short, the abandonment rate is a measure of how many people intended on filling out your contact form, and yet didn’t do it. There are many ways to recognize the issues and then take steps to either avoid, or resolve, the issues causing contact form abandonment.

The common reason for contact form abandonment is the user didn’t see the contact form. Modern users online have a very short attention span, and that means it’s critical to have numerous call to actions, and numerous contact forms, all over the website in order to improve the conversion rate of the form.

Error messages, or technical issues on different browser versions, and different platforms – is a common reason for customers being lost. If a website doesn’t work on older versions of browser, or on other tech platforms – like android, or iphone, it’s crucial you make sure your website works universally.

You aren’t able to convince the customer to fill out the contact form. Many websites we see are outdated, or aren’t compelling. This simply means the prospective client will not be compelled you’re the right lawyer for him/her.

Unfortunately, cart abandonment is a huge financial problem – solving it is a difficult process. You should begin with hiring a competent lawyer SEO company who understand how to diagnose these issues. Here are some great tools you can use to help diagnose the contact form abandonment issue.


Inspectlet is a great tool. It essentially records a website session on your website. It literally does a video recording of what a person was doing on your website. With this software, you can see exactly where a person’s mouse went. You can also see error message, and other technical issues, that you may not see – but were seen by prospective clients. Using this great tool, you can raise the quality of the website – by seeing exactly what your target audience is doing, and seeing.

Here’s a pretty good video review of it. I highly recommend reading the entire video, in order to understand more about how it works.

How are you tracking your phone calls, and where they come from?

If you’re a lawyer – it’s extremely important you know where your revenue/cases are coming from. Conversion tracking is a huge part of any legal marketing campaign – whether it be digital or traditional. Without having any form of conversion tracking setup, it’s impossible to tell which element of your marketing campaign is working – and which is not.

When it comes to digital campaigns, all advertising mediums end with your website. It’s the destination for all traffic, so naturally you need to be able to track the source of phone calls on your website. Our latest blog, addresses how we help lawyers with call tracking – and being able to decipher where phone calls on a lawyers website are coming from.

The Lingo: What’s a conversion?

Conversion is defined as any time a user on your website does something you intended. For a law firm, a conversion is filling out a contact form, or making a phone call to your firm.

Tracking The Source of a Phone Call

Call tracking is a bit of an unknown topic, that hasn’t been fully exploited. Many lawyers we speak to today, still don’t know that you can find out WHERE phone calls that originated from your website came from.

For example, for any lawyer that works with our legal marketing agency – we install call tracking. This allows us to tell the lawyer each month, how many calls came from places such as: avvo, legal directories, google, bing, yahoo, or practically any other source – including social media.

Yes, it’s possible – and no it doesn’t require a degree in rocket science.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Call tracking is a simple concept. Essentially, what most call tracking solutions do is identify the source of the traffic —- and show that visitor, a different phone number – than everyone else on your website. They automatically replace your phone number, (dynamically and on the fly each time someone visits your website), with a new number.

For example, if you were tracking visitors coming from: Avvo, Bing, Yahoo, and Google SEO, — then the call tracking service would set aside 4 phone numbers). Each phone number would only appear if a visitor comes from that exact specific source of traffic to your website.

That means a person would Avvo would see a specific phone number unique to AVVO VISITORS. If the person calls that new number, it auto-forwards to your phone, so the user doesn’t even realize he has been tracked. Meanwhile, you now have confirmation that AVVO produced a lead for you – and now you can credit AVVO.

That’s basically how any form of call-tracking works. Now, some call tracking companies may offer other bells and whistles: such as call recording, or etc, – but the basics are still the same.

The service we typically suggest when trying to implement call tracking is Callrail.

How is your Yelp profile doing?

Online reviews are critical to every business. This is because 88 percent of online consumers will trust these reviews like they would personal recommendations. Therefore, bad reviews, especially on Yelp, can hurt your business.

1. Claim Your Yelp Page
The lack of a Yelp business page does not prevent you from getting bad reviews on the site. In case the online reviews site knows about your business, they might autogenerate page for you. All you need to do is claim your business page, which is free. This allows you to present your description and vision. You can post pictures, update your contact details and operating hours, and include other business content. Claiming your Yelp business page also allows you to report a review as abusive and ask Yelp to remove it.

2. Manage Bad/Positive Review Proportions
Having a few negative reviews will aid in adding credibility to your business page. Every business never lacks some dissatisfied customers. But it is critical to look at the proportion of negative reviews relative to positive ones. Sometimes, what’s important isn’t the bad review – but how you respond to the bad review. Show you care about your clients, and if you actually did something incorrect – rectify it, and explain how it has been rectified. It never hurts to say you’re sorry to a previous client – but if you see lies and slander, then respond accordingly.

3. Reviews Have Credibility
Yelp has an algorithm that weighs reviews. The company prioritizes reviews that appear helpful, reliable, and credible. Reviews that have low credibility, whether negative or positive, will miss from your overall rating. They also won’t be easy to find. Yelp considers a review’s credibility by checking the writer of the review and the response of the community. Yelp has their ‘Elite 16’ or ‘Yelp Elite Squad,’ who are strong users that the site officially recognizes as reviewers who are highly credible. Getting a bad review from one of these reviewers means that you prioritize making a response to them. A review can also be rated by the community.

4. Respond Tactfully to a Bad Review
If you get several bad reviews, consider looking into your business in the areas mentioned by the reviews. Then decide on the reviewers whom you will respond. Since Yelp allows for update of reviews by reviewers, positive interaction between you and the reviewer could lead to a revision. The likelihood of the revision being seen depends on its position in the review queue. Hence, utilize review placement together with the reviewer’s credibility to choose whom to reply to first.

If you have claimed your business page and uploaded your image as the business owner, you can contact the reviewer privately. You can also respond publicly while you remain professional. As you respond, be sure not to be defensive and personal. When sending a private message to the reviewer, offer the same customer service experience you would offer your best client. In case they have a point, inform them of your strategy to improve.

5. Be Cautious of the Vicious Reviewer
You might have a few negative reviews, but terrible ones. If the reviewer appears problematic, people will know, and you don’t have to respond. In case you respond to these vicious reviews, and you fail to resolve the issue, you can ask Yelp to remove them. However, Yelp does not like to remove reviews. Instead, they make low credibility reviews difficult to find. Formally, the company will remove a review if it does not follow their content guidelines, including conflicts of interest, releasing of private details, and more.

If you want your business to attract the current online consumers, you need to follow these steps to counter negative Yelp reviews. You will not only boost the image of your business, but you will also be attracting millions of consumers who visit the site on a daily basis.

Are you running PPC? 

PPC, also known as search engine marketing, focuses on getting immediate traffic – and potentially, immediate leads, for your business. But – this form of marketing can be extremely expensive. The legal industry has one of the highest associated cost per clicks. Attorneys often have CPC’s ranging from as low as $15, to as high as $125-$150. 

Based on past experience, it’s quite easy for lawyers to easily spend anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 on PPC, on spend that is 100% justifiable! It’s because of how expensive PPC clicks are, for lawyers. Due to this, it’s important that all possible steps be taken to curtail wasteful spend.

The first thing to take into consideration when managing a PPC campaign on behalf of a law firm is to consider your budget – and your ROI. One of the biggest blunders we see made my law firms is that their budget is not large enough (think $500-$1000). For example, if you’re in the personal injury industry, the average CPC is $100 or more. That means on a budget of $1000, you’re only going to get 8-10 clicks. If your budget isn’t high enough, PPC may not make sense for your law firm from a business standpoint. Those 10 clicks can be anyone…a competitor, your employee, your spouse, or even you! Is it really worth it? Hard to say – I guess that would depend on your conversion rate to lead, and conversion rate to case sign up. Assuming your numbers are average (3% lead conversion rate), the numbers may not make sense. On a budget of $1000, you might get 1 lead, if that.

In the case of a personal injury lawyer, that 1 lead, might be worth it, due to a potential settlement being anywhere from $XXXX to $XXX,XXX. That can be significant ROI in the hundreds, or thousands, of percents.

Bottom line, if you’re considering PPC – it has to make sense from a business stand point. If it doesn’t make sense, you need to either increase your budget or evaluate other mediums of advertising that may make more sense.

If you decide that PPC does make sense for your business – your next focus should be on picking the right keywords. One of the most common mistakes is not understanding the difference between broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match, and exact match. When doing PPC, make sure you setup conversion tracking. In this day and age, it’s possible to not only see which keywords resulted in phone calls, but also which keywords lead to a contact form being filled out.

Generally speaking, long tail keywords are much cheaper than shorter keywords – and as a result, it’s better to have a spread of keywords. Once you have accurate data, for which keywords lead to conversions, it’s best to focus on keywords that work, and increasing their respective CPCs. Instead of focusing on hundreds of keywords, focus on fewer, but more effective keywords.

Do you have landing pages targeting cities?

If you’re a lawyer who services a large city, such as Los Angeles, or New York City, you know that your city is split up into many numerous “sub-cities”. For example, in Los Angeles – there are a number of sub-cities, like: Beverly Hills, Riverside, Long Beach, and pretty much all of Orange County (which is subdivided into 10-15 cities) — yet all of these various cities fall under the umbrella of Los Angeles. It’s not unrealistic for a lawyer to consider all of these sub-cities, as cities he/she practices in. In addition, even though someone is in Beverly Hills – they will probably search by typing in something like “Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers”

In the event you’re a lawyer whose looking to increase his or her visibility, it can be tempting to create landing pages for these cities. Many lawyers already do this in Los Angeles. For example, if you go to Google and type in “Riverside car accident lawyers,” you’ll see a number of personal injury law firms, who rank with a subpage, yet their homepage is targeting Los Angeles.

Many firms are doing this practice. One of the biggest reasons some law firms, and SEO consultants, are shying away from this practice is due to Google’s latest update.

Google has a doorway landing page algorithm: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2015/03/an-update-on-doorway-pages.html, which specifically targets websites who create immense doorway pages.

So the eternal question becomes: are city landing pages, doorway pages, and thus frowned upon?


If you create landing pages, without any unique content – and nothing that adds value to the experience of a user, then no – you shouldn’t make targeted city landing pages.

If you create landing pages, with real content – information that adds value to the user’s experience, then sure – go for it. City landing pages are a great way to improve your visibility, if: you are actually able to serve the cities, and more importantly the landing page has real content, with real value.

If the landing page you’re creating looks like #!$! then you should probably NOT do it.

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