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If you’re in business, you know first hand – cash is king. Sometimes, you simply need additional funding. That might mean you need a 4th position merchant cash advance. Cash is the main pre-requisite for a successful business. If you can’t buy inventory, or stock, then you’re screwed. The business slows down, you’re unable to fulfill your clients needs – and you lose money.

If you have 3 existing merchant cash advances you might wonder if there’s any other opportunities available to you.

The answer is yes!

You can get either a merchant cash advance consolidation or a 4th position merchant cash advance.

It all depends on the finances of your business and what fits your needs.

4th position merchant cash advances are a great infusion of capital for things like purchasing inventory, equipment, expanding the business, renovation, improving overall daily cash flow, new staff, repairing equipment or replacing it, and moreover adding new products and services to your existing business. Bottom line, an additional infusion of capital via 4th position can give you the quick funding you need.

The overall application process is super easy, and compared to commercial loans it’s easier, hassle free, and can be funded in literally 24-48 hours. The approval rate for a 4th position can be high, or low – depending on how over-leveraged your business is. The great thing is merchant cash advances, even 4th position MCA’s, are not based on your personal credit or factors like time of business. MCA is a great option if you need capital fast. The other advantage of a 4th position MCA is that there’s no credit, or collateral, requirements in place. MCA is not a loan – it’s a sales transaction of your future receivables.

The payback for a 4th position is simple and hassle free. It’s mainly revenue based. If you have additional position (1,2,3) then you know the process of the existing cash advances you took – a 4th position is just another “add on” position.

MCA funding is available for as many positions as you’d like, it all depends on your revenue. If you have confidence your business can do well and pay back the 4th position, then a merchant cash advance is a great idea. Delancey Street has a number of options for you if you’re considering a 4th position. We are here to help you.

If you’re a business owner, funding is key

We can help you get more funds through a few different methodologies

4th Position MCA – Get an additional merchant cash advance position which will give you an immediate infusion of cash

Line of credit – If your credit score is good, we can get you additional funds through a revolving line of credit

merchant cash advance consolidation – We can consolidate your existing loans into a new loan, and increase the amount of cash in your bank account.

Does the fact I have an existing merchant cash advance matter?

Not really. It all depends on how much revenue you generate, and how much money you pay daily/weekly to existing cash advances. Most lenders will give you an additional cash advance up to 20% of your daily remittance. Most lenders feel that 20-25% is the they can lend up to of your daily cash balance without over-leveraging and compromising your business.

What is the longest term you can get on a 4th position MCA?

Typically the term will vary between 60-180 days. In some cases it can go longer. The terms offered will depend on your business cash flow, and your ability to handle the debt and payments of the new cash advance position.

Will I be declined because I have existing positions?

No. Funders won’t decline you, alone, based on your existing positions. Most funders will decline you if they think you are over-leveraged, and don’t have enough room in your cash flow to afford an additional position.

For example, if your daily cash balance is $1000 – and you have 3 existing positions that cost you $500 per day combined, you’ll probably get rejected for an additional position.


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Our team is available always to help you. Regardless of whether you need advice, or just want to run a scenario by us. We take pride in the fact our team loves working with our clients - and truly cares about their financial and mental wellbeing.

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