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Quick and Easy Small Business Loans in Jackson, MS

If you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, or investor, you’ll be happy to know that new options are available for financing. Our company takes the guesswork out of being approved and works to find a sensible solution for everyone. Whether you need money for growth, repairs, upgrades, or to cover expenses, you’ll be happy to know that we have your back. This information will let you know how to get your loan approved in as little as 48 hours. Before you know it, you’ll be joining the thousands of others who’ve benefited from our small business loans in Jackson, MS.

Preparing for your loan application:

Before applying, you’ll want to determine exactly what you’ll be needing a loan for. If you have a legitimate business need for financing, we’ll be able to help. Most clients use estimates, invoices, payroll reports, or any other source of information that would substantiate the loan request. The loan amount that you request should reflect the information you’ve provided to our company.

Your new and improved business plan:

A business plan is essential for illustrating how our funding would assist your company in achieving its goals. The plan should reflect the current state of your business and how it would improve if once we’ve funded your loan. A presentation and questioning may be in order, so you’ll want to ensure that you’ve covered all the bases and have gone through any potential questions, concerns, or issues that may arise. Models, prototypes, graphics, and more have all been used to help bring the presentation to life. If we’re able to envision your goals, you’ll be a huge step ahead in the game. If you’re unable or unaware of how to create the plan, you’ll want to contract someone who’s an expert in your field. There are also many free resources available online for those who prefer to do it themselves.

Taking on your credit report:

Our company has helped many small business loans in Jackson, MS clients with bad credit. Many of our loans are based more on the overall financial strength and the projected future rather than solely on credit. Many of our clients have been turned down by banks and other finance companies yet found a great solution through us. Improving your credit situation should always be a concern. With a strong credit history, you’ll have better access to a variety of loan products at lower interest rates and fees. If you’re able to bring your accounts current, it’ll make a significant impact on your credit score. For those who are unable to complete the task at this time, you may want to consider hiring a credit repair company. They’ll challenge negative items on your behalf. Many of our clients have had success with these companies. We do pull business and personal credit reports for nearly all our clients regardless of the loan program selected. While the overall picture is more important, creditworthiness is still a strong indicator as to how the loan will be repaid.

Financial documents that we’ll be interested in seeing:

Documenting income, assets, and collateral are a requirement for practically every small business loan. As is usually the case, both your business and personal finances are subject to review. We often request tax returns, asset account statements, legal documents, and business financial reports. In combination with the other items reviewed, this puts the pieces of the puzzle together. If you’re uncertain of the accuracy or whether the documents are complete, you’ll want to seek a professional to review them prior to submission.

Now that you’re ready to be approved:

You’ll want to get in touch with one of our loan specialists to discuss all your options. They’ll go over the requirements of the loan you’ve been approved for and advise you of the next steps in the process. You could have your funding in just under two days once approved. Give us a call or fill out our fast and easy online loan application, today!

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