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Best Athens Mortgage Rates, Loans, and Brokers

Live in Athens and need a home mortgage? We can help. Delancey Street has a premier network of residential home lenders who can help you with your next home loan request. To be able to start, we suggest that you use the house mortgage calculator above. This can help you understand what you can afford, and what measures to take if you’re serious about getting a house mortgage. We believe in transparency, and can help you to get the results you desire. The Athens mortgage lenders and Athens mortgage brokers in our network promise to be transparent, and help you get the loan you want. They promise to help you, even if you have poor credit. Most importantly, we promise to get you the cheapest rates possible — and to help you find the precise residential loan that is right for you.

Which Athens mortgage loan is right for you?

Home loans aren’t a one size fits all type of transaction. Each loan is different, and caters to a unique and specific type of borrower.

How to find the best Athens mortgage rates and lenders

Mortgage rates change daily, and can depend on the borrower’s situation. There are many big events that can also change mortgage rates, such as federal rate hikes, which can change rates for virtually every type loan, ranging from credit card loans to mortgage rates.

Shop –  You might be tempted to use the lender who your real estate agent recommends, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get the best rate. Often, it’s better to get at least 3-4 different Athens mortgage rates and have the various Athens mortgage lenders compete against each other.

Compare Fees – Often, the fees are what make one loan higher than another. Many lenders often hide their fees until the last minute. They’ll give you a lower rate, but tack on many other fees in order to make their money back. Be sure that you look at the lenders fees and closing costs before you accept the loan. When you ask for a loan, the mortgage lender will typically give you a loan estimate form which will make it easier for you to compare the total cost of the loan, and let you look at fees.

Higher Down Payment – The higher your down payment, the lower your rate! It sort of makes sense if you think about it – because you’re borrowing less money, it’s less risky as a loan for the lender. Mortgage rates are usually tiered, and that means lower mortgage rates are available for people who have a down payment of 20% or more.

Better Credit – Your credit score is a huge factor and it impacts your mortgage rate. The higher your score, the lower the interest rate is for your next home. Before you apply, it’s a good idea to review your credit score and get it in the best shape possible.

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