A lot of homeowners and real estate investors believe that retail banking institutions provide the only source of mortgage funding. Though retail banks provide the largest number or purchase and refinance loans, private money lenders serve several niches within the mortgage market that all homeowners and real estate investors need to be aware of. A private money lender helps when the loan scenario doesn’t fit the retail banking sector’s narrow standards. Private money loans are particulalry helpful when a deal needs to close quickly, a repair or rehab project is being contemplated, or the borrower is in financial distress.

What are private money loans

Private money loans are frequently referred to as hard money loans. They are granted by individual investors. The investors are people who have money they feel can best be used through loaning it to people who have valuable properties or wish to buy valuable properties.

As any real estate investor or homeowner in Sacramento knows, property in California’s beautiful capital is valuable and trending upwards. People love this city and its economy continues to thrive. That means real estate demand continues to strengthen.

Strong demand makes private money loans possible. Private money loans are based on the value of the underlying asset, not the borrower’s credit rating or income. This flexibility allows private money lenders to fund strong real estate transactions where conventional mortgage loans fall short.

Fast closings

Private money loans close in as little as 24 hours. The asset-based nature of the loans makes this possible. Because the loans do not require credit and income verifications, approvals are quick.

Conventional loans often take 30 to 60 days to close and fund. As real estate investors in Sacramento know, when you want to buy an investment property, you don’t have 30 to 60 days to get that loan. You need that loan approval today, or some other investor will be cashing in on your opportunity.

After repaired value loansĀ 

When you are looking for properties to fix and flip, private money loans are a necessity. Conventional loans are inferior because they base their loan amounts on a loan to value (LTV) ratio. This ratio uses the property’s current value, not the after repaired value.

For example, if a property’s value stands at $500,000, a conventional lender typically wants a down payment of 20 percent, or $100,000. If the property then needs $100,000 in repairs, that means the investor needs a whopping $200,000 cash!

Private lenders use the after repaired value (ARV). In this example, the property repairs will increase the value to $750,000. That means the private money lender can loan 80 percent of $750,000, or $600,000. This leaves the investor enough to make the repairs and flip that house for big profits!

Homeowners who need money to rehab or repair their own homes can use private money lenders as well. The ARV for their homes often provides them with enough value to fund restoration with a private money loan.

The asset value is important, not credit score

This makes private money loans an attractive option for borrower’s in distressed financial circumstances. Often, a job loss, medical condition, or other life event causes households to fall behind on their bills or acquire debt. This can make qualifying for a conventional loan all but impossible.

Borrowers in this situation qualify for private lender loans, provided that their property has sufficient value. In these cases, a private loan can assist with paying off debt, completing home repairs, or getting out of foreclosure.

If faced with these financial pressures, a private lender loan can provide the bridge over these troubled times. Private loans are meant as short-term loans that the borrower will keep for no more than a few years. Before the loan term expires, the borrower usually refinances or sells the property.

Private loans offer an alternative for borrowers whose circumstances place them outside of the conventional loan mold. They help borrowers close on loans quickly, manage debt, and even stop foreclosure.