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Are you looking for private money to fund your next business idea in Los Angeles? Delancey Street can help with that. We have a pool of private money, ready for lending. Our conglomerate pool of investors has decades of experience doing Los Angeles private money lending. Our Los Angeles private money lenders can not only fund your new venture – but can you give years of experience and assistance. If you are unsure if private money lending is right for you, or not sure what the difference is between private money lending – then this article will be useful.

What’s a Los Angeles private money loan

Private money lending implies borrowing from an individual investor. Real estate investors often use private lenders to finance deals which wouldn’t qualify for a traditional loan. In some cases, investors simply can’t wait the usual 30-60 day timeline for a conventional loan.

Private money  lending differs from normal lending in some ways. Private money lending involves borrowing from people with the financial means to invest capital into your venture (there’s no financial institution backing the investor). An example is your friend, or family member – any individual investor whose intrigued by your idea and wants to be a part of your venture.

Private money lending is something that’s a half way point between private money lending and conventional lending. Private money lending doesn’t have the usual challenges that conventional lending does, but typically there are still some criteria. Both types of lending are different tools.

Advantages of Los Angeles Private Money Lenders

Private loans are ideal for investors who want to buy a property which needs lots of repairs. Conventional lenders often refuse to give mortgages for properties that are seriously damaged, or vandalized. Private investors see the potential in a property which can be purchased cheaply – and then fixed and resold. Los Angeles private money lenders have fewer requirement than other lenders. Private lenders in Los Angeles like Delancey Street, focus on the profitability of the purchase, rather than the borrower’s credit score or financial history. In addition, private loans can be given fast. Loans from a conventional lender can take 60-90 days to get approved.

Disadvantages of Private Money Lending

There are a few disadvantages to obtaining private money loans. First, a Los Angeles private money lender will charge a higher interest rate than the average bank. Standard interest rate for private loans is anywhere from 10-12%. Depending on how risky your venture is, the interest rate could be higher. If the property is risky, then interest goes up proportionally. Lenders also add points to the loan, creating an additional expense.

Another disadvantage is that unlike with banks, you can’t pay off a private money loan over a 30 year period. You are expected to pay the loan back within 6-12 months. Some more lenient lenders might give you additional time, but this is a case by case basis. One more thing to keep in mind is that you have to use property as collateral for the money you get. This means making sure the terms and conditions of the private money loan suit you. Assuming you do your research before you pitch an investment deal, a private money loan can work.

What are the requirements for securing a private money loan

Private lenders come in all shapes and sizes. There are no government regulations covering private money lending in Los Angeles. The terms and conditions from one loan to the next can vary greatly. Typical private money lenders will want proof of identity, a note, deed of trust, and a plan outlining how the money will be spent, and the profit you expect.

Los Angeles Private Money Lenders

If you are a real estate professional who is ready to purchase an investment property and needs fast financing, Los Angeles Private Money Lenders can help you with obtaining the financing you need.

Many real estate professionals spend time finding deals but lack the funds to make an offer. That’s where a private money lender comes in – to provide you with the cash you need to carry out the deal and achieve the success you desire.

At Los Angeles Private Money Lenders, we help real estate investors get access to funds for property acquisition. We have been providing outstanding service for many years and we are fully aware of funding strategies and resources that are reliable.

Numerous investors have used our services to get the loan they need to close deals and make a huge profit. We have a conglomerate pool of investors with decades of experience doing Los Angeles private money lending. We have great expertise in the field and can provide you with top notch assistance with getting private money for funding real estate deals.

Who Are Private Money Lenders?

Private money lenders are companies or individuals who are willing to provide funding in an informal manner. These are non-institutional companies or individuals that loan money, for the purpose of financing a real estate property or deal. A private money lender can be your family member, or friend – any individual investor whose fascinated by your idea and wants to join in your venture.

Private Money Lending Is A Necessity

Private money loans in Los Angeles have several purposes. Most real estate investors choose private loan as it does not require you to have good credit history or high credit score. And it gives access to bulk cash you can use to make an offer on an investment property. Additionally, private loan also comes with flexible repayment terms and conditions.

The property in which you are planning to invest in can be pledged or used as collateral for private money loans.

Disadvantage of Private Money Lending

The drawback of getting a loan from private money lenders is that these have high interest rates. If the property you’re interested in is risky, then interest rate can go up proportionally. A lender can also add points to the loan, which creates an additional expense.

The good news is this disadvantage of private lending does not pose an obstacle to your property investment plans if you have researched properly before approaching a private money lender. If you know the real estate property is a good investment and are reasonably certain you can get it fixed up and sold at a profit, the high interest shouldn’t cause alarm.

Getting To Know Private Lenders

Establishing a relationship with a private money lender is crucial for a real estate investment professional. A private money lender can provide a borrower with the details on fees, rates and costs involved when deciding to make a property purchase. Private money lenders provide funds for the purchase and rehabilitation of a real estate property that traditional lenders won’t finance due to damage or extensive repairs they are needed to restore the property to good condition.

Private Lenders That You Can Trust

Los Angeles Private Money Lenders has a great reputation in the financial services industry and has what it takes to meet your needs. We can help you find the best sources of private funding for real estate deals. Our sources are reliable and they come highly recommended in the real estate field.

Get Access To Cash Fast

Our sole focus is providing fast and easy access to top rated private money loan options. So, if you are a real estate investor who is ready to take advantage of a great deal you’ve located and you need the right private lender for your situation, you need to contact Los Angeles Private Money Lenders right away. We’ll get to work fast to help you get secure the cash you need.

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