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Slalom Glider Slide Injury Lawsuit

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Landscape Structures Inc., of Delano, Minnesota, sold approximately 900 units of the children’s playground toy, Slalom Glider. Between the years 2006 and 2011, these products were sold all over the nation to schools and establishments with playground facilities. In February 2012, the CPSC announced a voluntary recall of the product. Immediately following that announcement, it became illegal to sell or resell the Slalom Glider.
What is the Slalom Glider?
The Slalom Glider is a slide that was previously found in many playgrounds nationwide. It stands six feet tall, made of molded plastic. A tubular steel ladder in the shape of an arch leads to the slide. It can stand alone or be attached to other playground accessories. Colors that the slide was manufactured in include red, white, blue, green, granite and tan. The selling price was $2,300.
What are the known Hazards?
Lack of a platform that would allow safe passage from the ladder to the slide, has been the primary reason for the recall. The Slalom Glider does not adequately facilitate secure egress from the ladder to the chute. The structure is also designed in such a way that the child must straddle the slide while descending as opposed to sitting with their legs faced forward. Therefore, many children have been seriously injured by falls from this playground arrangement.
The CPSC recall release for the Slalom Glider confirmed receipt of at least 16 reports of children that suffered from serious injuries, including bruises and fractures to arms, legs, the collarbone and spleen.
About Defective Child Products
Manufacturers are required to meet standards that have been put in place to avoid faulty product design and manufacturing errors. They are also responsible for advising consumers of the possible risks involved with the use of a product. These standards have been set by the CPSC mentioned above and the Child Safety Protection Act. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is a federal agency. Their government website maintains a current list of product recalls related to child safety.
The chief goal of the CPSC is to cut down on injuries to consumers. However, flawed child products and equipment continue to be the causation of many serious injuries to children each year in the United States. Statistics show, that hospital emergency departments nationwide treated more than 260,000 toy-related injuries in the year 2012. Approximately, 69% of those victims were 12 years of age or younger.
Is Your Child a Victim?
Oftentimes, when a child is hurt from a defective product, he is not the only victim. The parent of the child is usually traumatized by the experience as well. Utilizing a faulty playground set poses a threat to the public. In the event of an injury, a proactive parent may choose to attain and retain legal assistance. With the appropriate evidence and documentation, an attorney may be able to produce proof that a faulty product injured the child.
Child product liability claims can be brought against any entity in the process from manufacturer to consumer. That would include the retailer, supplier and distributor. The plaintiff in a product liability lawsuit may be able to receive compensation for the injuries sustained by the child. These damages may include current and future medical expenses. Although it is not easy to define a dollar value, compensation for pain and suffering or emotional distress may also be awarded. Lost wages due to attending medical appointments can be factored in as well.
Proving Your Case
The product recall for the Slalom Glider is an indication that the product is defective. However, a successful plaintiff will need to affirmatively verify the answers to a few more questions. Was your child using the Slalom Glider as it was intended to be used? Did your child suffer an injury? Was your child’s injury the result of a defect, such as described above, in the Slalom Glider slide? An attorney can help build and win your case.
Getting Legal Help
Product liability laws are different for each state. The process of filing and winning a claim can be overwhelming for parents who are already suffering from anxiety due to their child’s injury. It may be wise for a parent to seek out an attorney that is experienced with product liability cases. Defendants in product liability cases often have resources that they will use to strategically defend their own economic interests. Many times, individual plaintiffs are vulnerable and need legal aid. Without sufficient legal help, it may not be possible for a plaintiff to be awarded appropriate compensation.
Each state has a statute of limitations regarding the amount of time a victim has to file a claim. A qualified attorney can get the claim process moving forward for the plaintiff. A legal professional that is prepared and willing to take dignified yet aggressive action in support of the complainant should be sought.
With the help of an attorney, a plaintiff can make wise and well thought out decision regarding their case. It may be possible for the attorney to get the plaintiff a satisfactory settlement before trial. If not, a favorable verdict may still be secured on behalf of the plaintiff.
For the greatest chance of receiving adequate compensation, pursue the expertise of an accomplished products liability attorney. With a capable legal team at your disposal, your chances of obtaining compensation for your losses will increase immeasurably.


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