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Bad Credit Business Loans

Are you looking for a small business loan with bad credit?

As virtually any business owner knows, your credit score is ESSENTIAL to borrowing. Having the right score can mean you’re able to secure funds while the wrong score can lead to frustration and immense pain and suffering. If you have poor credit score, finding a business loan can be an uphill battle. It’s not easy. Banks and lenders are looking for ways to reduce risk and credit score is the easiest way. The last thing they want to do is lend money to someone who may not be able to pay it back.

Today’s financial world is stricter than ever. The focus on credit score is paramount and integral. Obtaining a small business loan has its own unique challenges. Having a bad credit score could stop you from getting the funds you need to grow and support your business. Business owners with imperfect credit could face hesitancy from lenders. If you really need funds, the best thing you can do is improve your credit score. In many instances, it could be impossible to get financing.

bad credit small business loans

Bad Credit Business Loans from Delancey Street

We have a variety of alternative lending products that are tailored to meet the needs of virtually every single business owner. Our loan options are great, even if you have poor credit. Regardless of your FICO score, Delancey Street’s working capital options for poor credit have simple and streamlined paperwork.

Why your credit score is important

Even though you’re looking for funding, most lenders will look at your personal credit score when evaluating your business loan application. Your credit score is determined by factors like: character, capacity, capital, conditions, and collateral. These characteristics determine how reliable you are – when it comes to repaying your loans.

Typically, bad credit refers to a FICO score of 300-629. Low FICO is a common reason for lenders to reject small business financing. If you score falls lower, you might be able to get a bad credit business loan from a lender like Delancey Street – who focuses on where your business is headed, not your FICO score. Delancey Street can fund applicants with credit scores as low as 500.

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What should you do if you have bad credit and need a business loan?

It’s possible to get capital if you need to grow your business even with bad credit. Below are the three steps you need to take in order to get a small business loan with bad credit.

Know your personal score: Personal and business credit helps lenders understand how risky it is to lend you money. The scores influence your ability to get funding. Know your score before you apply for a loan.

Research your options: For each type of financing option, there are requirements you need to meet. Traditional business loans are based on factors like: personal credit score, years in business, annual revenue.

Choose the best option: Once you understand which financing option for your business are available, it’s good to consider not only the eligibility requirements and repayment terms, but also the reputation of the lender you’re about to borrow from!

How to improve your chances of getting a bad credit business loan

If you’ve applied and are worried about how you’ll qualify for a small business loan with poor credit, below are some steps you can take to improve your chances of getting approved and securing the best possible terms of your next small business loan.

Lending money is risky, but if you offer collateral then lenders might be willing to take bigger risks. One way to increase the funds of getting funded is invoice financing. If you have unpaid customer invoices, some lenders might be willing to approve your loan based on the value of the invoices. With invoice factoring, you can trade your unpaid invoices as collateral for your loan. With invoice factoring the financing company advances a % of each invoice and then charges a fee for the service.

Another way to reduce the risk is to consider equipment financing. With this type of funding solution, the equipment you finance serves as collateral for the loan. If you default on your loan, the lending company will seize the equipment to recover the losses. Your personal assets remain untouched though.

Get a cosignor for your bad credit business loan

Another way to improve our chances of getting approved is getting a co-signer. In this scenario, another person agrees to take on some responsibility for a small business loan by co-signing it. This co-signer is an individual with a good credit score, and a steady source of income.

If you don’t have stellar credit, this is a fantastic way. It can help you get access to credit you need while also establishing/building your own credit. With a cosigner, someone is guaranteeing that they’ll be responsible for paying back the debt if you do not. You might need this if you’re in one of the following situations:

  • Don’t meet the minimum income requirement
  • Have no credit
  • Have bad credit
  • Have a high debt to income ratio
  • Are self employed
  • Changed jobs recently

Applying for credit with a cosignor only helps if your cosigner has good credit and good income. If you are the cosignor on a loan, then the debt you’re signing for will appear on your credit file as well as the credit file of the primary borrower. If you’re the primary co-signer, you should not that by signing you’re opening a new line of credit on your credit report which could impact your debt to income ratio. If you’re the cosigner, it’s your responsibility to pay back the debt if the signer doesn’t – that includes the late fees and collection fees. In some states, a creditor can attempt to collect the debt simultaneously from the signer and cosigner. It’s also good to keep in mind that if the debt goes into default, it can create a blemish on your credit – and the signers.

It’s critical, if you have a cosigner – that you stay stay on top of the loan. You should never “forget” about it, and ignore it. In some cases a creditor will allow the cosigner to be released from their obligations once a certain number of on-time payments have been made, and a credit check is done on the borrower to ensure he/she can handle the credit card/loan payments on their own.

Bad Credit Business Loans

Types of Bad Credit Business Loans

There are a number of types of bad credit business loans. Below are a list of popular alternatives.

Short Term Loans

This is a type of financing where you get a lump sum of capital, where the borrower agrees to repay the money over a period of time on a repayment schedule. Each payment that the borrower sends to the lender pays the principle and interest at the same time.

Line Of Credit

You can get a short term business line of credit where you can access funds on a continuous basis up to a specified amount. Like a credit card, the borrower is only charged interest on the open balance.

Collateralized Loans

If you secure your business loan with collateral, you’re giving the lender the right to seize it to recover their losses if you don’t repay the loan back. These are known as secured business loans.

Merchant Cash Advances

If your small business needs quick capital then a merchant cash advance is a good idea. It offers a lump sum loan in exchange for a % of future credit card receivables. They are easy to apply for, but may not be suitable for every single business. They are suitable for businesses with higher margins who can absorb the high interest rate.

Working Capital Loans

They are used to finance everyday operations. They are not used to pay for long term assets.

Popular Questions We’re Asked

Can I get a business loan with bad personal credit?

Yes. It's possible, but getting approved for a small business loan is easier if you have great credit. There are options however if you have bad credit. If you have bad personal credit you may be able to look at alternative lenders. Alternative lenders like Delancey Street provide small business loans even if you don't have the best credit score.

What credit score do I need for a business loan?

The higher your credit score, the more likely you are to getting a business loan. There are options for business loans even if you have bad credit. For example, some lenders will approve you even with a poor credit score of 300-550 if the business is profitable, and has high revenues.

Does a business loan lower personal credit?

Your personal credit can be impacted by a small business loan. This depends on your business structure and whether or not you signed for the loan personally If you signed a personal guarantee to repay business loan, it can reduce your personal credit score.

Is it difficult to get a bad credit business loan?

No, not always! Many small business owners are afraid of trying to get a business loan, sharing financial documents, etc. Many alternative lenders like Delancey Street offer a QUICK turnaround time for the application process. At Delancey Street, our application process is completely online and you can be approved in as little as 24 hours.

How do I qualify for a small business loan?

With so many different options, many business owners can qualify for 1 type of funding yet not qualify for another. Even if you have poor credit you might be able to get approved for a bad credit small business loan. The only way to find out is to apply today!



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