Dry Van Equipment Financing


Dry Van Equipment Financing: A Helpful Guide for Trucking Businesses

Acquiring dry van trailers and other essential trucking equipment can be a major investment for trucking companies and owner-operators. Financing provides a valuable solution to obtain the necessary assets without paying the full cost upfront. This article will explore the ins and outs of dry van equipment financing to help truckers make informed decisions when growing their fleet.

What is Dry Van Equipment Financing?

Dry van equipment financing refers to borrowing money to purchase dry van trailers, trucks, and other equipment needed to operate a trucking business. Financing enables trucking companies to acquire high-value assets while preserving capital for other investments.The equipment serves as collateral for the loan, so lenders feel more secure providing financing even if the borrower has poor credit. Common financing options include loans, leases, and rental agreements that provide flexible and affordable solutions tailored to the trucking industry.

Benefits of Dry Van Equipment Financing

  • Preserve capital – Rather than paying the full price upfront, financing spreads costs over time so companies can conserve cash for other needs.
  • Acquire essential assets – Loans and leases enable truckers to obtain necessary equipment like dry vans and trucks that may otherwise be unaffordable.
  • Flexible options – Financing provides flexible solutions including loans, leases, and rentals with varied lengths and payment options.
  • Tax benefits – Leasing and financing may provide tax deductions for payments which can reduce costs.
  • Conserve working capital – Financing equipment preserves working capital for fuel, maintenance, labor, and other operating expenses.
  • Establish credit – Making regular financing payments can help build business credit to qualify for better rates.

Common Equipment Financed

Dry van trailers and tractor trucks are the most frequently financed equipment, but other assets are also essential for trucking companies.

Dry Van Trailers

  • Enclosed trailers ranging 28-53 ft. to protect cargo from weather.
  • Cost $30,000-$90,000 new based on size and features.
  • Used trailers offer savings but require more maintenance.


  • Tractor trucks valued $80,000-$150,000 depending on new/used, custom features.
  • Sleepers, day cabs, vocational trucks commonly financed.

Other Equipment

  • GPS tracking, safety gear, communication systems
  • Accounting and logistics software
  • Shop equipment like lifts and diagnostic tools

Financing Options for Dry Van Equipment

Numerous financing solutions exist to acquire dry van equipment. Choosing the optimal approach depends on factors like cost, cash flow, and ownership goals.


  • Borrow lump sum and repay with interest over time.
  • Allows ownership of equipment after loan is repaid.
  • Fixed or variable rates and flexible terms available.


  • Make monthly payments to use equipment for set timeframe.
  • Option to buy, renew lease, or return equipment after lease ends.
  • No large down payment required.


  • Pay to use equipment short-term, often month-to-month.
  • Minimal commitment and capital required.
  • Limited ownership and tax benefits.

How to Qualify for Dry Van Equipment Financing

Financing companies assess borrowers based on factors like credit, time in business, revenue, and collateral. Here are tips to improve your chances of approval:

  • Maintain good business credit – Pay all bills on time and keep credit utilization low.
  • Provide strong financial records – Lenders review tax returns, bank statements, and financial statements.
  • Operate for 2+ years – Lenders often require businesses to be established for 24+ months.
  • Provide collateral – The equipment being financed can serve as collateral.
  • Show consistent revenue – Steady cash flow proves you can make financing payments.
  • Get a down payment – A 10-30% down payment shows commitment and ability to repay.
  • Seek a cosigner – Adding a cosigner with good credit may help approval odds.

Current Trends in Dry Van Financing

Several factors currently impact the dry van financing landscape:

  • High freight demand – More financing needed to meet demands of a booming freight market.
  • Inflation – Rising costs make financing more attractive than large out-of-pocket purchases.
  • Driver shortages – Financing needed for automation tech that maximizes limited driver capacity.
  • Sustainability – Loans for electric/hybrid trucks and other eco-friendly equipment are increasing.
  • Used equipment – Buying quality used trailers and trucks can provide big savings versus new.
  • Flexible options – Lenders are offering more varied terms and structures to meet trucker needs.

Risks and Considerations

While financing delivers many benefits, truckers should also weigh the potential downsides:

  • Debt obligations – Loans and leases must be repaid regardless of business performance.
  • Interest costs – Financing means paying more than the purchase price over the long run.
  • Credit damage – Missed payments hurt credit scores and ability to get future financing.
  • Losing equipment – Defaulting on loans means lenders can repossess collateralized equipment.
  • Maintenance costs – Repairing and maintaining aging equipment adds hidden expenses.
  • Used equipment risks – Used trailers may have undocumented problems or shorter useful lives.

Partnering With a Specialized Lender

The ideal financing partner understands the trucking industry’s unique needs. Seek lenders offering:

  • Knowledge of regulations, trends, and equipment values specific to trucking.
  • Flexible loan amounts, terms, and structures to suit different borrowers.
  • Fast application and approval processes to avoid delays.
  • Ability to finance modern truck technologies like telematics and automation.
  • Maintenance and repair financing bundled with equipment loans.
  • Customer support team available to explain options and answer questions.


Dry van equipment financing empowers truckers to acquire the assets their business needs to haul freight efficiently and profitably. While buying equipment outright may seem simpler, financing spreads costs over time so truckers can operate on a budget.With proper research and guidance from a financing expert, trucking companies can secure the optimal funding solutions to invest in their fleet and position their business for lasting growth and success.

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