Long Beach, California has some of the most beautiful and valuable real estate in America. When people think of sunny California, they often think of Long Beach. In addition to natural beauty, Long Beach boasts a roaring economy. In Long Beach, you can not only live surrounded by beauty, you can also advance your career and buy into one of the nation’s hottest real estate markets.

For this reason, real estate investors are keen to snap up properties in Long Beach. Whether looking for fix-and-flip opportunities, rental opportunities, or for their own personal residences, real estate investors know Long Beach is the place to go long on real estate. As a result, competition for Long Beach real estate has grown in intensity.

To succeed, real estate investors need private money lenders on their side. Retail lenders take 30 days or more to approve loans, and in the ultra-competitive Long Beach real estate investor market, this is way too long. Retail banks also fail to provide reasonable loan offers for unique properties, and often provide no cash for those ripe fix-and-flip opportunities.

Private money loans close fast

Imagine the loan for your next property closing in just 24 hours. That would put you ahead of the competition. When you work with private money lenders, loans can close that quickly. This allows you seize those perfect investment opportunities, without hesitation.

Private money loans are asset based

Part of the reason that private money loans close fast is their asset-based nature. Also known as hard money loans, private money loans are granted based on the underlying value of the hard asset. Conventional loan criteria like income and credit score take a back seat. Because of this, private money lenders can complete approval processes much faster.

This also means private money lenders are in a position to help distressed homeowners. For example, if a Long Beach homeowner has fallen behind on his mortgage but still has sufficient equity in his property, he can obtain a hard money loan and use it to get out of foreclosure. Once out of foreclosure, he can then sell the property or refinance it into a permanent loan. Either way, he keeps his equity!

Private money loans are short-term loans

Private money loan terms are much shorter than coventional loan terms. Rather than 15, 20, or 30-year terms, private money loan terms range from several months to several years. Payments remain similar to conventional loans for the shorter loan term. At the end of the term, a balloon payment is due. The homeowner sells the property of refinances into a conventional mortgage before the balloon payment comes due.

Private money loans are perfect for fix-and-flip deals

When real estate investors are looking for fix-and-flip financing, private money lenders should be their first stop. Because they are short-term and asset based, they provide the perfect solution. With near immediate approvals, investors are sure to cash in on any opportunities they find.

Private money lenders loan to real estate investors based on the after repaired value (ARV) of a property. The ARV is the value of the property after the investor completes the fix; in other words, the ARV is the value of the property when it is flipped.

For example, an investor may buy a $500,000 Long Beach property. The ARV of the property is $750,000. Since the private money lender loans 80 percent of the $750,000, instead of 80 percent of the $500,000, the investor can borrow $600,000, leaving the investor money to fix the property.

Private money lenders are able to make these deals happen because they are individual investors. They make their decisions based on the value of the deal, not credit scores and incomes. Without those constraints, private money lenders provide the perfect financing source for real estate investors.

Long Beach provides tremendous opportunities for wealth accumulation through real estate. By working with private money lenders, you can get the financing you need to turn huge profits.