Today, businesses do not require a brick and mortar location to operate successfully. Many businesses fully operate online and still reach a wide market. Business owners with such businesses seldom have the time to sit behind a desk and complete tasks.

Luckily, technology has made it possible for many traditionally manual tasks to be completed on your smartphone. Armed with the right mobile applications, a small business owner can manage and operate the business on the palm of their hand. Here are 10 applications that can make life easier for small business owners on the go.

  • Office 365

Many people are familiar with Microsoft Office Suite, the premier office solutions software famous for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, and Access, among others. Office 365 is a miniature version of the popular computer software exclusively designed for use on mobile devices.

The mobile application offers a cloud-based platform where users can store their documents on an online server. Documents can be accessed from any part of the world using any device that supports the mobile application or computer software. What’s more, the mobile app has Word, Excel and PowerPoint three of the most useful tools for any business person.  

  • Quick Books

Intuit QuickBooks is a financial management mobile application that can be very useful for small business owners. Originally, the application was created for personal use. Owing to its immense success, the application was developed further to meet the needs of small businesses. Business owners can monitor their books of account and view their financial statements using QuickBooks. The software also supports cloud-based computing. 

  • Expensify

David Barret’s Expensify is a proprietary mobile application that makes it easier to keep track of business expenses. In his own words, the application developer said that he came up with the idea so that he could create expense reports that “do not suck”. 

Expensify allows users to log any business expenses incurred and compiles them into a comprehensive report for review. The best part about this mobile application is that it is connected to taxi-hailing app Uber and booking app HotelTonight to better record those travel and accommodation expenses. 

  • Square

Square is a free mobile application compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. The application is used to make payment simple. Essentially, Square allows any smartphone to record cashless transactions in real-time. If you have a card reader and the Square app, you can accept credit card payments on the go. This means that you can sell your products or services anywhere even when your clients do not have cash on them. 

  • DropBox

DropBox is a solution for storage space and access to information. Installing DropBox on all your devices allows the software to synchronize all the data contained therein. Synchronization allows the user to access the latest versions of their documents or projects on any of their devices. DropBox gives the user 2 gigabytes of online storage space for free. However, subscribing to DropBox for Business gives the user access to 1 terabyte of online storage space.

  • Google Drive

Like DropBox, Google Drive gives its users unlimited access to their documents and also provides online storage space. The advantage of Google Drive is that it is synchronized to your Google email. Google Drive offers 15 gigabytes of free online storage space. 

  • TripIt

TripIt is one of the most innovative solutions to a recurrent business problem. This free app automatically generates an itinerary from scanning your emails. All you have to do is forward your emails to the mobile application and forget about the rest. You can view the itinerary from any device with the TripIt app installed. 

  • Evernote

A traditional office is often awash with sticky notes reminding people to do this and that. Often sticky notes would fall off or you would forget about the sticky note altogether. Evernote mobile application is the solution to this problem. The application documents everything from reminders, images, notes, videos and documents. The information is shared across all platforms that the user desires. You forget forgetting with Evernote. 

  • Venmo

Venmo is a revolutionary mobile application that provides a fast and efficient way to send and receive money. All you need is the other person’s name, number or email address. Transfers are all free regardless of the transferred amount. 

  • Sign Easy

This mobile application lets you sign digital documents on your phone without printing out the document or scanning it. SignEasy saves on time and preserves legibility of the document. 

In Conclusion

If you are a business owner always on the go, you don’t have to worry anymore. These mobile applications will help you manage every aspect of your business operation that you would traditionally be done in the office. There are many other useful apps out there, and you just have to know what you are looking for. 

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