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PayPal Working Capital

It is very critical that small businesses remain liquid to finance their growing needs. But this might be difficult at times as buyers take time to pay their orders, as suppliers ask for prompt payments, and as customers request for more goods. This is why a small business loan can be essential. If you have been declined by PayPal working capital, here is what to do.

How PayPal Working Capital Works

This financing option works by advancing borrowers up to 18 percent of their yearly revenue that is carried out through PayPal, with a limit of up to $97,000. Just like a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA), the debt is cleared through a portion of daily revenue that is credited in the PayPal account of the borrower. This portion depends on the amount borrowed, which depends on the sales history of PayPal. You will pick a daily rate of repayment, but you will still need to repay the full amount in 18 months.
The biggest benefits of the loan program are the lack of late fees, penalty fees, pre-payment fees, and periodic interest charges. However, the program is only availed to users of PayPal, particularly those who have subscribed for PayPal Business and PayPal Premier for at least ninety days. For you to qualify, you need to have a minimum annual revenue of $15,000 for PayPal business and $20,000 for PayPal Premier.

Reasons for Decline

Even with the lack of requirements for eligibility, there have been numerous complaints with regards to applications being declined. The loan approval process for this lender is fully automated, which means there is no human involvement. And because there is no perfect system, the algorithm sometimes processes the applicant’s data incorrectly. This results in the rejection of loan applications. In 2015, an applicant was denied approval due to a glitch in the system. They were denied again a week later for the same reason.
Also, an applicant can be turned down if their sales are not regular. Sometimes, sales fluctuate during off seasons or when the chargebacks are higher than usual. When you have chargebacks that are higher than average, you can fail to get a loan even when your sales are strong. Hence, you can be declined for factors that you cannot control.


In case you get declined, you can look for alternatives. Some great options include Delancey Street, Square Capital, and more. For instance, Delancey Street has multiple funding programs that have flexible requirements, which is unlike PayPal. The lender does not look at your credit score when looking to approve you for a small business loan. Additionally, if you have a poor credit score, you can get the option of being approved for a bad credit loan. Similar to PayPal, you will not require collateral for most loans offered by this lender.
While you can fail to get a PayPal Working Capital loan due to fluctuating sales, Delancey Street offers loans that are customized for seasonal businesses that have fluctuating sales. The lender offers some funding programs that allow these businesses to make smaller loan payments during off-peak seasons and higher payments during peak seasons.

Why Delancey Street

The funding program by Delancey Street that is closest to PayPal’s working capital program is an MCA. This kind of working capital financing offers a lump sum that is repaid through a fixed portion of future debit or credit card revenue. But there are differences between PayPal working capital and Delancey Streets MCA.
For instance, while PayPal’s working capital requires repayment within 18 months, this lender’s MCA repayment period is dependent on sales only. Hence, this MCA is suitable for numerous seasonal businesses. Additionally, while PayPal’s system is fully automated, Delancey Street’s loan approval system is done by people. The lender offers the best customer service, and you can give them a call in case you need any clarification. Because of this feature, you will not be denied a loan because of system glitches. However, you will need to be slightly patient because humans are not as fast as machines. Similar to other lenders, PayPal has its pros and cons. If they decline you, it is definitely for the best. There are other better lenders out there, like Delancey Street.

PayPal Working Capital Overview

PayPal working capital is a form of business financing provided by PayPal inc. They are a direct lender, and offer business loans in all 50 states. PayPal working capital offers a fixed APR product which ranges from 36% to 120% APR. PayPal working capital does not charge a loan origination fee. This fee, which is typically what lenders charge for processing and underwriting the loan, is fairly standard. Typical ranges from .5% to 5% of the loan amount. Whenever possible, you should try to avoid lenders who charge an origination fee.

PayPal working capital considers loan applications for equipment purchase, product expansion, service expansion, or working capital to pay bills. You can apply for a PayPal business loan in minutes, and get immediate access for funds into your PayPal account. You repay your PayPal working capital loan, plus a fee, with a % of your business’s PayPal sales. With a PayPal business loan a borrower can qualify for as much as 30% of your annual PayPal sales. PayPal Working capital is for business owners who need working capital, and need the funds to cover day to day operations of their business. You can use the money to pay for Payroll, marketing, whatever really you need. 

How PayPal Business Loans Work

These loans are offered to small business owners who have a strong history with PayPal sales. As a result, you have to be a PayPal merchant in order to get the PayPal business working capital. Through PayPal working capital, you can get up to 30% of your last 12 months of PayPal sales. In order to payback the PayPal working capital business loan you have to choose a % that PayPal which is automatically deducted from your merchant account every time you process a sale. Based on the repayment % and your sales history, PayPal charges a one-time fee on top of the loan principal balance. It’s important you realize that even though this is a PayPal company, PayPal itself doesn’t lend the money or evaluate your application. PayPal has a lender partner named WebBank which is the one that evaluates your PayPal working capital loan. In order to compare a PayPal business loan to other options you have to know how much you intend on borrowing, the repayment structure, the rates, and fees. 

PayPal Working Capital Repayment

With a PayPal working capital loan, you choose a % of your daily credit card and debit card sales through PayPal to go towards repaying your loan. PayPal then deducts those payments for you automatically. It’s important to note that once you choose this % – it can never changed again during the business loan’s life. The bigger the slice of your daily payments you offer, the lower your fee will be, and the faster you can repay the PayPal business loan. On days where you have no sales, PayPal won’t deduct from your account. There is a minimum requirement you pay back at least 5-10% of your total loan amount every 90 days in order to keep your working capital loan in good standing. 

PayPal Working Capital: How to apply

PayPal small business loan applications are simple. It’s just one application and that’s it. You can access this application through your PayPal account. There are four components of the PayPal application you have to worry about. First, you have to verify your identity. You have to also verify your business’s location, and provide some financial information. PayPal will prefill most of this info based on what’s in your PayPal account. You’ll typically know whether you were denied right after you verify the information. The second thing you’ll have to think about is how much you want to borrow and repay. Based on your choices, PayPal will show you the time it takes to repay the loan. Third, you’ll be asked to review the loan and its term. If you accept, the funds will be deposited into your account immediately. 

Denied for PayPal Working capital: Here’s what to do

After you apply for a PayPal business loan you might be declined for a variety of reasons. Here are the top five reasons why business owner applications for a PayPal working capital loan are declined. Regardless of what the reason it – it’s possible we can help you and give you a working capital loan.

  • You don’t meet the basic needs. You don’t have three months of PayPal sales history, or some other minimum requirement
  • The loan amount you want is too high relative your sales
  • There are too many disputes or customer returns
  • There’s a bug in PayPal
  • You didn’t successfully pay back a previous loan from PayPal

Regardless of your reason – we can help. Sometimes a PayPal working capital lone is declined due to erroneous information the user puts in. You have to double check the reason you were rejected isn’t because of that. 

Is PayPal working capital right for you?

After looking at PayPal working capital you’re probably wondering whether this option is right for your business. Frankly, depending on where you are – you might already be rejected. PayPal working capital is right for some businesses, but for others it may be wrong. Because PayPal working capital lends on a fast timeline, it can be a great resource. Plus, if you want a business loan without a credit check – then this might be the best option for you. If you have a strong credit score, with great revenue, then it might be better to speak to an alternative lender. 

Paypal working capital vs other small business loan options

Paypal is just one of the many financing options available to you. Before you get a PayPal working capital loan you should understand other options you have, and how getting it compares to other options, their costs, repayment schedules, etc. 

PayPal’s loans are more expensive than traditional bank loans. Banks offer low cost small business loans with an APR of less than 10%. In order to qualify for a traditional bank loan you have to be in business for many years, have good credit, and be able to provide collateral. Many business owners don’t meet these guidelines, or simply can’t wait long enough to get the funding. Bank loans can also include SBA loans, which are federally guaranteed term loans which have low interest rates, and long repayment terms. The term can depend on how you plan on using the money. For example, if you need working capital you can get up to 7 years, if you need equipment purchases then you can get a term for 10 years, and if you’re purchasing real estate then you can get a 25 year term. Additionally, business bank loans can boost your business credit score if you make the payments for it on time. PayPal working capital loans don’t necessarily help you build credit. 

Merchant Cash Advances are an alternative

PayPal working capital is a small business loan, but are similar to merchant cash advances. Typically, merchant cash advance companies take a daily % of your business sales as repayment, similar to PayPal. Merchant cash advances are frowned upon due to their high fees. APR’s are typically 40-100%, depending on fees, etc. PayPal charges lower fees than typical merchant cash advance companies because they only lend to existing customers, which means they have less in marketing costs – and can make smarter underwriting choices. 

5 ways a working capital loan can help your business grow

If you own a business, you know how tough it is. You are working hard, making tough decisions, and always focus on having enough cash flow to keep your business afloat. With so many unexpected expenses, sometimes you might need extra funding. Once you realize you need funding, it’s time to apply for a business loan. Although business loans don’t seem like the best idea at first, you’ll be surprised in the numerous ways they can help grow your business. Below are 5 five ways working capital business loans can help your business.

Purchasing equipment –  Having proper equipment is crucial to running a good business. It can improve your overall productivity and help you grow. Purchasing or upgrading equipment can be expensive, and getting money is hard. Business loans can help you out, and allow you to purchase equipment you need. 

Add more products –  When you want to add a new product, or service, to your company, you’ll need cash. Besides being able to purchase new equipment, you can also use the money to conduct R&D to develop new services and products. Adding new products and services can attract new potential consumers to your business, especially if your product is unique. 

Hiring staff –  You need people to grow your business. Getting a working capital business loan can help you hire staff and can be expensive. When you work with Delancey Street, we can provide you with the capital you need to hire new staff. In addition to the staff’s salary, you will need to pay for other benefits like health insurance, pension, and more. Plus, you need to spend time searching for the right candidate. 

Investing in marketing –  Successful marketing campaigns can bring you immense publicity, and help you get new customers to buy your product/service. 

Expanding the business –  Expanding can help your business grow, but it takes immense money. If you find a working capital business loan with a great APR, you can use the funding to build up your business and enter a new market. 

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