Generally, capital is required for businesses to continue their growth. It can be challenging for small business owners to find such capital. But, Delancey Street may be the answer to their funding needs. Delancey Street is known for providing various types of loans to all types of businesses. Loans like small business lines of credit, small business loans, merchant cash advances and other loan types are offered to any kind of business in Alexandria. And, these loans can range up to two million dollars. Delancey Street is a unique brand because not only will we analyze your small business loan needs, but, we will also recommend a loan that most closely corresponds to those needs.

Small Business Loan Benefits

Funding and flexibility should be a consideration of yours when applying for an Alexandria bad credit small business loan. There is not a specific use attached to this type of loan. It may be used to pay-off other existing business loans, to make payroll or to pay expenses.

Generally, having fast access to capital is essential for business owners. In response to this need, the following benefits exist for the small business loans provided by Delancey Street:

• Bad credit is accepted;
• The approval process is fast;
• Funding usually occurs within two business days;
• Payment plans are flexible.


Applying for an Alexandria bad credit small business loan can be challenging. However, planning can make the process less intimidating. First, consideration should fall upon whether a loan is actually required at this time. Determine if this is the most rational option for your business. Consider if more appropriate funding options may be available. Prior to applying for a bad credit small business loan, you should already know your business goals. And, you should already know how a loan will bring those goals to fruition. Being armed with this knowledge will quicken the application process for you.


The application process cannot exist without credit. Your credit determines your ability to receive a bad credit small business loan, as well as the terms of the loan. Understanding your credit is paramount to the application process.
First, you should request a copy your credit report. Second, carefully analyze the information on it. You are searching for any incorrect information. Third, challenge that erroneous information by lodging a dispute with the respective credit bureau. Protecting your financial reputation should be a priority of yours, especially when you are attempting to secure an Alexandria bad credit small business loan.

Your financial reputation also includes your business credit score, which also plays a role in securing a small business loan. It demonstrates how financially responsible you are regarding on-time payment of your bills.

Improvement of Credit

Improving your credit is dependent upon the removal of all erroneous information from your personal and business credit reports. Allowing such information to linger on your credit reports will only decrease your chances of obtaining an Alexandria bad credit small business loan. However, if the information on your credit reports is correct, and it casts a shadow on your financial reputation, then, you should immediately begin to pay-off or settle those debts. And, such debts should be taken care of prior to applying for a small business loan.

The Specifics of the Loan Request

You should be very specific in your request for a small business loan. Information like why the loan is needed and how the funds will be used will carry more weight than just a run-of-the-mill answer like your business is just in need of more money. Being detailed is the key to your approval for a bad credit small business loan.

Financial Statement Improvement

The financial history of your business also factors into the application process. The financial history includes your balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements. These statements are important because they validate your business’ creditworthiness, as well as its ability to thrive. Your loan application will require less interpretation if your financial statements have a high degree of accuracy.


In general, a professional look conveys success. Your application package should be presented in such a way that demonstrates your sincerity in applying for an Alexandria bad credit small business loan. The arrangement of your documents should not necessitate a follow-up for missing information. All documents should be intact. And, all of the information on them should be accurate.


Now that you have acquired the loan, you must adhere to its terms. You will be held accountable for all aspects of this binding contract. As such, you need to acquaint yourself with its language. More specifically, you should look carefully at the interest rate, the annual percentage rate (APR) and the loan costs. Gaining an understanding of this information should inform you of the actual cost of your Alexandria bad credit small business loan.