Moving Made Easy!

Once your loan application is in process, it will be time to start thinking about moving into your new home. Moving can seem overwhelming, so here are some terrific tips for organizing your move!
Change your information
Before you move, make sure that you change over your utilities and update your address with the post office. Identify the utilities you are responsible for and call the companies to make the transfers. The further in advance you take care of this the better, as sometimes utility companies take a few days to make the switch. To update your address, you can fill out a form online so that your mail will be forwarded to your new home.
Obtain packing supplies
Packing supplies can be expensive. Many retailers receive large shipments and the boxes end up being thrown away after they are unpacked. Try visiting a few of your local retailers to see if they have any boxes to give away. Another option for discounted moving materials is to use Uline. Uline offers a variety of moving kits and will deliver right to your doorstep.
Pack your belongings
When you begin packing, remember that there are daily essentials that you should not pack. Set aside a bag like you are going on vacation. Include toiletries and a few changes of clothes so that when you begin unpacking, you don’t have to search to find these items. The best way to stay organized is to pack one room at a time. Label the boxes and be sure to keep an accurate inventory of what is in each box. The app Moving Van is available through the Apple App Store and allows you to keep an accurate inventory on your phone.
Rent a truck and other moving tools
Some people prefer to have a moving company take care of everything for them. There are a variety of companies that will provide full-service moving – many will even pack for you for an additional cost. Click here for a directory of moving companies in your area. If you are planning to make the move yourself, you will likely need to rent a truck. Assess the number of items you will be moving to determine what size truck you need to rent. Many rental companies will also rent dollies and hand trucks to make your move easier. Click here for a directory of truck rental companies in your area.
Clean before you move in
Before you begin moving into your new home, you will want to deep clean everything. Begin with the kitchen and bathrooms; then clean the floors, baseboards, windows, walls, and fans in the other rooms. If the home is carpeted, you might want to have the carpets steam cleaned. There are many companies that will provide a cleaning service for you. Click here for a directory of cleaning services in your area.
Unless you have hired movers to help you unpack, do not try to unpack everything at once. Assemble furniture and then sort boxes into their respective rooms. Unpack the essentials first and be sure to utilize closet space to keep things out of the way. It might take a few weeks to have everything unpacked and in its place, but be patient and you will be ready to host a housewarming party in no time!
Use this information as a tool to start planning your move. If you need any suggestions for moving companies, please don’t hesitate to ask! It is always a good idea to have a team of family and friends assembled to help make your move successful. Remember, our team at Fairway is hard at work making your loan process smooth and stress free so that you can plan for your move.