Are you looking for private funding for real estate deal? Perhaps you want to find a reliable company that can help you find a private money lender for your needs. That’s where Long Island Private Money Lenders come in – to give you access to cash so you can close your deal and achieve the success you desire.

If you have located a great real estate deal but do not have the cash to secure it, you need to find funding as soon as possible. If you delay in taking action you may end up not closing the deal. Private money lenders are available and can be very beneficial in this type of situation. These lenders have money to invest but you need to know where to find them.

At Long Island Private Money Lenders, we have a conglomerate pool of investors who can provide the funds you need. We have been rendering outstanding services to real estate professionals for years and we have the industry connections and resources to guide you and ensure that you obtain the cash you need to take advantage of a lucrative opportunity.

Without cash to make an offer on an investment property, you have no deal and will not prosper. It is imperative that you follow appropriate steps to secure the loan you need and close the deal fast before you lose it.

Luckily, there are private money lenders that have what you need to accomplish that. If you present yourself and your proposition properly, you will be able to get a favorable response, quickly and without hassles.

What Are Private Money Lenders

Private money lenders are individuals or companies that provide funding to entrepreneurs and investors who are short on cash and need to take advantage of a lucrative opportunity in the market. These private entities are often able to provide loans without the need to make borrowers go through all the regulations and rules that are required of lending sources like finance companies or banks. This means that private money lenders may apply interest rates that are different from the normal average interest rates and may also have loan repayment terms that are different from those issued by traditional lenders.

Fast Funding

Traditional bank loans can take up to two weeks or longer to process. If you have located a good deal, you need funding fast in order to be successful. Private money lenders who cater to real estate investors know this and can provide you with cash quickly. These entities have a good understanding of the business of purchasing properties for investment, fixing them fast and then reselling them. In most cases, private money lenders can fund your project in a matter of days.

Collateral for the Loan

One important thing to keep in mind is private lenders want to be sure they are protected. This type of lending arrangement often requires a collateral for the loan. You’ll most likely have to pledge the property as collateral for the loan provided by a private money lender.

High Interest

Private money loans are generally offered as short-term loans. Private money loans typically have higher interest rates than standard bank loans and are usually for a short period of time. But when you need funding for a great deal, time is of the essence.

Take Action And Get Your Money Fast

When deal pops up, you need to act fast and get funding. Private loans are available for real estate professionals looking to turn a quick profit on a deal. If you are planning to flip properties and earn a great income from investment properties, quick returns are a must.

We have been meeting the needs of real estate investors and we have the resources and expertise to guide you properly. When you contact us we’ll get to work to help you get the funding you need for success. Get in touch with Long Island Private Money Lenders right away.