Small business owners can have a considerable challenge when they are not able to get access to capital which can enable their businesses to grow. When looking to find assistance in obtaining capital, Delancey Street can help provide business loans to all types of businesses that are seeking funding. Our company is able to help businesses get loans, lines of credit, merchant cash advances and more. With Delancey Street, we can provide up to $2 million for any business looking for funding in Fort Lauderdale. Our company also works with each and every business owner so that we can get a complete understanding of their particular needs and help them get the business loan they need.

There are a number of benefits that Delancey Street offers to small businesses.

These benefits include the following:

  • A fast approval process
  • Funding in as little as 2 business days
  • Flexible repayment plans to accommodate a business’ finances
  • Funding available to those with bad credit
  • You can use the funds for any purpose

When you apply for a Ford Lauderdale small business loan, a business will be in position to use the funds for anything that they believe is necessary to help them succeed. Whether it is funds for new expansion, meeting payroll, paying off old debts, a small business will want to apply today in order to get the funding it needs from our company.

Fast Fort Lauderdale Business Loans
Getting a loan is a significant transaction for any small business. It is important for a small business to have access to the capital it needs in order to keep their business in operation and to expand. While the process is not always easy, our company can help make it easier. In order to get a business loan from our company, a small business will need to complete a process that consists of many steps.

Pre application process
The first step in obtaining a small business loan is to first assess your exact needs. A business will need to determine what their primary purpose is for getting a loan. This can entail getting funds for expansion, buying equipment or to fund payroll expenses. No matter what purpose a loan is for, businesses will need to first find out why they want a loan in the first place.

Your Credit
For businesses that are sole proprietorships or run by an individual, the personal credit score is important when getting a loan. The credit score is a numerical score that determines your creditworthiness. A higher score will save you money on interest and on general payments. It is important to have a good credit score so that you can get a loan on more affordable terms. However, if you have a bad credit score, you can still get a loan but with higher payments. If you have an established business such as a corporation of Limited Liability Company, then it will be important to have a high business credit score to get the best loan terms.

Improving Your Credit
The next step in the process of getting a business loan is to improve your credit. During this process, you will want to pay off certain debts, make more timely payments on your bills and also manage your credit more responsibly. With an improved credit rating, you will be in better position to get the business loan you need.

Target Your Request
During the process of getting a business loan, it will be important to have a specific reason for requesting a business loan. You will need to have a specific purpose for seeking a business loan as well as how you will pay it back. Businesses seeking a loan will need to give details about the purpose for a loan in order to convince a lender to provide them with the funds they want.

Improve Your Financial Statements
In order to determine a businesses ability to pay back a loan, lenders will want to see the financial statements. These are documents that are show the financial situation of the company. A lender will need to find out about the revenues, profits, assets and liabilities to determine whether or not to grant a loan. Therefore, businesses must have stable finances to qualify for a loan and will want to improve their financial situation before requesting one.

Assemble Documentation
Once a business is ready to apply for a loan, they will need to assemble documentation. This will often include things such as financial statements, bank statements, applications and general information about the business such as the tax identification numbers and business licenses. With proper documentation, you will be in better position to complete the loan application process and get the loan you need.

Understand the Terms
When getting a business loan, it will be very important to understand the terms of the loan. This will include the monthly payments, the interest rate and the due dates for the payments. It will also be important to know the length of the loan so that a business can pay it off in a timely manner. By understanding the terms of the loan, a business will have an easier time managing this debt.

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