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Are you a small or medium-sized smoke shop with plenty of business but not enough cash flow to get your company moving? Have you looked for business funding but failed to find it from the traditional banking system?
If you answered ‘yes’ to either of the questions above, a merchant cash advance could be the solution to your problems.
Never heard of a merchant cash advance before? Let us explain.
A merchant cash advance is a non-bank issued financial product that isn’t a loan. Instead, this type of financial service ‘advances’ cash to qualified companies based on their daily credit card receipts. Good credit and asset-backed collateral are unneeded to qualify for an advance.
More About Merchant Cash Advances For Smoke Shops
What do I need to qualify for a smoke shop merchant cash advance?
The most critical factors when qualifying for a merchant cash advance an operating history and proven financial records that show the volume and amounts of all credit card transactions. As long as your company does regular credit card business, the chances are good that you will qualify. This service offers business owners with lower credit scores or no collateral an option to get access to emergency or operating funds to stabilize the cash flow of the company during growth periods.
How much can I get from a Merchant Cash Advance?
Merchant cash advances are available from $1,000 to over $1M. The exact amount you can qualify for is determined using financial records for credit card transactions your company processes. Businesses with higher volume and number of credit card sales will likely be eligible for more substantial advance amounts. However, merchant cash advance services work with companies of all sizes, as long as the business has an operating history and takes credit card payments regularly.
Do I have to visit a bank?
No. A merchant cash advance isn’t a loan, so you don’t need to go to a bank to start the application process. All steps of the application process – including uploading required documents – get done securely online at a convenient time and place. After the papers get reviewed, applicants will get alerted about whether or not the merchant cash advance provider can help them with the funds they seek.
Merchant cash advances are not traditional loans, so they don’t use APR. Instead, merchant cash advances use a method called ‘factoring’ to calculate interest charges. Generally, the factor for merchant cash advances is between 1.1 – 1.5. This fee gets paid to the merchant cash advance provider.
How long do I have to wait for a decision on my application?
Merchant cash advance providers understand that their clients have urgent needs. For that reason, they are very quick to respond to applicants queries. In many cases, they provide an answer within a day or two. If approved, and all paperwork is signed and agreed to, funds are wired to the business bank account even faster. Once the funds get deposited, they’re available for business owners to use however they are needed.
How do my payments work?
Unlike traditionally fixed loans that give business owners a short grace period before the first payment is due, repayment on a merchant cash advance begins as soon as the money gets made available to the borrower. A merchant cash advance uses a ‘holdback’ to repay the loan daily.
Typically, the holdback amount is 15% of the companies daily credit card receipts. This holdback amount never changes. If your company processes $1,000 in daily credit card sales, $150.00 gets deducted to pay back the merchant cash advance. If you handle $500 in credit card transactions, $75 gets deducted. If you do $5,000 in credit card transactions, $750 is the holdback. The 15% holdback amount gets automatically deducted from the business bank account until the loan gets paid in full.
Is a merchant cash advance a good option for my business?
Merchant cash advances are helpful for many business owners. As with all financial products and services, it’s always a smart idea to conduct your own research and read the fine print of the cash advance agreement before making your decision.

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