Thinking about purchasing properties, fixing them up and then reselling them for a profit? Do you need funding to take advantage of great deals fast? Not sure where to borrow the money to get started? Delancey Street Private Money Lenders can help.

Delancey Street Money Lenders have highly reliable sources of funding for real estate investment properties. We have been providing excellent services to real estate investors and we know the industry very well. We can guide you and provide you with the resources and expertise you need to become successful in your business venture.

Our conglomerate pool of investors has decades of experience doing Hayward private money lending. Our service is designed with real estate investors in mind and can be beneficial to you in your venture.

When you find a great real estate property that can be fixed or renovated, then you need cash to make an offer. Relying on a bank or other traditional funding source is usually not a smart choice. A better option is to obtain funding from a private entity. Private money lenders are available and obtaining a loan from these types of lenders offers many advantages over bank loans. Here are a few of the advantages of working with a private money lender.

Fast Funding

Loans from a bank or other traditional lender can take several weeks to process. Many real estate deals require you to act fast. When a lucrative deal pops up, it is imperative that you get funding as soon as possible.

Hayward Private Money Lenders specialize in real estate lending and can get you the money you need to close a deal. They understand the business of purchasing properties, fixing and renovating them and then reselling them for a huge profit. And they can get you the fund you need quickly.

Less Paperwork Involved

If you have ever applied for a bank loan, then you are aware that there is huge amount of paperwork involved. The application process is tedious, time-consuming and boring. When you need funding for a great deal, you need to get it fast. Hayward Private Money Lenders know this and take steps to make the process hassle-free for real estate investors. They make it a top priority to get you your funds quickly.

Credit Is Not A Hindrance

Traditional loans come from banks, and they are often hesitant to grant a loan to those who have credit problems because of the risk it involves. If you have less-than-perfect credit, they don’t want to deal with you.

Private money lenders are a different breed. These lenders have no ties to banks or other traditional lending institutions. They don’t focus on your credit history or your credit score. They simply want to know that you have a viable idea and do not require any specific credit score.

Flexible Loan Terms

Banks are cumbersome financial institutions and it can be a hassle trying to get a loan from them. They have rigid lending guidelines and are not a suitable option for real estate investors. Not so with a private entity that makes loans to investors. Private lenders are easier to work with than a traditional lender like bank and offer loans that are tailored to specific needs.

You Are In Control

Private money puts you in control of which investment properties you want to acquire and the rate of return you want to pay.

You can pounce on a deal immediately, rather than wasting valuable time dealing with a bank and waiting for a response. With loan from a private lender, you get speed, greater control and improved cash flow.

Get Started Fast

Get in touch with Hayward Private Money Lenders right now to learn more about our services. We have many satisfied real estate professionals who keep on using our services to run a successful investing business. We can give you access to the money you need to close deals and become successful.