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Unless you’ve been living in the Amazon without an Internet connection, you know the San Francisco real estate market is on its way to the stratosphere. For starters, San Francisco ranks as one of the world’s most beautiful and culturally diverse cities. Tech companies are revolutionizing society from Silicon Valley, and San Francisco real estate enjoys the benefits. People come from all over the world to work and live in this metropolis, and they are people with real money to spend.
San Francisco real estate prices also benefit from scarcity. There’s only so much room, and the population boom of moneyed professionals continues. That situation sets up the opportunity to make money through fix-and-flip real estate investments.
How to benefit from this boom
Even the most rundown property has massive profit potential if it’s in the right San Francisco location. In fact, if you can get that rundown property at enough of a discount, it might be the goldmine you’ve been dreaming about. In the fix-and-flip game, it’s all about how low you can buy and how high you can flip. When you turn a fixer upper into a trendy San Francisco pad, you earn huge.
Of course, if you don’t have the money to make it happen, then it’s just a dream. That’s why benefitting from the San Francisco boom requires a lending partner that specializes in fix-and-flip loans. Lenders like Delancey Street underwrite fix-and-flip loans in the San Francisco market every day. When you have their backing, you can land that golden opportunity.
Fix-and-flip opportunities
Fix-and-flip loans work because the business opportunity presents profit-making potential. To get approved for a fix-and-flip loan, you need to find a property that you can make money on by flipping. Some properties are poor candidates. They are in the wrong location. They are priced too high. They are already updated.
Ideal fix-and-flip properties are purchased below market value. They are not necessarily cheap. A $1 million San Francisco house may be below market value. Market value matters above all because it represents profit potential.
Properties are below market value for many reasons. Often, they are foreclosed or distressed properties. They may also need work. These provide golden investment opportunities.
How the San Francisco fix-and-flip loan works
Once you find your below market property that needs some TLC, you need a loan and you need it now. San Francisco’s real estate market is a modern day gold rush, and the competition wants to stake its claim on your golden opportunity before you can. Fix-and-flip lenders don’t take weeks or months to close a loan. They close loans in days or less. In this market, you need a lender like Delancey Street, or you will get beaten every time.
Traditional lenders take 30 days or more to approve loans because they are primarily interested in qualifying the borrower instead of qualifying the property. They spend all that time reviewing the borrower’s credit history, income history, and verifying any piece of information that reveals whether the borrower can make the payments and keep making the payments for years into the future. Who can blame them? If they’re writing a 30-year mortgage on a $2 million San Francisco home, they probably need to make sure the borrower isn’t going to disappear a year later.
Fix-and-flip lenders like Delancey Street base approvals on the profitability of the deal, not credit score and income history. Fix-and-flip real estate is a short-term business. For that reason, fix-and-flip loans are short term. Six months to one year are typical term lengths.
With loan terms so short, the lender is concerned with the ability of the borrower to successfully flip the property during that time. The borrower’s credit and job have little to do with that. What matters is the price of the property, the cost of the renovations, and the selling price when the property is flipped. If that adds up to big money, your loan goes through.
LTV and down payments
When a borrower applies for a traditional 30-year mortgage, especially on an expensive San Francisco property, the lender typically requires a 20-percent down payment. This down payment brings the loan-to-value (LTV) to 80 percent of the value, a level that makes the traditional lender comfortable that the borrower is unlikely to default and abandon the home. At San Francisco prices, 20-percent down is no small ask!
Fix-and-flip loans require no giant upfront investment. No money down approval becomes possible when you find a solid fix-and-flip opportunity because fix-and-flip loans can be based on the after-repaired value (ARV). The ARV represents the price for which the property will be flipped. This loan structure not only allows the borrower to get a no down payment loan, it can also provide cash to complete the repairs.
Fix-and-flip loans are making big profits a realistic possibility for business-minded individuals, even if they don’t have a lot of seed money. Smart investors know there is big money to be made in San Francisco real estate. When you find a solid investment and get a fix-and-flip loan, big profits are in your grasp.

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