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Payday loans, also known as payday advances, are a short term unsecured loan. They are known as cash advances. Payday loans rely on your previous payroll and employment records. Depending on where you live, you may not be eligible for a payday loan due to state restrictions.
Say your car breaks down, and you need money, what do you do? Lots of everyday problems can leave you in a financial bind. For many of these situation – the solution is simple: money. You need money to fix your car, pay for bills, etc. If you’re like most Americans, you probably don’t have even $500 in savings. In situations like this, a payday loan can help you cover emergency expenses.
Many Americans turn to their credit card to cover expenses. Most Americans have no credit cards, or have poor credit. If you have no savings, and no credit, you might feel financially trapped. The good news is you have options! You can get an installment loan, also known as a personal loan. Unfortunately, many people who find themselves in a tough financial situation find themselves the target of predatory lenders. Many predatory lenders try to deceive you and offer you terrible loans.
What is a Payday loan?
Payday loans are short term, high interest, fast cash loans. It’s expected that you will repay the loan by the time you get your next paycheck. Say you need $500 to fix your car, you can get that money through a payday loan fast. In order to get it, you would write a check for the amount you want to borrow, plus the additional interest and fees. You date the check for your next payday. Then, you are given $500 in cash immediately. The next time you get your paycheck from work, the lender will cash your check and the loan is repaid.
Payday loans are a form of personal loans that you can use to float your expenses. On average, most payday lenders charge $15 for every $100 borrowed. Typically, you have two weeks to pay back the lender. Payday loans are high regulated, and as a result are safe for consumers.
Payday loans are meant to be short term, and a form of bridge financing. It’s a bridge between paychecks. It’s a quick infusion of money, which is great and can help you float expenses. These types of loans are for small amounts. By taking this loan, you are given lenders access to your checking amount because you write a check for the full balance in advance. The lender then deposits this check when the payday loan comes due. One of the downsides of a payday loan is the high interest rate. If your financial situation isn’t good, then you’ll want to be careful before entering a payday loan agreement.
Whether you get a payday loan online, or in person, the process is the same. One of the benefits of a payday loan is the fact that credit isn’t an issue. Payday loans are “no credit check,” loans which means your credit is not a factor. Many borrowers turn to payday loans precisely because of this. It’s important that you pay the payday loan in full at the end of the term of the loan. Payday loans are great for borrowers who don’t have access to credit cards, or savings accounts. Typically, payday loans are a great financial tool for anyone who needs to quickly and easily borrow cash during an emergency. For example, you can use the payday loan to pay for medical bills, car repair, or other financial needs.
There are several alternatives to payday loans such as negotiating payment plans with creditors, charging the bill to your credit card, receiving an advance from your employer, getting a line of credit, or even simply borrowing money from a relative.

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