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Your life is going along just the way you want. You have that beautiful wife, amazing children, a good job and the house you always wanted. Everything seems to be just right, and you are living the American dream. That dream can suddenly turn into a nightmare when a serious accident turns your world upside down, and your life will never be the same.

What is a catastrophic injury?

Catastrophic injuries are those that strike suddenly with no warning and change an individual’s life forever. That person is left with debilitating injuries that can cause a host of lifetime issues. In some cases, families lose a loved one to a catastrophic injury. They face many problems like medical bills, loss of wages, loss of future income, pain and suffering and emotional distress. Families often lose loved ones to catastrophic injuries.

What are causes of catastrophic injuries?

A catastrophic injury can strike anyone at just about any time. A bar can serve an individual too much alcohol. They leave the bar driving and hit someone. A construction worker can be knocked off of a building by a machine operator not paying attention. Prescription drugs can be faulty or a person can have unsafe consumer products in their home. In many cases, a catastrophic injury is caused by another person’s negligence. Distracted drivers or employees not properly trained are types of negligence.

What are some types of catastrophic injuries?

There are many types of injuries considered to be catastrophic. If an injury changes your way of life forever, it is considered catastrophic. For example, a person can be the victim of an acid spill and become disfigured or blind from the incident. Car accidents can cause many injuries like brain, spinal cord or severed limbs. Any of these can leave a person paralyzed for life thus making it a catastrophic injury. Even people we count on like our surgeons can make huge mistakes that leave us with brain damage or possibly even death.

What are some consequences of catastrophic injuries?

The consequences of catastrophic injuries can be devastating for not only the injured individual but for the family. If a person is injured and ends up in a wheelchair, his family must make sacrifices to ensure that he receives the best care possible. A wife who normally stays home with the children may have to go back to work just to make ends meet. The injured party may have to endure ongoing therapy for the rest of their life which can become rather costly. Insurance companies will only cover a certain amount of expenses, and catastrophic injuries generally hit way above the mark of what an insurance company will cover.

If the individual dies, children are left without their father, a spouse is left with no partner, mothers and fathers lose their children and siblings lose siblings. There are funeral expenses that must be paid and medical bills that have to be taken care of at some point. Bills keep coming no matter what life throws at us. The family is left to deal with everything left behind from the accident. Young children who would normally have both parents to put them through college when they are older now have to rely on the one parent. Single parents have a hard time in the world today making ends meet. Putting a child through college is an expense they probably won’t be able to cover.

What should you do if you have had a serious accident?

If you find yourself in a serious accident or have had a loved one in a serious accident, you should contact a catastrophic injury attorney who has the experience and first-hand knowledge and who knows the law. You shouldn’t speak with insurance companies or investigators of the accident until you speak with your attorney. He will know how to handle those guys to protect your rights.

Any reports or documentation from the accident should be saved. This can be used to help settle your case. Photographs, medical reports and bills should all be kept up with. A good attorney will try to settle your case with the insurance companies or parties responsible. They will work diligently back and forth. If the attorney feels the settlement they offer isn’t what you deserve, they will then begin to prepare your case for trial. All of the evidence will be presented in court, the negligence will be proven and you should get all of the compensation you deserve.

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At our firm, we believe that those involved in catastrophic injuries deserve to be heard. They will never have that quality of life again that they had before the accident, but they deserve to be compensated for now and the future. We do our best to ensure that victims and families of victims receive a lifetime of financial security to replace what was so suddenly stolen from them. Compensation for a catastrophic injury should not only take care of the bills now but should take care of bills in the future and the family. This person who provided is no longer able to because that was stolen by someone else’s negligence. We want to get you everything you should have and more. Give us a call today, and we will help you and your family have peace of mind again.

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