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$45K Lawsuit Loan

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Our client sued a vape distributor.
$15k Lawsuit Loan


Our client was injured and had surgeries.
$55K Lawsuit Loan


Our client was the victim of surgery malpractice.

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Pre-settlement Financing is a GREAT way of getting access to the future value of your case without having to worry about the time it takes to settle. We encourage you to consider a pre-settlement loan as a way of getting FAST CASH.

Get a $500-$100,000 advance on your settlement

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Car Accident Loans – Auto Accident Lawsuit Loans

Delancey Street provides affordable car accident loans to plaintiffs in car accident claims. Most requests are reviewed and approved in less than 24 hours. We’re that fast. We’re able to do this because we work fast, and have immense experience handling personal injury claims. We can often approve cases within minutes of speaking to your attorney. All car accident loans we are do are non-recourse, which means if you don’t win – you don’t pay.

It’s a fact

Car accidents can have a huge impact on your family. Often, you’ll have pain and suffering, in addition to financial losses like being unable to work. It can take up to a year before you get compensation for your pain and suffering. Many common injuries in car accidents leave you unable to work. When you get a car accident loan from Delancey Street, it relieves the financial pressure on you – and can help you get back on your feet before the case settles.

Lawsuit funding can provide quick financial relief

The funds are yours to spend however you wish. Most plaintiffs use the funds to pay for living expenses like: medical bills, rent, car, mortgage, food, etc. The great part is that car accident loans from Delancey Street are risk free. You don’t owe a penny if you lose your case. If for any reason your case doesn’t succeed, you keep the money.

Get funding for your auto accident claim today

Virtually any type of auto accident lawsuit can potentially qualify for an auto accident loan. Injuries due to the negligence of another insured driver can almost instantly pre-qualify you for legal funding. Below are some common examples of auto accident loans we fund:

  • Pedestrian auto accident claims
  • Truck related / Tractor Trailor
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Uber / Lyft accidents
  • and many more

In order to qualify for an auto accident loan you have to be over the age of 18, and have an attorney hired. Moreover, you need to have a valid claim against an opposing party/insurance company. One of the components most underwriters look at when assessing the value of a claim is looking at the bodily injuries, and other financial damages you suffered. This is used to estimate the value of a potential auto accident claim. At Delancey Street, we handle a wide array of potential injuries, such as soft-tissue injuries, broken bones, herniated disks, brain injuries, and more. In general, the process is easy as long as you have an attorney – since we communicate with the attorney directly.

Auto Accident Loan Benefits & Costs

There’s a number of benefits to pre-settlement funding. Sometimes, plaintiffs need funding after an injury. With lawsuit loans, you can get a higher settlement value because the money you get from an auto accident loan makes it so you don’t have to settle prematurely. One of the benefits of an auto accident lawsuit loan is that we never check your credit. We don’t care about your employment history, and there are no monthly payments. For settlement loans, the only thing matters is your case, and it’s value. Because auto accident lawsuit loans are non-recourse, they are risk free, and a great way to cash out on your case. You get upfront case! If you lose your case, you payback nothing. We handle everything with your attorney, and all you have to do is apply. Your attorney has to sign off on the funding contract – which means you’re protected. Our clients typically use the auto accident loan to pay for things like living expenses, mortgage payments, child support, rent payments, and more.

Car Accident Loans Are Helpful

Auto accident lawsuit loans can be super helpful, if you use them carefully. All auto accident loans are inherently expensive, and it’s important you understand this before you sign the contract.

Cost is important

Car accident lawsuit loans can do a lot to help you. There are however, costs, associated with taking a lawsuit loan. Because lawsuit loans are non-recourse, they are expensive. There is no personal guarantee to pay back the loan. If your case doesn’t settle, we get nothing! Funders as a result often charge very high rates. Many plaintiffs also tend to take out more money than they need, it’s important you only take out as much money as you need. One of the best ways to understand what an auto accident loan costs is to learn about compounded interest, and how much you need.

Car accident loans from Delancey Street

You can start by calling, or applying online. Once we have your info, we’ll reach out to your law firm – in order to get some basic info. Based on what your law firm tells us, we can then give you an estimate settlement amount. Typically car accident loans range from $500 to $100,000 depending on the award we think you’ll get. The higher the value of your case, the more funding you can get.

Getting car accident lawsuit loans is fast, and easy. We have a great team waiting to help you. We understand the challenges you face during a personal injury lawsuit, and we’ve made our application and approval process fast and easy.

Auto Accident Lawsuit Loans FAQ

Why Delancey Street

Delancey Street specializes in auto accident loans, and we offer low rates. We have a fast and easy process. We work with your car accident attorney directly when providing you with a car accident loan. Our goal is to get you funding within minutes.

How long do loans take?

It depends on how fast your law firm is, when giving us information needed to determine the value of your case. Once we get the necessary documents, we’ll get in touch and get you cash in 24 hours.

How long does a funding company take?

The value of the claim has a lot of factors involved. For example, the nature of your injuries matter, as well as economic losses. The amount given will depend on medical records, and history, treatments, etc. Another factor is the validity of the claim.

What is the interest rate on pre-settlement accident loans?

Legal funding varies. At Delancey Street, our goal is to give you the lowest rate possible.

What is the most I can get?

The stronger your car accident lawsuit, the higher the chance you get approved and get a loan. After your case is reviewed, a value is determined. For lawsuit loans, your lawsuit cash advance can be up to 10-20% of your cases value. For car accident settlement loans, the value can be higher.

Is there a benefit to hiring an attorney

You need an attorney in order to work with Delancey Street and get funding. Attorneys have skill, and experience, and can help add value to your case by offering medical and legal guidance to help fight against the insurance companies attorney. You should hire an attorney right after the accident occurs. If you don’t hire an attorney and file a claim ASAP, you may lose your rights to get damages.

How do you determine who was at fault?

In order to have a claim, you need proof. Your attorney can help you determine this. Your attorney can help you prove negligence by getting you witness reports, photos, videos, etc. If the other party at fault doesn’t have personal assets, and doesn’t have auto insurance, you may not be able to acquire any damages – and also, be unable to get compensation.

What can I recover for personal damages from a car accident

You can get compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, death, and more. You can get an auto accident loan for pain and suffering you suffer, for physical pain, mental anguish, and more. You can get funding for past, present, and future medical expenses related to your injury. You can also get compensation for lost wages, such as future earning capacity, and disfigurement, as a result of the injury. If you lost a loved one, you can get compensation for the pain and suffering, lost wages, from the death of that person. Most car accident cases settle with the insurance company before going to trial. Each case is different.

How do Car Accident Loans Work

There’s SO MANY benefits that outweigh the costs of getting a loan. Work with us, and help reduce the usual headaches associated with a traditional loan.

Cover living expenses: Lawsuit cash advances have no limitations on what you can spend the funds on. That means you can use them on medical expenses, or living expenses. You can literally use them on anything. Whether you need to pay for rent, mortgage, college tuition, child daycare, or just need extra cash in your pocket.

Peace of mind: Personal injuries are really stressful. Lawsuit pre-settlement funding can relieve financial burdens that are placed on you by helping you get back on your feet. Being free of financial difficulties can help you focus on what’s crucial in life – getting better.

Non-recourse: If you don’t win your case, you don’t repay. If you lose the case, you don’t have to repay even 1 cent of the lawsuit cash advance given to you. If you win the case, then the attorney will pay us back from the proceeds of the final settlement/verdict.

Help you win more: Insurance companies know that when you’re injured – you’re probably not working. That means the longer the case drags on, the less money you have in your pocket. Insurance companies your injury has changed your life financially – and they take advantage of that. Personal injury loans can help you get a better settlement, especially if you’d have to otherwise settle early to cover your living expenses. A lawsuit cash advance can give you more bargaining power against the insurance company because you can spend more time seeking the full value of your personal injury claim.

No credit check: Because lawsuit loans aren’t actually loans, they are cash advances, no credit check or employment history is looked at. Because there’s no personal liability for any funds that are given, you don’t need to worry about credit scores, etc. The only thing we care about is the quality of your case. If your attorney can furnish info fast about your case, we can fund you pretty quick.

Car accident loans brake failure

If you are involved in an accident with another vehicle, the fallout can be devastating. You may have serious injuries and economic difficulties following the accident that strain relationships and your emotional health. The anxiety can be even worse when the issue is not cut and dry. If your accident was caused by a brake failure, there is help available to ensure that you have money to take care of critical issues now without worrying about the future. The money comes in the form of a legal loan that pays you an advance on your settlement at a point when the money is more valuable to your personal needs.

How Does a Legal Loan Work in a Case Involving Brake Failure?

Once you have hired or contracted with an attorney to file a lawsuit in the matter, the attorney will determine the strength of the case. If our loan service feels that the chances of reaching a settlement are strong, we can immediately provide you with the capital that you need to solve your critical concerns. Then, after you have settled the case, we can collect the money you borrowed plus any interest. These types of lawsuits can take a long time to settle, which makes it beneficial to you if you are seriously injured and need a lot of help to cope and recover in the present.

What Are the Complications in Brake Failure Accidents?

A brake failure accident lawsuit can be filed for several reasons. In one case, you have a lawsuit for product liability. If you were hit by a driver with bad brakes who was driving a late-model vehicle, the failure was likely due to a manufacturing defect or improper repairs by the dealership service department. A late-model vehicle typically has a factory warranty that requires the drivers to have all services carried out at that dealership. So, unless the vehicle was taken somewhere else, or the driver failed to come in for regular service appointments, the brake failure was either a defect in manufacturing or workmanship.

In any case, you will need a product liability lawyer who also has the flexibility to work in automotive personal injury claims. This is because the manufacturer and dealership may claim that there is nothing wrong with the vehicle and blame the driver. If the driver failed to keep up maintenance, then they would automatically be at fault for recklessness. In some cases, you may be the party whose brakes failed due to bad service, parts, or manufacturing defects.

In order to ensure that brake failure is properly assessed as the cause of the accident, either party will have to ensure that they have the car towed away and inspected. At times, brakes will fail because the retaining bolts vibrated loose. If this is the case, the mechanics will be able to record missing or loosened hardware. In other cases, the brakes may have a leak of hydraulic fluid that requires some investigation to determine the reason behind it. Yet, in late-model vehicles, the problem can be something less obvious such as a computer glitch. Even a simple vacuum hose that is accidentally loosened after an oil change can reduce braking power significantly.

In any case, the repair shop or dealership will attempt to blame the driver for failing to bring it back for repairs if they noticed anything wrong. The key here would be whether the brakes failed suddenly or if there was a progression of symptoms that the driver ignored. Yet, the jury may decide that all three parties are liable to some degree in specific types of cases. Because these cases rely on a lot of expert opinions and technical detective work, it can be difficult to accurately pinpoint the cause and appropriate liability.

What Can Be Done When My Brakes Fail?

If your brakes fail, you should immediately reach for the emergency brake. The emergency brake is connected to your rear brakes with a manual cable that will lock the brakes when any malfunction occurs. You should also place the vehicle in first gear. This will allow the compression of the engine to act like a brake and slow the vehicle down. If you still can’t stop, you should put your vehicle in neutral on a level surface and try to drag the side against a railing or create friction on the shoulder to drag down the speed.

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