Cannabis Equipment Financing Loans

Are you looking for a loan in order to get new marijuana growing equipment for your business? We understand the difficulty of getting funding in the cannabis industry. We are here to help you pay for the cannabis grow equipment you need in order to continue growing your business.
Banks aren’t giving loans yet for marijuana extractors and grow equipment. Our team has years of experiencing helping marijuana growers. We provide financing for marijuana growers who are looking for things like HVAC, Marijuana Lighting Equipment, Security, and C02 extractors. Delancey Street is a top rated lender in the Cannabis market which specializes in developing customized financial plans for enhancing your marijuana business. We fund every single aspect of your company.
Regardless of how much equipment you need, we can fund it. We have numerous programs in place to help provide financing. We can help pay for your new building, improvements, equipment, and entire operations. Our financing rates vary, depending on what you need, and your particulars. We have a loan program to help dispensaries increase their cash flow, pay for taxes, pay for marketing, consolidate their debt, repair their equipment, and provide general capital. Depending on the amount of money needed, this can vary from 2-15%, with a term of 3-24 months.

Cannabis Equipment Financing and Leasing for Growing Marijuana

Delancey Street is available to help growers, and processors, grow and expand their business. We offer financing for expansions, equipment upgrades, and more, including:
-Lighting Equipment
-Security Equipment
-C02 Extractors
-Financing all business expenses

How can I get financing for my Cannabis Equipment

We know time isn’t on your side. Finding a loan can be difficult. We use a very simplified process to help you get the financing you need. We provide numerous advantages:

  • 100% financing
  • Up to $5,000,000
  • Next day funding available
  • Flexible payment options and terms
  • Reasonable terms
  • Reasonable interest rates
  • No credit check
  • Eligibility for new and used equipment purchases
  • Lowest rates in the industry

Why is Delancey Street able to fund me, but my bank is not?

Many cannabis business owners come to us, and wonder why we’re willing to help them yet their traditional bank isn’t. It’s simple: we’re a privately held company, with private funds. Most banks and credit unions worry about the federal implications of funding a cannabis business. Because of this, they have chosen to not fund the entire industry as a whole, in order to remain “above board.” This means that any business that touches the Cannabis industry is at risk being impacted.
Delancey Street is a private lender, which means we aren’t beholden to the same guidelines that traditional banks are. Because of this, we’re able to fund all types of transactions involving the cannabis industry. If you’re in immediate need of funding, whether it’s for new inventory, paying your employees, or even purchasing land – we can help.