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Merchant Cash Advance in New York

Low margins or net payment terms could make it hard for companies to become financially stable even if they make a lot of money. To make your financial issue even more challenging to deal with, the bank either won’t approve your loan application or will take weeks to approve it. Fortunately, a merchant cash advance makes it fast, easy and convenient to get the cash you need in a timely manner.
Your Business Likely Qualifies for Such Funding 
Those who run restaurants, grocery stores or other retail establishments may benefit most from obtaining a merchant cash advance. In addition, companies that tend to be shunned by banks such as gun makers, gambling operations and others may also be eligible for this type of funding. The main requirement is that your organization accepts credit card payments and has a history of steady revenue.
How Do You Determine My Funding Level? 
The amount of money that you receive depends mostly on how much money your business has generated by accepting credit card payments. In most cases, your advance will be equal to the average total revenue over the past six months. Therefore, if you averaged $60,000 in the 180 days prior to submitting a request for an advance, your company will likely receive close to $60,000. However, an advance may be as large as $2 million.
What If I Have Bad Credit or No Credit? 
Many lenders ask that you have a personal credit score of 650 or higher to get a loan. They may also ask that your company have a sufficient track record of earning money and handling debt obligations. With a merchant cash advance, there is no need to worry about a poor credit score or lack of a credit history.
Do I Need Collateral? 
There is no need to provide collateral to secure the loan. Instead, the advance provider will take a percentage of your daily credit card earnings until the balance is paid off. You could pay as little as 5 percent per day or as high as 25 percent per day depending on the terms of the loan.
What If Business Is Slower Than I Expected? 
One of the benefits of a merchant cash advance is that repayment terms are flexible. You could have up to two years to repay the funds that were advanced to your company. However, if you don’t think that the balance will be repaid on time, it may be possible to extend the term of the loan. You should also be aware that your ability or inability to make payments will not be reported to a credit agency. Therefore, settling the loan or otherwise altering its terms won’t damage your credit score or history.
Use the Money for Multiple Purposes 
The amount of the advance can potentially be large enough to allow you to accomplish multiple goals with the proceeds. For example, you could choose to buy a new boiler for your factory or purchase safety equipment to prevent an accident in your warehouse. It can also provide a nice cushion to ensure that employees get paid in a timely manner.
If your company needs access to capital, a merchant cash advance can be the way to get it. Unlike a bank, you won’t have to wait weeks for loan approval or put up collateral to get the loan. Instead, you can simply apply and get your money in as little as 24 hours or less.

Merchant Cash Advance in NY
If you are running short on cash, a merchant cash advance (MCA) might be a useful alternative. This option allows you to get cash in 48 hours or less. You apply online and find out if you are approved in only a couple of hours. With the right funding, you can take advantage of a new business opportunity, fund your payroll needs or cover a late payment.
Overview of Merchant Cash Advances
With an MCA, you are not getting a loan. You are basically pre-paying your business with your future sales. The provider considers two to six months of your credit card history. Afterward, they give you 50 to 250 percent of your average credit card sales per month.
The advance is in your merchant account in just 24 to 48 hours. From fast approval to instant funds, there are a number of reasons why entrepreneurs turn to merchant cash advances when they need extra money. Like any type of credit, advance or loan, there are some drawbacks as well.
The Advantages
– Bad credit is never a problem
– Quick access to extra funds
– High limits of up to $2 million
– Works for many types of companies
– Exceptionally fast approval timeline
The Drawbacks
– Reduces cash flow as you pay it back
– Costs are higher than term loans
You can mitigate the drawbacks by researching the MCA first. When looking at the costs, the key number is your factor rate. This shows the total amount you pay. If you have a factor rate of 1.5 with a $50,000, you pay back $75,000 in total. A low-risk company can get a lower factor rate, but high-risk businesses and larger advances pay a higher rate. In most cases, this rate is around 1.14 to 2.
The actual amount you spend each day is determined according to your credit card sales. Unlike a term loan or a mortgage, you do not pay a fixed amount. Instead, you pay a percentage called a holdback rate. This rate is typically set around 5 to 20 percent of your daily sales. If you earn more money, then the advance is paid off faster. If your sales decline for a month, you do not have to pay a huge amount right away.
Is a NY Merchant Cash Advance Right for Me?
There is no simple answer to this question because every business is different. Your business is a success because it is unique. A merchant cash advance might not be right for every company, but it can help some business owners.
The best way to make sure that this decision is right for you is to do your research. If you need cash as quickly as possible, an MCA is a great option to consider. You can get cash in less than 24 hours once you have been approved. The entire application is done online, so you can apply from whatever location is the most convenient for you. If you do not have the collateral, credit score or time for a business loan, this is a viable alternative.
Normally, a bank wants to sit down with you and review your documents for days or weeks before giving you a loan. Even a business credit card can take weeks to get approved and shipped out to your office. If you need funds right away, a merchant cash advance is definitely worth looking into.

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