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Steps Required to Quality for a Small Business Loan
If you’re in need of a small business loan and wondering where to start, you’ll find the information provided below helpful. When seeking small business loans in Kansas, the process can be less complicated if you’re prepared. Whether your goal is to obtain a loan through SBA or an online lender, there are requirements that you should know about.
Managing Your Credit Scores
In the current technological era, more people are aware of different services provided online. One of the most important websites that you can visit when seeking a small business loan is since they will provide you with a free credit report every year. This is important because you’ll want to make sure the information being reported is accurate. In the event that errors are found, you can contact Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, which are the three credit bureaus that report consumer information. The goal is to increase your personal credit score, also known as a FICO score, as much as possible. The range for FICO scores is from 300 to 850.
As it relates to your business credit score, it’s somewhat different than your personal credit score. Dun & Bradstreet, Experian and Equifax are the three credit bureaus that report on business credit, and the scores range from 0 to 100. Since SBA and other loan products require an excellent business credit score, you’ll also want to make sure this report is error-free.
Understanding Lender Requirements
One of the best ways to make sure you have a strong application when applying for small business loans in Kansas is by getting an understanding of lender requirements so that you can meet or exceed them. You’ll find that some lenders are somewhat flexible, while others are more stringent when it comes to satisfying lending requirements. In addition to your credit score, your annual revenue and the number of years that you’ve been in business will factor into the lending decision.
There are a variety of different reasons why a loan might not be approved. For example, if you had a bankruptcy or payment delinquencies, then your loan request might not be declined. If you’re applying for an SBA loan, then your business can’t be a nonprofit organization, a life insurance company or a real estate investment firm. You might consider applying for a loan with online lenders since they tend to be more lenient. Just keep in mind that online loans might be easier and faster to obtain, but they are also more expensive in most cases.
Compiling Financial and Legal Documents
You probably won’t be surprised to find out that there’s a good amount of documents that must be provided when applying for traditional loans. Here are examples of the documents often requested: Articles of Incorporation, commercial leases, personal and business income tax returns, personal and business bank statements, balance sheet, income statement, your driver’s license and business licenses. Sometimes a resume is required in order to confirm your business experience and management skills. If you decide to go with an online lender, you’ll find the process to be more streamlined, which means fewer documents are required.
Creating a Business Plan
Sometimes there’s a tendency to either not create a business plan or create a business plan that isn’t comprehensive. When seeking a small business loan, it’s best to put as much effort into the development of your business plan as possible because it’s a document that will be requested by lenders and used as part of the decision making process.
Your business plan should include a company description, industry analysis, a list of your management team, an overview of products and services, an operations plan, a sales and marketing strategy and a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).
Offering Collateral
Whenever you receive a loan, there’s always a chance that something will happen that prevents you from paying back the loan. With this realization in mind, lenders often request collateral that might be in the form of inventory, real estate or equipment.
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An kansas small business loan can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it to pay for an expansion project, pay off old business loans or meet payroll obligations.
Fast Business Loans in kansas
Getting a loan is an important step for any small business owner in kansas. If you’ve never applied for financing before, obtaining a business loan may seem a bit complicated at first. However, there are some things you can do to simplify the process.
Before You Apply
The first thing you need to do is to determine what your business financing needs truly area. There are plenty of loan types available to small business owners in kansas. Before you begin the process of applying, you should do some research on what you’ll need to apply for a loan. Reviewing your creditworthiness and preparing documents are a few examples of what is needed before getting a business loan.

Your Credit History
When you apply for a small business loan in kansas, lenders will consider both your personal and business credit histories. If you have good credit, you have a higher chance of obtaining a loan at favorable terms.
Before applying for a business loan, you should take the time to obtain your personal and business credit reports from the three major bureaus. Doing so will give you the opportunity to review them and find any errors, such as accounts that aren’t yours or that are reported as past due, yet have been paid off a long time ago.

Improving Your Credit History
If you notice any errors on your credit reports, be sure to contact the credit bureau in question to get them fixed. After that, you should address any negative entires that are correct. For example, if you have past due debts, get in touch with the lender to work out a plan to pay off what you owe. Be sure to make payments for any credit accounts on time, as doing so will improve your credit score over time. It’s also a good idea to use credit sparingly, as having too much debt can affect your creditworthiness.

Preparing Your Request
When applying for a small business loan, you should be able to clearly explain to the lender what you need the money for. The more specific you are, the higher your chances of being approved for the loan. If applicable, you can create revenue projections that will show the lender just how small business loan will help your business grow.

Providing Your Financial Statements
Besides your credit history, lenders will also look at your financial statements when determining whether or not to approve your loan requests. Your financial statements should look as professional as possible and ideally be prepared by an accountant. Generally, your small business loan application will need to be accompanied by a business income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

Understanding Your Loan Terms
If you’ve been offered a loan, you should take some time to understand its terms. Banks will give you a loan agreement that will show you how you’ll need to repay the loan. You’ll also be given documentation that shows the interest rate, as well as the APR (annual percentage rate), which more accurately shows the cost of borrowing, as it takes into account any applicable fees.

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