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Many real estate investors turn to private lenders to finance deals that won’t qualify for a traditional loan. San Bernardino Private Money Lenders are available and ready to assist you in getting financing for your project.

Private money lending is a popular way to secure funds for real estate property investment. Many real estate investors encounter financing problems from time to time and have to turn to alternative sources, such as private lenders, for the loan they need. 

Veteran real estate professionals have utilized this great resource several times in order to take advantage of a lucrative opportunity. If you cannot get a loan from conventional sources and are looking for money to fund your real estate purchase or project, you’re in the right place. We help real estate professionals and investors get access to the financing or funds they need to acquire the property they need.

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What Are Private Money Lenders?

Private money lenders, also known as hard money lenders, are individuals or companies that provide loans to businesses and investors who cannot qualify for conventional loans. The private lender funds loans from personal wealth or through an organization or company that is backed by private money. Private money lenders usually expect to be paid back within a short period in time.

Providing non-conventional loans is associated with the higher risks, so the lender charges an interest rate that is much higher than the interest rate for a conventional loan.

Private lenders are typically wealthy people who expect to make large returns when they lend money. Instead of checking the credit history or creditworthiness of the individual or business requesting the loan, private money lenders consider the efficacy of the deal or project. Private money lenders usually provide financing for commercial real estate projects and transactions. Usually, the property is pledged as collateral for the loan, so that in the event that the borrower defaults on their loan payments the lender will repossess the asset to recoup their money.

A real estate property investor with credit problems who wants to purchase and rehab property, to lease or sell is the typical private money borrower. The borrower approaches private money lenders about financing a property that he wants to sell for a profit after some fixing up. If the lender is convinced that the deal is a viable one, he provides a loan to the investor.

Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions of a private money loan can vary, depending on the investment or lender. Private money loans are typically provided for commercial purposes only. This means that the investor cannot live in the property and must be acquiring it to lease or resell. 

Because of the high interest rate associated with a private money loan, the borrower cannot carry the loan for an extended period of time. The transaction is structured to be a short-term funding option. The private money lender expects the borrower or investor to resell the property quickly, within a few months, and pay him out of the proceeds, or to look for permanent financing after leasing or rehabbing the property.

Reputable Private Money Resource

When it comes to funding your investment project or related transactions or deals it is imperative to go to the right source. You need to go with a company that has an established history of delivering on their promise. That’s where San Bernardino Private Money Lenders comes in – to provide the reliable sources and resources you need to secure funds, close more deals and achieve success in your endeavors.