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Starting up a new business takes time, patience, knowledge, and most of all, money. New start-ups often need to apply for a business loan in order to get their company off the ground. Older companies may also need to apply for a business loan to keep up with the daily operations of the company. However, applying for a loan can be a nerve-wracking experience. Preparing for the loan process is the first step to take when you need money for your business.

What to Know Beforehand
You will want to know the ins and outs of doctor small business loans before you apply. The first step is to understand what type of loan you will need. For example, your company may only need a small amount of money to upgrade some essential equipment. In this case, a business credit card may do the trick. But for bigger issues, a business loan is often the only solution.

Let’s look at how to prepare for the application process:

Check Your Credit Score
Your credit history will always be an important part of any loan process, so it is important to keep your score as high as you can from the start. If you started off your business with personal business credit, that was the best course of action. But for many, personal credit is what is used to get a business up and running.
As your business flourishes, your business credit report will build up. But how exactly does this help your score? Different credit companies calculate your scores in a different way. The consumer credit reporting agency, Experian, takes public records, legal filings, and collection agency data into consideration. The Dun and Bradstreet PAYDEX credit reporting agency only looks at your payment history.

In order to maintain a good business credit score for every system, always pay your debts on time. Your score will increase when you always pay the bills when they are due.

There is one common mistake that business owners make when it comes to personal and business credit scores. That is keeping a high outstanding balance on your debts even while you pay the bill on time. Too many people think that as long as they are making their payments every month that they will increase their credit score, but this isn’t true. Keep your overall balance low by paying more than the minimum balance of your bills.

To find out your credit score and look into your history, check with websites such as Credit Karma. Having access to your credit history is free for everyone.

How to Improve a Bad Score
You may think that your credit isn’t too bad, but after you checked out your score you realized that wasn’t the case. Look for the following issues and take action to improve them:
•Errors on your report- You may have paid off a debt that caused your score to drop, but it is still showing up in your credit history. Call the creditor to make sure it is removed once and for all.
•Tackle old debts- Years-old debt will come back to haunt you in the form of a bad credit score no matter how much you wish they would go away. Pay them off as soon as you can to increase your score.
•Pay off tax issues- You may have been dealing with federal or state tax issues for years. Call up the government entity that deals with your issue and ask how you can pay it off as quickly as you can.
If you are worried about credit fraud, be sure to hire a company that will monitor your accounts and report fraud or suspicious activity as soon as it happens.

Another way to improve your credit score is to open up a credit account or buy something that you are required to pay off in installments, as long as you can afford it. As you pay it off on time, your score will usually increase.

Streamline Your Request
You’ve taken every possible step to fix your credit score. Now, plan for the actual loan process. You’ll want to prepare all of your documents to prove to the lender that you are a good fit for the loan. First, come up with the budget you will stick to if you get the loan. Are you planning to remodel your store? Get estimates on building supplies, permits, labor, and miscellaneous items. Present this to your lender to show them exactly what the loan will be used for. Your goal is to back up your need for the loan.

Prepare All of Your Financial Statements
Your financial statements show how your business is doing. Before applying for a loan, ask your accountant for help putting together all of your statements.

You’ll need your:
•Profit and Loss Statement
•Cash Flow Statement
•Income Statement

You can go over these statements to determine what is going on in your business, from your revenue to your profits.
These statements will also help you answer some important questions. You’ll see how well you are actually doing in your business and if you expect to profit in the future. If your profits aren’t looking good, don’t worry. Put together a plan concerning how you will get to where you need to be. A solid plan that you can share with a lender will help you secure the loan easier.
You will also want to bring all of your financial statements, such as balance sheets, tax returns, accounts payable and receivable, and income statements, to the lender.

Interest Rates and APR
Once you are finally approved for a business loan, don’t forget that there will be fees associated with the loan. The APR, or annual percentage rate, is representative of the yearly average of the interest you will be required to pay. The interest rate will depend on your actual credit score and is a fee that is paid to the company in return for the loan.

There’s nothing more angst inducing to deal with for a busy owner than having to pass up on good opportunities due to a lack of capital. If you’re a business owner who is experiencing this, it’s time to get serious about your company and about getting financing. A small business loan may be more accessible to you than you realize.

Special benefits those who borrow with us experience

We can ensure you that our small business loans offer some highly valuable benefits that aren’t always easy to encounter in the world of commercial finance. These are some key examples:

  • Loans offer fast funding
  • Loans are available to those with a wide range of credit scores
  • Loans are spendable as the business owner wants
  • Loans offer options and flexibility

Preparation tasks you don’t want to neglect

Taking out a loan and acquiring debt for your company is a big deal. Don’t take on the venture lightly. You’ve got to have some good reasons to justify the expenditure. Loans always cost money, and bad credit small business loans can sometimes involve significant interest charges.
Have a clearly defined project in mind and make sure that this project offers fairly well guaranteed and lucrative returns as an investment project.

The importance of raising credit

The higher your company’s credit rating is, the easier it’s going to be for you to find a loan. If your credit rating is low at the moment, you probably should take a pause before getting financing and work at raising your score.
Factors that influence a company’s credit score include how many times the company has had open credit accounts in the past and how reliably the company has kept up on repayment of any outstanding credit obligations.
If you simply are vigilant for a period of time about meeting and exceeding credit agreement expectations, your company’s credit standing will indeed start to increase.
One important thing to realize additionally is that your own personal credit can help you to acquire business financing. In addition to improving your company’s credit, you can also put some work into your own credit standing. If you own your company jointly, every owner can focus on building credit so that good financing terms will soon be within reach for the entire company.

Being specific about what you want to do

Knowing amongst you and your company staff what the plan is is really not enough. To get a loan, you need to also demonstrate what your project is going to entail when you apply for the loan with the lender.

A business owner should clearly illustrate the scenario and explain exactly why capital is necessary. This will help convince the lender that your company is on the rise.

Backing your assertions up with documents

The work of applying for a loan should always bring to mind the need to get together appropriate documents. Here is a brief list of some of the major documents you should compile to be ready for the actual application and presentation of your idea to the lender:

  • A statement showing your company income
  • Your company’s balance sheet
  • Your official cash flow statement

Knowing everything about the deal

It’s never wise to accept a loan simply because it’s been offered to you. You should only accept a loan if you’ve carefully evaluated it and determined it to be the best of all possible options available to you.
You’re going to get a loan contract about whatever financial product you’re offered. It’s of great importance that you read each and every word on this contract. Don’t let something slip by you in the fine print that should have been a deal breaker for your company.

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