How you can use a small business loan

Small business owners can use loans to grow their business. You can use the funds however you wish.

Cover Expenses

Pay for any unexpected expenses that arise.

Invest in your business

Use the loan to grow your business however you wish.


Use the loan to pay your employees.


Keep the cash on hand for future expenses.


Buy new equipment to grow your business.


Use the loan to hire new employees.

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Merchant Cash Advance Bad Credit

Forget about bad credit, or no credit, when it comes to merchant cash advances from Delancey Street. We understand your business challenges and are here to help you through them. When you’re a small business owner, and have bad credit, getting funding is difficult. 

All hope isn’t lost. You need a merchant cash advance, but have poor credit, or no credit – and that’s totally ok. If you have a merchant account that accepts credit cards or checks, we can help. Merchant accounts are bank accounts where money from transactions are held before they are paid to your business. Merchant accounts are used primarily for helping you accept credit card payments from customers. You can use this same account in order to get capital, in the form of a merchant cash advance.

Most traditional businesses run into funding issues eventually.

Small businesses often have immediate, and spontaneous needs for capital. Traditional bank loans take a lot of time, and paperwork. Often, if you have poor credit history – or no credit history, your loan won’t be approved.

When you get a merchant cash advance, you’re getting a loan based on your credit card transactions. Merchant cash advance providers look at your credit card transaction history and then based on this, decide how much to lend you. This is different from a traditional loan because there’s any collateral involved. The merchant cash advance can be given, even with poor credit, based purely on your business history. The company giving the merchant cash advance is speculating that you will have enough future transactions to repay the cash advance they are giving you, even with zero credit.

From the perspective of a business owner, what you’re doing is selling your future sales in order to get the loan. Unlike a traditional bank loan, your credit history isn’t a factor. Your credit score isn’t checked. You could have zero credit history and still get the merchant cash advance. If your sales are good, you can get the cash advance. If you have a bank account with 5-6 months of statements then you can get a merchant cash advance.

What do you need to qualify for a merchant cash advance with bad credit

Small businesses can use the funds from a merchant cash advance for many things. Below are some common reasons we see people ask for a merchant cash advance:

  • Repairing equipment
  • Expanding business operations
  • Purchasing new equipment
  • Business expansion
  • New location
  • Payroll
  • Pay taxes

Benefits of a bad credit merchant cash advance

There are many benefits of a bad credit merchant cash advance. They are very popular with small business owners, and people with poor credit card history.

  1. The easy application process is a huge reason why people love them. There’s no elaborate paperwork or application process involved. You can just go online, and fill in the necessary documents. Merchant cash advance providers may ask for things like tax returns, bank statements, credit card statements, and other similar items.
  2. Speed is key. Merchant cash advances are processed fast and funded even faster. You don’t have to worry about a long waiting period. Typically, your funds will get deposited within 24-48 hours. Time is crucial when you need funding, and need to pay expenses.
  3. Credit score is simply not a factor. Even if you have a poor credit score that’s ok. Even if your business has no sufficient funds, you can still get a merchant cash advance. The only thing that matters is that you have credit card sales, or activity, in your account.
  4. Repaying is simple and easy. An agreed % of your sales are debited from your merchant account on a daily basis, or some frequent basis. You will only pay a % of your overall sales. This means if your sales volume is low, that’s ok, since you’re only responsible for paying a set % of the sales volume.

Merchant Cash Advances Bad Credit

There’s a common misconception that merchant cash advances cannot be given to people with bad credit, or no credit. That’s incorrect. When a bad credit merchant cash advance company gives a cash advance, they are doing it based on your earnings.