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Pizzeria Business Loans

Pizzeria Small Business Loans + Free Evaluation + Bad Credit is ok

Obtaining a small business loan for your pizzeria is indeed a challenge, but it shouldn’t be a nightmare, especially when you know about the required documents. This type of loan is not the same as your typical personal loan simply because it involves a lot of risk for the lender. Therefore, these lending institutions have much stricter eligibility criteria with more extended applications than most other loans.
You can increase your chances of getting approved when you gather all the essential documents required, along with your financial details, which will complete the application for the small business loan.
What Information Do You Need to Provide for the Application?
Several financial institutions, such as banks, will often require the applicant to make an appointment so that the process is completed in person. On the other hand, newer lenders can automate the application and can conveniently fulfill the request.
Initially, you will need to submit the following pieces of information:
Personal details, including your full name and contact information
Marital status
Business name
Business information, such as phone number, email address, and location
Annual revenue of the company
Personal financial information, including income and bank account details
The amount you need for your company
Your intention as to how you will use the loan
The details mentioned above are just some of the basics that most banks and lending institutions will ask from you. Be always ready to provide more information in case they request for additional items, especially in their application forms.
What Documents Should You Provide During and After the Application Process?
Most organizations already have a list of the requirements on their website. You can provide them when you apply. Meanwhile, some will ask for additional documents after the application, which is usually the case if you’re seeking for a considerable amount of financial assistance.
After you apply, you can talk to the representative of the lending institution to check your application. You may be asked to confirm the information by means of uploading or sending further documentation. These files will typically have the financial details of your business, such as:
Bank statements: Most lenders require that the bank account is at least two years old so that you can provide enough copies of the transactions made in that account. The information here can be used to validate your financial status.
Balance sheet: Lenders ask for this statement because it has the list of your liabilities, capital, and assets. It is, therefore, a good indication of your company’s financial standing.
Revenue statements: You may also know this document as your profit and loss statement. Lenders require this file from the borrowers, and most are strict with it that they need the most recent revenue statement. Also, they want you to provide your company’s reports from the past two years.
Tax returns: Be ready to give both your personal and business tax returns. Most of the time, the lenders require these two statements when the company is still young or those that are less than two years old.
Personal credit score: Submit a copy of your credit report. Note that there are three main reporting bureaus and it will genuinely help your application if you give a copy of all three reports. If your personal score is 600 or lower, it will jeopardize your Pizzeria small business loan application.
Business plan: While not all lenders may require this document, a solid business plan can showcase the credibility and professionalism of your company and team.
Collateral or insurance: You can lower the risk of the lender and increase your chances of getting approved for the loan if you can provide collateral. Most banks require that you can give a tangible asset to secure the loan if by chance you default the loan payments. In some situations, the bank may also opt to take out insurance against you or a business partner for certain circumstances, such as deaths in which case you can no longer pay for the loan.
Financial details of the business owner: Aside from your bank account details, you should be ready to provide documents that show your personal liabilities and assets, which would include investments, such as cars, house, credit cards, and other loans.
Some lenders include the option for consumers to upload these documents online. We recommend that you protect the integrity of the materials you upload, which you can achieve when you submit them as PDF files. You will also find some lenders that require fax copies of certain documents, which may also help your application and its approval.
How Can You Improve Your Chance of Getting Approved for the Loan?
Specific methods can increase the possibility of the bank approving your loan. Some aspects though may be out of your control, but they can still help if you meet those requirements.
A high credit score: As much as possible, you should have a credit score of at least 680. Most banks will approve your application when they see that you have an excellent personal credit score. If you have 600 or lower, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply.
You can improve your score within a few months by making sure you pay your debts on time. Request a free copy from TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian, so you know in advance if you need to improve your score.
Business age: While you cannot do something if your business is just new, you have a higher chance of getting approved if your company has been around for at least a year or two.
Type of industry: Many lenders impose some restrictions because a business is in a particular sector, such as firearms and gambling.
Amount: The higher the amount you need, the longer the application will take. You may also be asked to provide more documentation than those that only need lower amounts.
Purpose of the loan: You will need to convince the lender about your reasons why you will need the funding for your business.
Many lenders also have minimum annual revenue so you can get approved. Typically, they require that you have at least $50,000 to $150,000 depending on the bank.

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